Rey, February 2009

Dear god, what have I gotten myself into.

Me, Lupa of the Young Father Bear pack, and partner in Lyla’s other business. It feels like a combo of a bad dream and a sick joke.

I’ve got until June to get myself established and entrenched as Lupa before they can challenge me. To prove to them that I’m the best choice for the job. Ironclaw says that they don’t like change, so providing I don’t piss them off and generally make the pack prosperous, I should be okay.

Except for Lyla, of course. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to win her over. She wants to be in charge, and she blames Ironclaw for what happened. I’m certain that she’ll probably beat me to a pulp the first moment she can. I’m also afraid that she’s planning to go after Ironclaw himself. Unless something changes, he’ll probably lose that fight, and she may deliberately break him and his spirit.

But what the heck am I going to do now?

I’ve taken the Blood & Brew from Lyla. Rose and the others would never take orders from her, and since the bar is the only source of income, I need to be in charge of that. She handed it over to me on the condition that it would always be the property of the Lupa, and if there is no female in the pack to be Lupa, ownership of the bar would go to the Ullfric. When I heard that condition, I immediately thought she was going to go after Ironclaw and become Ulfric, and abolish the position of Lupa so she could control everything. Her reaction to what I said afterwards is making me lean towards her simply caring about the future of the pack, but I still can’t shake my nagging concerns.

In checking out the books for the bar, I’m glad I agreed to take on more responsibilities in Lyla’s other business ventures. The money coming in from the catering is just enough to give everyone paychecks. With her no longer in charge, I might not share those contacts with me. That means I will have to cut back on everyone’s hours until I can replace that revenue. I certainly can’t afford to miss any mortgage payments.

It might not be soon enough to get money in, but perhaps we could work on doing box lunches and stuff for the tourists. Things that pack and travel well. That might earn us some extra cash. But I think I’m going to have to ask Lyla about those catering contacts before she leaves for Mythic City.

I also need to talk to Gillian and the others about the future. What they want now, what they want for the future. And I need to find out if Johnny’s foster parents need any help.

Speaking of help – yeah, I know it’s something of a jump – I need to find Jesse and see what’s up. I haven’t seen her for a while. I hope nothing’s happened.

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