Ninth and Tenth Adventures

Cai Scathe, the leader of the Mistryl Shadow Guards introduced us to a female Zeltron named Luka Shivy. She has been trained as a pilot and is proficient with heavy weapons.

We bought a security kit to by-pass the lockes after waiting 10 days it was delivered. We got Space Suits at the same time then headed out to the first cache we had discovered.

I disarmed several traps including one with a heavy blaster rifle turret. I discovered that as I suspected, if the door had been broken down the open the whole place would have exploded. Inside was:

  • A crate of gems with 150,000
  • Three crates holding 150 blast pistols.
  • The second cache went easier and had:
  • 150,000 credits worth of death sticks.
  • 100 thousand credits of luxury items.

The third cache had a time wave, which pretty much fried the life support system and the internal controls making the ship used. I managed to get things working again but it took me an hour.

Then we were jumped by 5 pirate ships. 4 mankvim – 814 fighters and a YT-2400. The mankvims were using squadron tactics but were basically just an annoyance. The YT hit us once and darn near took out the ship. Due to Luka and Alima’s excellent shooting, eventually we destroyed all the mankvim and the YT ran off but apparently it took that cache with it. I don’t know where they are or how they found the cache but they were waiting for us and they left a nice surprise. Some sort of Ion generator. Numa noticed it on the scan during the battle or we would have walked right into their trap.

The last cache was holding a starship, some repair bots and a lot of battle Droids, (3 Super battle droid B3A). Three were really tall with 4 arms and the other two looked like a crab (2 Crab Droid Scout).

The Droids asked for Authorization and then opened fire when we gave them the a door access code. I guess that wasn’t it.

Luka fired and the shot a frag grenade to open the battle. I ran straight ahead between all the Droids. Hoping that they might not target me because I hadn’t drawn my weapon and that if they missed they would hit each other. It worked but the one ahead of me tried to use a flame thrower on me. I ran forward again and drew my weapon when I looked back 2 of the droids were down but so was Alima. I glanced around and saw the lift switch. And ran across and hit it.

The lift started to go up slowly and I took a pot shot at the last crab droid but missed. I lobbed an Ion Grenade at the battle droid at the foot of the lift that I was fighting and made it into the ship. It tried to flame me again but I was too high up by that time.

The last crab droid went down. Numa and Luka looked really bad and I couldn’t remember the access code to get the ships weapons working so I went back down and started shooting the Droids again. This time I stopped the lift halfway down and was using it as cover. I was going to lob another ion grenade at the droid beneath me but it wasn’t necessary. Numa slammed the last two together and Luka finished them with a frag grenade.

I lowered the lift to the ground, ran over to Alima to patch her up, and found out that her leg was broken. We helped her onto the ship, its a proto type Soro-Suub that looks really sleek. I can hardly wait to try it out.

Oh yeah Alima. Well I set her leg and splinted it with some parts from the Droids that we blasted apart. Then I performed first aid on Luka, it would have gone faster but she wiggled a lot. I think maybe she’s ticklesh.

She went back to check on the other crew of the ship we came and reassure them we were ok. While she was gone Numa and I hacked into the ships computers and made ourselves its owners.

Out of some of the spare parts I had and some that I found I built a new transponder and masked the old one then Numa captured the data from the YT2000 that we came in and put it into the new transponder I had set up.

The ship is some sort of Proto type Gunship. It looks like Riboga made it fast and powerful its got an advanced navicomp and combat thrusters. Normally it would take three people to run a ship this size but I think with its slave circuits I could run it by myself. Attached to the ship was some sort of Cargo Pod. I think if Roboga used this he would have his quarters in there sort of like a mobile home/office. Right now though there is some sort of alien artifact in there. It seems to be activated by force powers and then has a keypad and voice interface. It is programmed in 5 languages. Luckily for us one of them was Huttese which I and Luka speak and read. It seems really delecate and it feels old but I don’t know how old. I have copied the star map it contains and will try and figure out how old it is by using galactic drift. It shows a star cluster on the ass end of no where and speaks of an empire that is ruled by young men of the force that are very passionate

Once we were in we learned what we could for now, we went back to Cularin and Luka negotiated a deal with the Mystral Guards that let us keep the ship and 200,000 in gems.

We picked up a TC series Protcol Droid and a GH-7 Medical droid, you know the kind that you only see major players own. We also picked up an R2 unit. They tried to sell us a load of crap but I was there and managed to find the good stuff. After that we split up the gems and I went on a little shopping spree. Buying replacement parts for the ship and the droids to the tune of 25,000 credits. With the rest I went on a more personal shopping spree.

Oh I fogot to meantion that Luka asked to join us and we said yes.

Numa bought her some presents that made her really happy. It makes me wonder if she did it because she saved her life and wants her as a body guard or if there is some other interest at play. I have never noticed Numa looking at men but she seems interested in Luka.

I picked up a data pad, 4 pocket scramblers, Electro Bionocculars, A sensor pack, Fusion Lantern, Feild Kit, Surgiacal Kit, Case of Mesh tape because you can never have enough of it. A few more spare energy cells for our weapons and some med packs because we seem to go through them.

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