First Adventure

Well if you don’t count stealing a star ship and fleeing with a wounded Jedi Master and his 3 Padawans and personal bodyguard.

Took us 8 days in Hyperspace to get us to the Wheel where we hoped to find some gainful employment. We had wandered around the Wheel and bought some supplies then had them delivered to the ship.

Then we went to a local bar called Sharkies to meet someone about a possible job. I don’t know if it was a trap or just bad luck but a squad of troopers appeared complete with the heavy weapons component appeared and then someone yelled thats them get them and the shooting started.

I contacted the general’s bodyguard as soon as the troopers appeared but everything happened so fast. One padawan was out of his seat and out the door before I even had a chance to stand up.

Shots everywhere then heavy weapons opened up and we got hammered. The two troopers by the door went after the padawan while everyone else concentrated fire on us.

One of the twil girls went throught the doors we came in. Her sister did something and the heavy weapons guys went flying but she had already taken a pounding and didn’t look to good so I grabbed her and followed everyone else.

We had just gotten throught the doors when they opened back up they same twil as before did something and people went flying again. Then she took her light saber out, shut the doors and fried the controls.

I grabbed her again, mental note to self dont grab people with active light sabers in the future, and we ran around a corner. The doors didn’t open up behind us so I took off running.

The two troopers that were ahead fo us were down already I am not sure who did what. I saw the generals bodyguard. and told him I was going to prep the ship. Speedy Was way out in front with one twil girl the wounded one was behind me. I got to the ship and had it ready to go by the time everyone was on board. I first went the guns but three fast fighters came around and it was decided that the bodyguard and I were to get in his fighter ship and try and hold them off or lead them away from the jedi. 

We blasted one but the other 2 went after our ship. The jedi gunner on the ship was amazing. She hit both ships but not enought to take them out. Just as we came around to fight them our ship told us of reinforcements on the way. Theirs not ours.

The fearless drove off one and we finished the other. And we made our escape.

The general died shortly thereafter and told me that I was now captain of the ship I had stolen and in command of the bodyguard.

I have no idea how to lead anyone let alone myself. So I am doing what I do best. Rerouting the weapons system on the Arc. My new trooper came to talk to me and when I asked him to push a button so I could see if I had everything right he told me he was not a slave. No idea where that came from or what he was talking about it was a simple button for pitties sake. Oh well then he was all I suggest this and I recommed that. No idea what really going on or what we are doing or supposed to do I need to think things over. 

Speedy discovered a message capsule encoded with some coordinants for a jedi meeting. maybe we will go there.

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