The Trouble with Twins

The Juniper lumbered through space as it had for generations, carrying us along with it.Our family has been sailing through space trading things, exchanging things, some old, some even older and a lot of it really odd.

That’s us there, if you look closely you can see us running through the boxes piled in the cargo hold of ol Juney. Our parents are both archeologists and are semi normal,as far as ‘rents go. Sis and I have to entertain ourselves most of the time, this day imparticular I chose to entertain myself by putting itching powder in her undies, all of them.

“Get back here you little shit, let’s see how you like having itching powder in your underwear,” Sis said as she chased me through the cargo hold.

We were running through stacks of crates and boxes, containing the various artifacts and odd objects that our family has found on our travels.

“Little?I was first remember.” My laughter echoed through the hold as I jumped one crate after another.

That is when she went and upped the stakes here folks, watch her close now, see right there, she takes flight. That’s right, f-l-y-i-n-g, or cheating depends on how you look at it. We were born “unique” as mom always called it. I was first,just a few seconds before her, but we both matured about the same. Mom said we started flying about the same time too.

“That how you are gonna play this? Fine!” I picked up the first thing I could and threw it at her.

She deftly dodged out of the way of the thrown item, picking up something to throw back while ducking behind some other crates. She peaked around the corner of her cover and threw the object at me, I think she was aiming for my stomach, but her aim was off, as it went whizzing by my head.

After the throw, she flew behind another set of crates working her way closer to me. “Your the one who started this mess, Bro,” she said. “I just plan on finishing it.”

“If you think you can little girl.” I laughed. “Bring the pain.” There was a open crate next to me. It looked like vases that I was picking up, I threw one at her immediately. But, throwing off handed made it a weak pass and she caught it with ease.

Taking to the air I sped toward her, it became a chicken race at that point and we released our “vases” at the same time. Problem was we had no idea that what we had just thrown was some really really ancient funerary urns. They were priceless, so was the explosion as they collided.

It was a sudden burst of light and dark, I couldn’t tell if it was smoke or energy that flowed around us as though it were alive. We stared in amazement. We spoke in unison “you are in so much…” The energy struck, our bodies convulsed in mid air as we absorbed the dark and light, becoming something more than we were before. “…trouble.” we finished.

I have no idea how long we were out before the sound of our parents yelling woke us up. At first I thought it was us they were yelling at. In fact they were arguing over what we had broken exactly.

“Well I never discovered what language it was, I gave up and put it away until later…” dad said.

“I told you not to put it off, maybe if you had listened to me and…” she noticed we were awake then and never finished.

Things were different from that day forward, we learned our lesson about throwing around things we had no idea what they were. And of course about itching powder and underwear.

It was some point after that we adopted new names, Oriana, and Erebos. They just came to us. The only thing I know about what was in those urns was that is was mystical. Mom and Dad researched but could never find anything close to a full translation, the best they could do was guess. One word was translated, roughly, balance. Doesn’t really matter now though.

Hard to believe five years have passed. Guess time flies and all. We still help out on the Juniper from time to time, but mostly we hang with our friends. Actually we are on our way to meet up with them now, on the station.

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