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Each character will be built on 200 points plus 100 points in disads. There is no maximum on active points; however, if you go over 80 active points for a power there should be a good justification. I’d like to review the character backstories, sheets and concepts with each person via email or personally. I can answer any questions you may wish. Also, you may have as many points of your hundred as mystery disads.

Also, each character will be receiving equipment in-game including some armor, life-support, transport (ships that is) and sensory/detective equipment. It is a future tech game.  To help with your character planning it will be 10/10 Armor with emergency life support.  I’ll detail it out and post it this weekend, though you won’t have it for the first session.

Most villains will have effects and defenses in the 60 active point range though tougher ones (bricks) and the ‘big bosses’ may have more as the stories require.

I’d like to avoid the entire gadgeteer class of hero. Since this is a future game, anybody with access to military particle weapons, armor and a flight pack could in theory be a hero (its very, very rare) or a villain (much more common). To avoid that, I’d encourage you to run with classic mutants, mutates, and accidental powers. Note: You can use a focus for a power that is supplemental to your main abilities or help you focus your abilities if that is your concept; so if you have Flight, but use fake wings for stability, that would probably be fine. Every concept is negotiable.


Any power that says “Stop” is not allowed unless by specific permission. I would like to avoid Universal Power Pools as well. Most Mental Powers fall under the watchful eyes of the Esper Guild, so likely a Mentalist would either be a member, licensed by them, or start with a big enemy/watched.

I encourage players to play human mutants as aliens are very alien (I’ll be detailing them soon); however, if you have a good story I’ll listen. If a player ends up playing an alien, only one will be allowed in-game. The same goes for robots. True-AI is illegal in Earth-controlled space, but a Spacer AI could exist; but it would be a huge challenge to play as you couldn’t 1) Harm any human or let them come to harm, 2) Disobey any human as long as it didn’t conflict with #1, or 3) Put yourself in danger unless it conflicts with numbers 1 and 2.


I’m giving out some extra points for character pictures (you can draw them or ask an artist and you can split the points), good background stories, and character logs among a few options. I may also use ‘Luck’ or ‘Hero Points’ or some such. There may be more give-aways in-game depending on the circumstances.

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