Rounds for Rey

Timeline: Mid-May, 2008

Michael heard the chime of the door to his shop opening. When he looked to see who it was, to his surprise he saw Rey. Michael set down the Colt 1911A1 .45 pistol he was cleaning, and approached the conter to see what Rey needed.

“I’m a little curious to see you here,” Michael began. “So what can I do for you today? Looking for something for personal protection?”

“Hey, Michael,” Rey said with a smile. “Actually, I’m looking for ammo for a Winchester Super X rifle. Nothing fancy, just regular load.”

“I’m impressed, I didn’t realize you owned a gun, much less went hunting,” Michael said. “Ok, sharpshooter, what caliber is your Winchester? So I can get you the right ammo.”

“Naw, I’m no sharpshooter. Yet,” Rey replied with a grin. “I got it a little while ago, and Ironclaw’s teaching me. The rifle’s a 300 caliber.”

Michael ducked down behind the counter, and started going through the different ammo he had, looking for the correct caliber for Rey’s rifle. Finding what he was looking for he stood up, placing a couple if different brands on the counter.

“Ok, these are $30 per box of twenty,” Michael said. “Now you just said that you are just learning to shoot, so you don’t have much experience at it, correct?”

“That’s right. In fact,” she said with a grin, “I’m almost at the point where Ironclaw feels like he doesn’t have to hold my hand, so to speak.” She chuckled. “Still working on targets and such until hunting season starts and I can get the appropriate hunting permits.”

“Good for you,” Michael said in earnest. “If you don’t mind me making a suggestion. I know of a cheaper way to do your target shooting, instead of wasting $30 dollars for just 20 rounds of ammunition.”

“What do you suggest?”

With a smile, Michael said, “Hang on a sec.”

Michael then went into the back room of his store. Rey could hear him rumage around for something, then heard him say ‘Here we go’, before returning to the counter. In his hands he was carrying a rifle case.

Setting the case on the counter, Michael said, “You could use this.” When he opened the case Rey could see it was a rifle with a nice walnut finished stock with hard points for sights.

“This is the first rifle I ever owned. It is a Ruger 1022, given to me by my father when I was 10. The reason I am suggesting using this is that for $30, I can get you 300 rounds of ammunition, instead of 20. If all you are doing is target practice, in the long run it would be alot cheaper for all the rounds you go through when practicing.”

“Are you sure, Michael?” Rey asked in surprise.

“Yes I’m sure, Rey,” Michael said. “Otherwise I wouldn’t offer it.”

“Thank you.” Rey reached out and gave Michael’s hand a squeeze. “I’ll take very good care of it.”

“I have another question for you. Is Ironclaw teaching you to use a scope or the hard point sights on the rifle?”, Michael asked.

“He’s starting with hard points, and then will will do scope later.”

“When you get to using the scope,” Michael said, “come back and I can install the one I have for this rifle. If you guys get tired of shooting outside, I’ll have my indoor range done in a few weeks.”

“Where are you going to have the range?”

“Well when the rats came through,” Michael said, “one of there tunnels runs right under my backroom. I got permission from the town elders, to convert it into a gun range for when I need to test fire the guns I’m working on. Right now, I am in the slow process of doing rituals to turn the earth to concrete, on a more permanate basis.”

“That’s cool! I’d definitely like to see it when it’s done.”

“Sure thing,” Michael said. Turning back to the Ruger, Michael asked, “Would you like me to show you the ins and outs of this?”


With that said, Michael went through all the ins and outs of the Ruger 10/22, for Rey.

“I think you are all set to go,” Michael said. He then reached behind the counter, and handed Rey a box of ammo for the rifle he just handed her.

“This box is on the house, but the next one you have to pay for,” Michael said with a smile.

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