Helm of Salamoran – Chapter End of 1st Season

As we out rode our pursuers, we started to throw questions at the mysterious rider.


I asked if this sort of thing happened often and the rider said Yes…

Then I thought to asked if they meant being chased or a strange ship landing on their planet.  They said being chased. The last time a strange ship landed on the planet they were really young… So I was a smart ass and asked if that was 4 or 5 years ago.  I got a look that said I better watch it.


Then I asked what planet we were on and the name of the city and the group chasing us.

The ancient system we followed here call the system, the JPax system.  And the world as JPAX  three.  The rider said the plant was JPAX3 and they called themselves JPAXIANS The city was call Protus.   The rider turned out to be a girl. An she was looking at Alima sort of strangely..


She said that our ship would be taken to a tomb of a dead emperor.

We went her garage well as shed-ish sort of lean to in the woods and from there we could  look out and see our ship and what they were doing to it.  All the vehicles they were using were wheeled or tracked.  So they either never had the technology or have lost it.

They still have air power.


They were swarming all over the ship.  Its about mid-day now and the days are 33 hours long. Finally the air ships started leaving the city,  they were some sort of air jet vertical take off sort of thing but they moved really slowly.


We rode as close as we could to the tomb as we could and then hid the speeder bikes.


We were fine until we got close to the tomb then everyone except Luca and myself fell off the bath at least once.  I never thought of Jedi as clumsy before but it was almost funny watching them fall. Luca ran up the path like a squirrel, and I stayed behind to make sure everyone got up and throw them a rope when they fell.


We got up to the cave entrance and then Alima opened the door using the force. It must have weighed 2 tons and opened the tomb there was a sarcophagus, and old blaster pistol.

Crude jewelery, old offerings of food. And another door.


Alima and Numa got the door open it was even more massive than the first door but when it opened six stone slabs sealed off the entrance. The darkness grew thicker and a noise of cracking bones sounded. I sensed someone looking at me and then dismissing me as unworthy of attention.  We moved forward and I slapped a med pack on it.


Just as I did that a voice rang out, Welcome to the home of Salvor the dark lord of the sith what offering have you brought me. When I asked my companions what a sith was the voice answered the rulers of this part of the galaxy.  When I asked what kind of offering would be acceptable it answered an offering fit of for a dark lord.


The voice ask what Numa was seeking and called her a young student.

To escape this place you must reopen the way out the key to resetting the ancient traps likes interned with my bones deep within here but you would do better to just lay down an die because the dark part of the force is strong below.


Numia said she wanted to go on and the figure disappeared, taking the wall with it. Must have been some sort of hologram.   It lead to a room with a gold chair and behind it a stone door. Which was rapidly closing and slammed shut before we could get there as the voice said hurry. There were sarcophagi around the room and when we entered one opened and a light saber ignited.

 The voice said why didn’t you hurry when I told you to.   I asked the Jedi if this was a personal test or if we should help. She said it didn’t say it was a test.  Then the voice said this was a former student, they can only be stopped with dark powers. Then the skeletal things with vibroaxes came out of the other sarcophaguses.


They attacked and we tried to attack back. Aria and I missed and then Alima knocked them back with some sort of force wave slam. The group that was knocked down stood up, attacked and then disappeared.  That was to be the way of it when the constructs had taken enough damage they vaperized like a Hologram when the net goes down.

Numa fell first and then Luca. Luca looked like she made a decision because she didn’t seem to be doing much damage she sacrificed herself and took a blow mean for Alima. 


Eventaully we killed them all, if killed is the word for stopping something that may not have been alive.

Arani fell the enemy jedi with the heavy blaster I gave her.  I patched everyone up that needed it.


That evil voice said congratulation on your victory. You are very resorseful and impressive. 


Numa opened the final door.  And we entered the last chamber, where surprise, surpise another fancy coffin awaited us.  Here I lie waiting and also here lies the key to your freedom. Open my sarcophagus and don my helm.


The Jedi focused their will and the raw power of the force and the spirit was soon driven away.  The Jedi used the helmet and moved the blockes in the entrance. We took the body in the tomb and showed it to the people and told them they were free of the dark master that had warpped their culture and their lives for so long.  The people celebrated and released our ships and the planetary defense system. And so we continued our quest to find the missnig masters.

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