Fifth Adventure

After defeating the second patrol we took a break to heal and disscuss our options. It was decided to attack the main camp at sunset. I took the weapon off the destroyed Speeder Bike that the slavers were using and installed it on the bike we took from the homestead. As it turned out I could have saved myself the effort because I really didn’t get a chance to use it anyway but such is life.

It was decided to split up Sodier-Boy, aka Kaiser, and I tried to sneak up on one of gun emplacements. It hasn’t seemed to snik home yet but I am as stealthy as a rhino on a rampage. I did get within 30 yards before I was spotted to I suppose that something. The flashed me with the spot light and I put my hands up.

Kaiser charged and lobbed a grenade, so much for stealth. I ran up to where he was and flopped down into a prone position. He charged the gun emplacement to the east.

The jedi got into the game about that time and the gun flew back and broke itself on the gunner. Kaiser was taking fire from all over. I think if he had other troopers with him he would have been fine but with just himself it looked like suicide. I missed my first shot, I don’t know if I was nervous or what. Kaiser threw another grenade and I shot the one that survived.

About that time one of the twins pulled the tower down on some smuck, I was surprised when he got back up and started trying to fight. I have to admire him for that.

Some more firing and Kaiser took more damage. We took an other one down and the two that were left surrendered. I think I might have surrendered too I don’t know how Kiaser kept going but I don’t think I would want to be in front of him when he gets mad.

I ran up to use the tent as cover and shot one of the other gunners. The other gun emplacement was taken out by the Jedi.

Kaiser called on the rest to surrender and one got cute and tried to use one of the ranchers as a hostage. Kaier shot him and one of the twins cut the end of a gun off with her Lightsaber.

That pretty much broke the back of the resistance and the rest ran away.

I ran to a speeder and called on the others to get the last gun emplacement.

The jedi guarded the prisoners and by the time we got to the last gun emplacement the remaining slavers had run away.

We freed the ranchers and by a strange coincindence they knew how to contact the seers that we had been trying to find.

The ranchers were pretty much ruined but at least they were alive. I offered to give them their speeder bike back and let them keep the gun I had mounted on it.
I also offered them weapons.

They in turn offered to send their daughter to guide us to the canyon of the seers.

Getting there was pretty anti-climactic and pretty straight forward.

We passed through a canyon with lots of crystal formation. The jedi seemed very interested in the crystals.

We talked to the seers and they offered, Mystic girl, Alima a chance to train with them. Most of the order had left to make sure that the place wouldn’t be comprimised by such a concentration of forse users, even though they said we would be safe there becouse the crystals somehow blocked force users from pick up peoples presence. I think its like trying to find some one using IR at night that standing in front of a bonfire. Theres so much distraction you can’t see them.

The Calimari Jesmia wasn’t in on the attack or the trip to the seers because she was having trouble recovering from being blown up accidently by yours truly. So she stayed on the ship is and monitoring the communications in case. Speedy calls the ship. I hope he calls soon. I think I am going to take the ship and whoever wants to go with me and search for him.

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