Session The Eleventh

Well all our shopping is done and tis time to say good bye to fair Cularin. Before heading off into the great unknown we decided to stop by Ambria in the Senus Node and drop off the refresher parts and supplies that we originally came to Cularin to get.  With the new ship it didn’t take us long at all to get there, but when we got there an ugly surprise awaited us in orbit; two Tie fighters and some sort of gunboat, I think it was a skip ray Blast boat.  I stopped the ship and calculated a jump out of there.  They never left orbit and then Mystic girl went all mysticky and said Gai Pan was dead and Kaiser was in an uncomfortable place, she didn’t know where Jasmia was but Kylee and Jox were on a ship somewhere and Jox had been injured but was in a med bay.  She wanted to leave and find Kylee and I was ok with that until she said that she didn’t know where Kylee was or where she was going.  So I asked more about Kaiser and she just wanted to abandon him. Luka basically said that she would go wherever I was flying which I thought was really nice.  Numa didn’t seem to care until I tried to point out what they owed the bodyguard of their old master and then I found out that it wasn’t their master that helped them all escape and get to my ship.  He was a Jedi master, but their masters had left on a mission somewhere right before everything fell apart. They hadn’t even been training together, which sort of explained a lot about how different they were acting.

I still put in a bid to run the blockade and see if we couldn’t liberate Kaiser and since I was flying that’s what we did. Sometimes its a really good thing to be Captain.

I sent a message ahead asking who they were and that they were flying in restricted airspace. I was hoping to put them off a little but I don’t think they found it all that funny.  I flew up and they tried to warn me off by saying the place was quarenteined but when I asked why they said that it was none of my bussiness.   Then they launched a missle.  By the way it blew up I think it was a photon Torpedo but I could be wrong. We closed on a Tie and pretty much blew it apart on the first salvo. The remaining ships fired at us but none even came close.  The other tie fighter closed on us and I tried to engauge it in a dog fight but he didn’t want to play. I kept at it and soon he was sheilding me from the guns of the skip ray.  And that lasted until one of the missles blew up near us and pretty much vaporized the Tie.  We all fired more shots and we couldn’t seem to penetrate their sheilds or if we did it pinged off their armor.  I was going to take us out of orbit when it just clicked like it sometimes does in combat.   We started working together like it was our destiny to hit the other ship and destory it.  Time after time we hit just at the right time and right were the sheilds were the weakest and the ship started limping away and sparking. So we all fired again and the ships sheilds fell and its lights went out.

We searched for Kaiser and then finally sent him a message saything that we had to get out of there because they other ship had sent for help before it was stopped but that if he left soon we had cleared a path for him. 

We flew to Ordmantel and sold off parts to the fresher that we didn’ t need anymore and stocked up on fuel and more food.  Allima aka mystic girl did her mystic thing and said that Kylee and Jox had been attacked by Imperials but that they had escaped and were en-route to Rhyloth of all places.

They wished us well on our journy and so we calculted the steller drift and flew for six nerve wracking days into the unknown. As you can tell by this journal, we made it there, here.

We were exploriing the system cautiously then out of knowwhere we were it by a gigantic ion beam and then a tracktor beam smashed us down to the planets suface.  We loaded up the speeder bikes and headed out we saw someone coming in our direction in a big hurry.   Her vehical had wheels and looked like a small speeder bike.  I was going to shoot her but Alima said she was a friend so we headed off to her camp.

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