Third Adventure

Well we got to the ship again after our last encounter. I think it was more of a hike than we needed right then and might want to think about parking closer to our objective. We avoided the capital ship but three fighters detected us before we could jump our ship.

Numa was on computer again and she was trying to calculate our next jump point. When she asked where we should go I said away from here.

While the computer was crunching the coordinates, the three fighters started pounding on us there wasn’t much I could do except fly defensively. Our ship took a lot of hull damage but our internal systems were ok.

It took us 9 days to get to Ryloth. Since its all the way across the galaxy I guess we made good time. The capital ship wasn’t waiting for us and didn’t show up while we were there so I gess we did good. It’s a heavily enough traveled space so it should be harder to get a bearing on where we went next.

A planted on the run called Duro???(OOC I don’t know if this is right or if it’s Dorin) We were able to get a cybernetic limb and repair the ship there it took me most of the day to fix both of the ships. I tried to assist the med droid but next time I will just attempt to teach grandpa how to suck eggs. I don’t think that thing could botch an operation if it tried. The limb is attached and Kaiser will have to have some theraphy and get used to using it. I have put him on light duty for a while.

Numa’s sister had a some sort of Vision and requested that we go to someplace called Amber or ember that is in the Sennis Krode system, we are supposed to find some order of seers there. Good luck on that one but at least its something to do and its a long way from any place else. It’s also probably not a trap and other bonus I suppose.

(OOC on the way down the force users felt something dark in a lake we passed over)

We set down and started wandering around trying to find some power signatures that we had noticed on the way in . We found 2 beats that the locals call Dragons or Devil Beasts. They seem like really hostile creatures to me and one of the twins said that they are full of the dark side I didn’t really get that but I guess I should have shot it and not scared the second one away.

Numa got pretty bit up but I think she will be ok that girl is tough. I called the ship and requested a pick up but before it could get to us, we noticed a sandstorm. we tried to find shelter and there were some old ruins but we would have been dead by morning. A beat up land speeder came by and the Rancher took us to his house. We got to talking and he told us where to at least look for the the hidden canyon. He also told us about some problems they have been having with raider and slavers.
We called the ship, when the electric interference of the sand storm calmed down and our signal had gotten scrambled in the storm and they were look ing about 50 klicks north of us.

I tried to do what I could to thank the rancher for saving us I fixed his generator and did some small elctronic repairs that he had jury rigged.

We spent the night in the ranchers house and set out in the morning. We walked most of the day and then saw some smoke in the distance. It was off our trail but we thought maybe some one was in trouble and that we could help out.

It looked like some raiders had hit the place. we found some vehicals they had abandoned and attpmeted to follow the electronc signals they were emitting. Eventualy they lead us to a compound and as we neared it 5 people came out and attacked us. The leader tried to shoot at me but his blaster died. The men in the landspeeder tried to ram me but I slipped by, then I shoot the leader. It must have spoked him because he rammed the guys in the landspeeder and then flew up and smashed into them agian. I didn’t see the twins doing anything but I think they may have had a hand in some of that. Especially when it happened again when they were at a full stop. They weren’t having much luck hitting me and then it was like they couldn’t miss. The Mystic twin called on the last guy to surrender and he threw down his gun and ran away.

I saved the leader and we took their stuff. 3 vibro blades, 3 long range com links, 3 utility belts, 3 blasters.

Now we have to see about scouting out the compound and freeing the prisoners.

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