The Zehrinn

Alien communications were first detected by EarthGov explorer ships two centuries ago. First contact occured shortly thereafter when a group of aliens, akin to the ‘Greys’ of ancient Earth folklore set off the proximity alarms at the Io Stargate Transfer Point. These aliens, whose ancestors had actually explored Earth in centuries before, were fleeing their outpost at Zeta Reticulli which had come under attack by a group they called the Syndarri D’ravan or as translated, the “Confederation”. Cut off from their home world over 100 parsecs away, the aliens, who knew Earth languages, had new technology such as grav plating to offer which revolutionized cosumer space travel. Their knowledge of the surrounding star systems was less of a boon as these refugee were civilians, not top scientists. Later, some enterprising gene-splicers began the ‘transient’ fad which still exists as a fringe culture today. (Transients used to transition to chimera forms of native Earth species using DNA replacement therapy and splicing. Live a year as a dolphin or some similar pitches. Some now try to become Greys, with mixed, sometimes tragic results.

Some Zehrinn became part of a planned community built near the Vilnius Plex, others tried to integrate into human society with mixed results. So far, no word has been received from probes sent to discover the fate of their homeworld.

The Syndarri Confederation

The Syndarri are the core species of the Confederation which is more of an Hegemony of the Syndarri over several other species. What is known is that they are thought to be naturally non-humanoid plasma entities with some minor telepathic abilities occupying an area of space well over a hundred parsecs away. EarthGov first became aware of the Confederation due to the Zehrinn refugees. Soon after a Confederation scout ship arrived near the outer sphere Halley System demanding the return of several key Zehrinn individuals. They were refused and all attempts by Earth to make contact were rebuffed. Twenty years later, several outlying human colonies were attacked with no survivors. EarthForce ships engaged several Confederation ships and outposts and drove them off. Other than some skirmishes, there had been mostly silence from the Confederation until 80 years ago when they returned to contest the colonization of the Spinward Marches area of the Outer Sphere. At that time a new humanoid soldier appeared to be being used by the Syndarri, later found to be a human-Syndarri fusion created specifically to understand, fight, and of late be diplomatic with humanity. Since then, these soldiers/diplomats have been the face of the Confederation. The Confederation’s goals seem to be expansionist and they see humans as one threat among many. Twenty years ago a full blown war almost started, but was prevented by the valiant actions of the last great hero team, the Citadel along with several assembled heroes including Quantum and Shard. It is said the loss of his friends in this conflict was one of the steps that sent Shard down the path of villainy. Today contact is on better terms and a shaky state of ‘detente’ has arisen.

Syndarri themselves appear as tall ellipsoidal plasma fields which can take shapes necessary for communication or physical manipulation. Their humanoid counterparts all tend to have have white hair, bronzed skin and eyes aglow with golden plasma.

The Inshai Compact

The Inshai are one of the most ancient races. They are a tall pale blue lithe humanoid species that in the millennia past lost their homeworld and empire to a supernova which wiped out the majority of their civilization. They have been wanderers ever since. They are extremely adaptive and over generations add new DNA to their make up that over time lets them pick up characteristics of their host races, some even approaching human shape. Several ‘Compacts’ of Inshai currently live within or nearby the Human Sphere. They generally keep to themselves and engage in trade with Outer Sphere and some Inner Sphere worlds. Their starchart and galactic knowledge is legendary, as is their skill in selling information.

Some races hate the Inshai, while others tolerate them for their knowledge and other trade potential. They are master navigators and master genetic engineers. Some say the Thargs were a failed experiment gone wrong; however the race Earthgov recently discovered, rumored to be called ‘Darkons’ has been positively identified as creations of the ancient Inshai and the ‘Demons of Darkness’ that many of the older races once feared.

