Call to Bailey Thindle

Timeline: February 2, 2009

John dialed his phone at his hotel room the morning after they arrived in Mythic City. “Baily this is John Beckett. I am in the Mythic City area looking into some disappearances north of the city, mainly transients and homeless. Have you heard anything in the wind that might be useful?”

“Hello, John. How are you? Oh, how is my wife? She’s just fine. My son will be going to kindergarten next year, thanks for being so thoughtful,” Bailey responded with a dry chuckle. “Mythic City, you say? Not that I know of, but then that’s a long way from my assigned area of New England, John.”

“I’m doing ok,” replied John. “Glad to hear your wife is doing fine. Wow I didn’t realize how old he was and starting kindergarten so soon. How would he like a pony or a drum set for his next birthday from his uncle John? Me being the thoughtful friend that I am I could see that he got one. Now about Mythic City, I know it’s a long way from your assigned area but sometimes you hear things. I wasn’t asking for an in-depth investgation. I was just asking if you heard anything. Sorry I was so abrupt but sometimes I get caught up in things. Now that I have heard about everyone else how are you doing Bailey?”

“Busy as hell,” he said. “I’m up to my eyeballs in cases and knee deep in the latest one.”

“Well if you need any unoffical help, you have my number.”

“Thanks, John. I might actually need to take you up on that before too long.” There was a pause on the line, as if Bailey was making a decision. “Have you seen Ms. Clairborne by any chance?”

“I can get ahold of her or leave her a message if you want me to, but I don’t know where she is right now.” John waited for a moment, then said, “Do you have a message for her?”

“If you could just let her know I called, that would be great.”

“I can do that. If you happen to hear anything, or need anything give me a shout. Have a good night, Bailey.”

“I will. And good luck, John.”

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