Formal Name: Sol IV

Government Name: Martian Colonies

Population: 600 Million

Brief Description: Mars of 2911 is the second largest world in EarthGov and is the first and most successful off-world colony away from Earth-Luna.  After nearly 900 years of exploration, 800 of colonization and 600 of terraforming it hasn’t become a paradise, but it is self-sustaining.  Mars is a net exporter of raw materials, foodstuffs, and manufactured goods.  It also has the unfortunate distinction of being a haven for corporate raiders, bounty hunters, mutants, and crime syndicates.  While not completely independent (The Terran Fleet protects the whole Sol System), it is far less regulated than much of Earth, and safer than many other colonies.

People: Martians are quite proud of their accomplishments.   They are taming a near inhospitable desert, creating an atmosphere, have brought limited plant life and even crashed dozens of comets to bring a semblance of water to this place.  The Martians are probably the most welcoming people in the galaxy, anything goes in some of the cities.  Even the most civilized domed cities have a residual frontier edge to them.  Martians have a wild mix of cultures that is symptomatic of a huge melting pot with each domed city being a focus of one or another but not anything exclusive.  Most have over time become accustomed to or been genetically tweaked to live in lower gravity and don’t fare well off world.  With the advent of gravity plating a century ago, more and more long-term visitors have begun appearing, annoying the locals a bit.

Terraforming: The Martian atmosphere is now up to a third of Earth’s in pressure, just enough for liquid water but not anywhere in pressure, quality, or radiation absorption.  It is quite a miracle and beyond scientists most wishful thinking.  Most Martians are for continued work on the atmosphere and environment but some prefer the Red Mars of their ancestors the deserts of which may go away in a few hundred more years.

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