Wedding Plans

Timeline: February, 2009

One day shortly after her brother and friends had left for Mythic City, when Jesse had errands to run, Ann-Marie took a break from her studies and called Alice. It was early enough in the evening that she was able to reach Alice at the library, which was open until ten that night. 

“Eldon Well Public Library,” she answered over the phone.



“This is Ann-Marie, Johnny’s niece. I was wondering if you would have some time free to chat and get to know each other, perhaps to plan a few things too? I can be free whenever you wish to get together.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean about planning something, but Ann, you should know that when John left things were not good between us.”

“Oh, that’s not good, I didn’t know.  Perhaps the phone isn’t the best place to discuss this, even if you want to discuss it.”

“Probably not,” said Alice. “We’d never set a date in any case. But since John told me what he does in his spare time, things are on hold indefinitely as far as I am concerned. I assume, you are aware of his… hobbies?”

A short pause and then Ann-Marie replied, “Yes, I believe so. If we are talking and thinking about the same thing. He is more conflicted and torn up about that then you know. I can’t really get into the details on the phone as you may know.”

“Well, I know you were with him on that trip to Boston, so I’m glad you were honest with me about that. I’ll be clear on this. I won’t condone killing or murder. There is such thing as self-defense, but what was done sounds to me very much pre-meditated and ultimately pointless. This is all I’m going to say about this, over the phone or not.”

“I understand.  Should you change your mind and wish to talk or simply wish to get to know each other you can call the house number anytime.” Ann-Marie answered with sincerity.

“Thank you, Ann.”

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