Esper Guild

The Esper Guild is a set of related psionic organizations working toward the training and regulation of telepaths. To protect the privacy of normals, all telepaths in Earth space are required to register with the Guild. Failure to register is a serious crime; however, the Guild is very patient with people who’s abilities have manifested outside their notice, giving may opportunities to do the right thing (at least what is right to the majority of Earthers).

Many of Guild members have fairly minor abilities and are not required to do any training unless they wish; however, anyone who wishes to use their abilities legally must received Guild certification. Generally Guild only holds sanction over mental powers of a telepathic/memory nature; however, this sanction is expanding and those holding any mental abilities or mutations are at least watched and registered by them. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a monolithic entity like their predecessor the Psi Agency. Each division of the Guild plus civilian oversight of these division provide extensive checks and balances to one another.

Among the Guild’s Divisions are:

The Academy:  Provides training and licensing of most telepathic abilities.  Academy trained Shielders are in high demand by government and corporate types; while Readers find employ in police, military and corporate fields in security work.  Most graduates are freelancers though the Guild has a placement system.  Though with multiple talents are the most highly sought after.

The T-Com:  Certain very talented individuals are recruited to be part of the T-Com.   These individuals relay messages from one telepath to another seemingly beyond lightspeed employing special comlink systems based at individual Stargates.  While not instantaneous, the phenomena has allowed for faster communications for important government messages and certain licensed commercial traffic.

Guild Directors:  Employees of ESA, the Stargate Consortium, Guild directors are the elite of the Esper community.  Based at Stargates or certain large ships, their scanning ability and precognitive visions have been honed for a specific use, guiding starships efficiently through stargate systems or alternatively guiding large-scale commercial or military traffic directly by acting as an on-board navigator.

Center for Privacy and Safety:   The CPS agents are the successors to the dreaded ‘Thought Police’ of the 27th Century.  While they have never really been able to live it down, their job is essentially the same:  locating and policing rogue telepaths which are a threat to an individuals privacy.  Unlike their predecessor, they are held to significant oversight and do not have as wide an authority.  Government agents who come from the Academy and do military espionage work are not generally veterans of the CPS.  The Guild keeps such links very limited to prevent a concentration of telepathic power.

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