Patches’ Notes on the Cularin System

Cularin system Bianry star yellow and wite dwarf .

Acilaris Small planet little atomosphere too hot to vacation

Cularin Terresitel planet withdrew from the republic year ago
2 moons Mostly Jungle several cities on platforms (landed at Michish city in mountain range)
mild humid lots of trees some plains in mountains native species taracin reptilian tribal level culture
Creatures call cilasin (huge dino’s)
Moon renack – molten and hot

Tilnes – mining
Genarious gas giant number of moons
Floating cities

  • Alia biquwa
  • Barna biquwa
  • Tolia biquwa

Ulboska little atmosphere poisonus trace gases
Autinray rocky oposit of ulboska doesn’t get much light not really habitable
Upal thick poisonus atmosphere lots of mineral wealth claimed by independent droids
Escuron used to be habitable
Infested by giant space worms
Morgikar Planet with orbit perpendicular

Large asteroid belt in outer orbit of the system and outer most planet
Be wary of time-energy fields could be what caused the system to disappear for 10 years
Ulnus Glowing planet ??? teriformed terrestrial quality

  • Lots of heat from core – plants siphion heat and disperce alos bio luminescent
  • Settlement recently destroyed near end of clone wars

Baruma resort area closed moon

Comet field

Difficult to jump to hyper space in system because of the dense cores of the planet

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