Sixth Adventure

This post covers the six months we were on Amber while Alima learned the things she would need to walk the path of a Seer. Mystic Girl has gotten a lot more mystic.

Jesmia has been sort of stand offish. I don’t know what she wants from us and she really didn’t say anything the entire six months we were on Amber. I was actually sort of surprised when she got on the ship with us. She seems as much of a mystery today as she was six months ago.

Kaiser and I have been hunting off and on for Gai-Pan but its like he disappeared off the face of the planet or like some devil beast ate him.

Ky’Lee Suun is a Mirialan, she has specks on her face. Humanoid type. She says that the twins are ready to forge their own lightsabers. So they have been wandering around for days searching for a crystal that resonates with them. Alima ended up with a silver one, While Numa has a purple one. I don’t know if the colors mean anything but they seem happy.

We are running low on supplies but I think Kaiser will come back and search for a while once we get him a used R2 unit.

We are heading somewhere on the Corellian Run. I know big surprise. Numa has contacts there and wants to check her investments.

We landed on a cloud city above a gas giant and looked for her contact. Apparently, this place used to be run by a Hut Crime Lord. The has since mysteriously moved on. As usual another crime lord is trying to move into the vacuum created by the first one leaving.

We found her contact in the directory and called but there was no answer. Numa left a message and we stared to wander around. Eventually, her contact called back and told us to meet at a cantina called the Fallen Rodian. I also found out that this cloud city has more bars than any other city in the sector.

When we got to the bar it said no blasters so I waited outside for awhile to see if it was enforced. It wasn’t. I also didn’t notice anyone running out as soon as the Jedi went it looking furtive. I went inside and ordered the house beer. I think there was more weapons grade cleanser in it then hops on a scale of 1 to 10 this stuff was a 1. with 1 being bad. I am not sure if it’s the worst stuff I have ever tasted but its got to be tied for first. The bar tender seemed inquisitive, not really sure what he was after maybe he was just friendly. After about ½ an hour wait I was ready to give up and go back to the ship. When the little Bec came in carrying a package, he looked around and then headed straight for the twins table. He seemed really glad to see Numa and almost immediately pushed a package in her direction.

Then a group of soldiers or ex soldier came in dressed as miners. I swear they should have worn badges that said Military for all the help the clothes made. They came up to us and claimed the package was theirs. No sooner were the words our of their mouths than another group came in wrapped in cloaks and laid claim to the same package in the name of the new crime lord. I was expecting someone else to speak up but no on did.

As you may guess, a fight broke out with everyone trying to get the package. One of the cloaked figures, a lizard man, grabbed the package and started for the door. When all of a sudden everyone in front of Alima was flattened. They stood up and sorted themselves out, one of them hurt his knee I remember hearing someone say “my knee my knee”and the one with the package flew backwards through the air and landed at the twins feet. A woman solider took the package and headed for the door. Then she flew through the air. Then everyone was flattened again. Someone got on a com link and said something about Jedi and I decided it was time to leave. Not many of either group was still standing. I made it to the door and started looking for reinforcements to arrive.

Numa and Alima joined me and we headed for the ship trying to stay out of sight and out of the main streets. A droid popped out of an ally and politely asked us for the head. When Numa said no it activated a thermal detonator that was in the head we were carrying. I grabbed the head and hit the off switch. The droid looked at me sort of non pulsed and wandered off. We made it back to the ship and eventually found out that the head of the droid contained a virtual treasure map of locations loot and cash that the previous Crime Lord had secreted about in case of emeregency.

We have arranged for a blind drop we can check on, that will give us Kiasers location if and when he gives up so we can hopefully all get back together at some point and time.

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