Third Dreilar Dominion (Dragorians)
The Dreilar are what appears to humans to be a scaled species vaguely resembling large reptiles, hence the human nickname, Dragorians or Reptilemen. They are not in any way related to any Terran organism, much less reptiles. The Dreilar are scaled carnivores, eating and breathing through a single orifice lined with sharp incisor teeth and fringed with feeding talons. They have a single elongated faceted eye wrapping left to right in large, round heads. Their two hands have large, clumsy fingers arranged in a mutually opposed fashion, like a mechanical grab. They range in size from a mere 3′ to over 8′ tall. Dreilar have no internal mechanism for regulating appetite; for their own health and safety they have to learn while young to endure their constant, ravenous hunger rather than suffering from sickness due to overeating. They are a semi-telepathic race and have existed for millenia, forging two great colonization efforts/empires in ancient times before turning in on themsleves in great civil wars. Their original homeworld was shattered in the first of these. The current Realm is in a brutal conflict with an unknown species on their far border. They have limited trade with the Human Sphere, though Dreilar pirates have attacked human colonies on more than one occasion in the past.

Torraji resemble large, spindly starfish. They have a torochord (ring-shaped) instead of a notochord, with 5 “self-sections” (apparently semi-independent brains) that operate their body cooperatively. The ‘Raji begin life as small aquatic swimmers, most of which are eaten by predators; in time, five of the survivors will merge to form one collective organism, which grows into an arboreal adolescent; its tails become arms, and its fins differentiate into fingers. When it grows large enough, the ‘Raji imprints itself on an adult (if one is available) and enters a stage of rapid learning and brain growth. A ‘Raji who desires a family can simply go into the wilderness and “harvest” an adolescent of the proper age (a property that Tharg slavers have exploited). Unimprinted adult Torrarji are considered feral, and regarded as little more than animals. Since the five subunits that make up one ‘Raji individual are not necessarily genetically related, reproduction does not require sex; a ‘Raji can simply find a pond and deposit its offspring to begin the cycle again. They operate in groups called “clanpods”, as part of their planet-wide tradeweb. Details of this arrangement are not known. ‘Raji technological specialties included gravity polarizers, linguistics and biotechnology. They have significant cloning technology. Limited trade relations with the Human Sphere have been established.

Thargs are a humanoid species known for their use as mercenaries and their interclan wars. They are green-skinned, a side effect of their symbiotic relationship with fungi. Thargs were genetically engineered for combat, and quite efficiently so by the same species that is believed to have been destroyed by the Inshai millenia ago (who in revenge it is believed nova-bombed the Inshai sun). They are extremely strong, and their squat bodies can withstand immense punishment. This is fortunate since their medical technology is generally primitive; however, unlike humans, Thargs are quite capable of having limbs (or even heads in rare instances) freely chopped and swapped onto a different body, and surviving the experience to fight again.

Thargs grow all through their lives, though the average Tharg stands around the same height as the average man. Once he begins to grow, an Tharg will generally keep getting bigger, stronger, and greener until he is beaten by a bigger or more cunning Tharg. The various clan rulers of continents and even worlds, are very large indeed, often standing over three meters (10′) tall or higher. They don’t tend to develop technology on their own, but scavenge it from others and seem to be quite clever in doing so; more so than their outward appearances let on.

Trillex’chiql, Sillicoids, Ss’lar, Kessrith, and more.  All soon to be detailed.

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  1. Dahrcon’z
    First contact recorded by the civilian Earth Survey Ship Juniper circa 2891. Report from ship captain Eve Louviere and lead anthropolgist Gerard Louviere indicated a small population of a herunto undiscovered humanoid species. The planetary enviroment caused the evolution of solar absorbant skin pigmentation with a deep blue to black hue. Primary star is a red dwarf, and little light reaches the planet compared to Earth, but plenty of heat. Additional research indicated that the Dahrcon species are not native to the planet and are the result of a devolution of an ancient colonization effort by an unknown mother species approximately 10,000 years ago.

    From the report, The species is extremely competitive, but also very curious and imitative. They are somewhat of a warrior culture; however, it is somewhat difficult to harm a Dahrcon, so such conflicts seem to be much more like extremely violent sports of scales of personal combat to vast hordes. At first they came off extremely hostile to our presense, once discovered; however through some creative diplomacy we were able to change a dangerous situation into one of mutual tolerance, and perhaps the beginnings of understanding

    Earth Alliance Science Bureau has classfied the species as a Class 6- on the Jones Civilization Scale (Earth being currently 10) and therefore below the threshold for further contact. Location data classified.

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