Okay, its my fault.  I know that.  And he seems cool with everything now and that’s good.  Wait a second, I’m getting ahead of myself…

So we have several days to kill.  The Queen of Sin’s friends are a strange lot.  None of them leads the others really well.  They kind of move in a general direction, but no one really calls the shots.  So after all that happened it was decided that John, the human would call the shots for this mission.  Of course that didn’t exactly work as planned.

I got to know John a bit last night.  I offered him the ability to SEE the world as I do.  He accepted and I granted him the power for one month.  In exchange he agreed to teach me logic and how to focus better; it’s always been a weakness of mine when my will gives out.  Anyway, Ramiel was none too happy that John made an agreement with me.  It’s harmless (hopefully) but there really isn’t a way to explain that to him.  It’s almost as if members of this group routinely make agreements and contracts that backfire on them.  Hmm.

Anyway, they put John in charge and I must be honest I don’t think they got what he wanted to do and he didn’t get them or me completely.  He wanted the whole group to stick together at all times.  I argued that having a bunch of people go down to search for a Goblin Market who don’t know what they are doing would more than likely scare off anyone who would talk to us.  I eventually got my point across and we planned to divide into two groups again.  One searching for the Goblin Market and the other continuing to case the bars and dives north of town. 

But first Lyla needed a tattoo from Chaska.  I didn’t get this or how it was a priority until later when I saw what it did for her (ewh!).  Anyway, John had things to do too so he asked Sholto and me to get to know Ramiel better.  Well, that didn’t work.  He and Sholto had a small rapport and well I became envious of that and pulled a stupid move.

I tried to get him to talk about what abilities we each have.  He didn’t care to, or do anything.  He must have had something on his mind, but silly me I missed that completely.  To impress him I took Lyla’s form which only angered him.  When he demanded I remove the image, I asked why and he got more angry and left.

When Lyla came back I explained what happened and she got upset, she didn’t want him to know that I could do that.  I didn’t know and I got very upset and left.  Only later did I come back.  Lyla now isn’t sure if she can use me in Eldon Well, but she’ll think about it.  She wanted my abilities completely secret, but I didn’t know.  Anyway I’m bummed out about that.

Chaska took me aside and explained everything.  Apparently they are all friends of a sort, they tolerate certain behavior in each other, Ramiel for example, because in the thick on trouble they all come through for each other.  They may nearly kill each other or seeming hold each other in contempt at other times; but beneath it all is an appreciation for each other due to common struggles.  Cool.

Anyway, back to where I started.  I apologized to Ramiel.  He’s cool with it.  All’s fine.  Now, following John’s revised suggestion Lyla, Ramiel and myself departed to search for the Market.  We found some important clues and are planning on going the next dusk.

I wonder how the other group faired…..

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