Mutants, Villains and Heroes.

Who Are the Mutants?

Recently more and more mutants have been appearing on Earth and even more in Earth-controlled space and colonies. Some use their abilities for benign purposes, some refuse to uses them, many use them selfishly and even others employ them for nefarious purposes. EarthGov scientists have categorized them into five general classes:

  • Alpha Class – Alphas are the most dangerous. While fewest in number, they generally have a wide variety of abilities within a general concept or one very powerful ability. (These will be most the PCs)
  • Beta Class – Betas generally have one significant ability or a set of minor abilities.
  • Gamma Class – Gammas usually only have one minor ability.
  • Delta Class – Deltas abilities are rarely beneficial and can even be a problem for themselves or others.
  • Epsilon (Psi) Class – Psis are just that, psionics. Most notably telepaths. This is the only mutant ability so far regulated by EarthGov with its own rating system. The Esper Guild is the primary regulatory body.

Legally, most mutants other than Psis fall under weapons, privacy, and trespassing laws in general, but so far legislation on mutation is far behind the growing concerns for the economy, robots, Aliens, Spacers, and more.

Where Do They Come From?

Most mutant abilities are caused by radiation exposure, environmental effects and random mutation gathered genetically over many generation. This free genetic drift in response to the environment explains why Spacers who have for centuries controlled their genome almost never have mutants (at least not random ones). Mutant abilities can be inherited, develop naturally or triggered by extreme stress. Some result from unplanned for side-effects on genome manipulation.

Some Noted Mutant Heroes of the Past

Crusader – A legendary hero of the 20th and early 21st Century.  He set the stage for what it is to be a superhero and his influence has reverberated through the law enforcement community and inspired legions of idealists to try to live up to his example.

Aura – An electricity-wielding heroine of the late 23rd to early 24th Century.

Wave – An energy-projector of 27th Century, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Shard – A cosmic-powered former hero turned villain, arch nemesis of Quantum.  Defeated at the Battle of Aurora and is now a prisoner.

Quantum – A famous hero of the late 29th Century possessing vast cosmic powers.  Was also a Senator and advocate for universal human rights. Has only been seen sporadically since the Shard Incident of 2896.

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