Fourth Adventure

I decided that I couldn’t let the last, man get away and warn the others that we were out there. So I shot him in the back as he was running away, then I threw up. I have killed before but I couldn’t let him get away and well I guess I will just have to live with it.

We scouted the camp and then pulled back to decide what to do. Kiaser called requesting orders telling me Gui-Pan had left the ship and was trying to find us. He said his droid had been destroyed and he wanted a new one. That he had a guest and what did I want to do with him. So I told him that since we would be going into combat to give the guest a choice. Stay at the ranch we were at last night or come fight the slavers with us.

No sure why she came but she did a female Mon Calimari named Jesmia. She looked like a fish out of water. She said that her star ship had run out of fuel. Crashed and broke. She lookes pretty healthy for having just survied a shipwreck.

I am really suspicious of the suddenness of her appearnece. Maybe I am just paranoid or maybe the new empire really is out to get me. I smell a trap, I may be wrong but I would rather keep this new addition to our merry band where I can keep an eye on her.

Evidently, she can run pretty fast when she needs to, according to Kaiser she beat him into the ship when they ran from one of the devil beasts. The same one that ate Kaiser’s driod.

We left the raider camp and met them about 5 klicks away. We talked about what to do and I think it was Numa that noticed some the life form reading were disappearing in the enemy camp.

Then a patrol came up on us. Fish lips buried herselfing in the sand. Kaiser and Numa and Mystic Girl, Alima. Readyied ourseves on the hill. and when they got close enough we struck. Took out the 2 speeders adn then pretty much all hell broke loose. Its still incredible to watch the force weilders use thier powers.

They look so ordianry and then wham things start fllying like magic.

Jesima is hell on wheels in combat it was like no one could hit her at first. Then someone got in a lucky shot. Numa rush down hill to her rescue. Kaiser moved around my flank to get a bead on someone. Then I shot I swear I was just trying to shatter the protective bubble on the other vehicle but the whole thing blew up. Friendly fire isn’t, I still haven’t figured out what I hit aiming where I was aiming maybe they had some extra weapon on board or fuel.

Anyway only the leader was left by that point and I tried to stun him. But it didn’t work. I ordered him to kiss dirt and Alima order him to kneel with his hands in the air. Kaiser rushed over to stabilize Numa and Jesmia. And then we all went back to the ship. I asked for some help recovering the speeder bike weapons.

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