Second Adventure

Well I have gotten to know my traveling companions better. The two Twi’lek twins are Alima and Numa as near as I can tell. The human Jedi is Gui Pan. The defective, make that improved, clone trooper calls himself Kaiser.

We arrived at the rendezvous and parked the ship about half a klick away. The doors wouldn’t open automatically, it tried but wasn’t up to the task and I didn’t see an access panel from this side so I split right and went in a hole in the wall. There were a lot of droid parts lying around but I didn’t have time to see if there was anything salvagable.

Kaiser and Numa managed to open the main door about the time that Alima and I went in through a hole in the wall. Gui Pan went through a hole in the wall to the left of the door.

We all started exploring. Numa and Kaiser called on the comm unit to say they had found something. Well, Kaisers exact words were something along the lines of we found the target and everyone should come, talk to the guy.

I tried a set of doors and they didn’t open. I tried the manual release and that didn’t want to work either so I took the door door controls apart. Some one had made it so it wouldn’t open easily. I fixed it and moved into the next room.

Everyone seemed impatient with me to come meet with them and talk to the person they had found but a job worth doing is worth doing right. I talked with Alima while I was fixing the door and she said something about what would I do with the ship and would I like to travel with them.

Something isn’t right about this set up I wanted to explore more but Kiaser seems to be getting impaitient. I told him to scout around some more but I don’t think he did.

I made sure we could get out the main doors fast and went to join the others.

If you haven’t figured it out by now it was a trap. The Jedi that called the meeting was working with the Emperor… we found out later he has the title of Inquisitor. No idea what that means but he was a formidable opponent.

We talked and when he saw that the jedi with us would’t come around to his way of thinking… he gave some signal and heavy troopers started pouring out of the wood work. I tried to make sure our line of reteat was open and took on two troopers that were behind us. They shot the shit out of me. I definitely need to spend more time practicing. I couldn’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn.

Finally Kiaser saw I needed help and blew them up with a grenade.

I went forward and tried to revive Gai Pan but something as wrong with the med packs or I need a refresher course in first aid.

It was finally down to the Inquisitor, Alima and myself. I went down and when I awoke. Kaiser was almost dead. If he hadn’t had a med kit he would have been dead. I am surprised he made it as it was.

About that time someone called on the Inquisitors comm link and we had to get the hell of of there.

I piloted us off the planet. I tried to be sneaky since there were enemies in the area. I guess it worked because we got away.

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