Seventh and Eighth Adventure

We went to various planets doing some shopping and getting resupplied. Then headed out to the belt using the decrypted treasure map. We found one of the caches on the map but in all the excitement we forgot that we didn’t have any vaccume suits so we started heading back to Cularin when from out of nowhere some proto-type ship of empire configuration appeared out of nowhere and started launching wave after wave of small Fighters including a variation of the Tie fighter that was really nasty. We played tag through the belt trying to get to a jump point but it was clear by the time we made it out that we wouldn’t be able to calculate a jump into to avoid the other ships.

So we decied to head to Ulnus and right above the atmoshpere I managed to get rid of the last of the TIE fighters.

We Landed on Ulnus and took everything from ship then headed to a partially destroyed temple that looked like something the Jedi order used to use.

A squad of clone troopers, lead by a commander follows us in and after a short decisive battle we took them all out. Just as the medical droid arrived to help resuscitate Numa.

Session B

The medical droid managed to revive numa although she looked kind of shaky. We heard more troopers approaching so we headed deeper into the temple.

Two arc troopers came in behind us and shot Numa with a burst of auto fire wounding her severily. One of the troopers flew through the air and barely missed hitting the other. Then they both flew backwards and fell prone to the ground. I think the twins are using their powers. I shot and missed.

Then they shot Numa and dropped her. They both flew back again and I shot one when he got back up. They both shot at Alima and I dropped one. Then missed.

Alima left cover and threw her saber. Hurting him more. I sent the droid over to help Numa.
Then I shot the other trooper dropping him. I ran over but the droid had already healed Numa. So I took the opportunity to take the some weapons from the last trooper I dropped. (Heavy Blaster, 2 frag grenades, 2 ion grenades, and a med pack.)

We moved to the back to the rear and saw some figures hiding in the shadows. Just as we found them a large squad of troopers entered. Someone yelled “Use the reppel ropes. We all jumped down the pit using the ropes Numa in weakend condition could not maintain her grip on the rope and started to plummet to her doom when she suddenly jerked to a halt and not because he hit the ground. She was suddenly hovering in the air. We all continued down the ropes and made it safely to the ground.

At the bottom we were greeted by a small group people. We stood in a large dark carvern lit by portable lights. The zabrak woman warned us away from the hole and it looked like she was holding a detonator after a blast door closed. A large explosion occurred covering us and sealing us in.

Mercs part of a larger group, say hired by Coularin government because they don’t want the empire operating in their system.

We wandered through the cavern system until we met up with a woman holding a shock whip. She also had a blaster at her hip she didn’t look like a slaver but some type of soldier. In tight fitting light combat armor. She motioned and the people that brought us here left. She motioned us to a table and we saw four more women in similar attire. (Emberlene soldiers, warriors that fight for anyone that is fighting the empire. Mystral Shadow Guards.) Emberleme made example of by empire. Palpatine ordered destruction. Self-ruled. Rich. Prestigious. Not allied. Survivors became militant to earn money to give money aid to other survivors.

Numa called them Shadow Guards and they seemed to acknowledge the name. They offered us a chance to join their organization and continue our fight against the empire… opps offered the Jedi a chance to join their order. I was offered…. Ummm nothing, well a chance to join a roving mercenary band that fights with them. Its like I am not even here.

The leader of this group said we could call her Cai, Cai Scathe. She is called the team prime. They may have an opening for me as a pilot.

If we need to contact them. We can drop a message at bar in tolia bicqwa. And a code to give bar tender.

We have decided to go partners with the Shadow Guard. ON the Crime lords caches. Now we are back on Cularin and going to get fight suits so we can investgate the hoard.

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