Timeline: May 5th, 2008

Lyla and Chaska walked briskly back to the motel. They knew there wasn’t any immediate danger but it did not stop the anxiety that both of them were experiencing.

Chaska turned to Lyla while they walked. “So are we going to have to try and kill them or do we run when this is all done?”

“Our chances are very slim, if we try to defeat them. I think we should try to do this job and present our problem to the mages. They may know another way for us to escape,” Lyla said.

Chaska looked away from Lyla thoughtfully. “That is true. But that means we will have to accept that we need help. I mean we originally didn’t want to involve them but they are involved whether they want to be or not at this point. We also must think about our pack as well. We both know that they would come if we needed their help and we do need their help but i’m not sure either one of us is willing to call upon them yet. Well, anyway, what is our next step? Go talk to the others?”

Lyla shook her head slowly. “Not yet. I think we should tackle the problem of the Wound first. John and Michael are badly wounded and I don’t want our problem to cause them to do something that wouldn’t be best for them. We need them to take care of themselves first. We still have time. Even though I am sure we will need to talk to Ramiel about our little predicament sooner or later, I don’t think that time is now. It would only distract them from our first priority.”

“But they already know a little about our problem from our description last night. They will ask more questions. I suppose we will just have to put them off until we deal with the wound. But regarding the wound, Angel knows more than he is letting on. That is puzzling me at the moment. I’m not sure what he stands to gain by not telling us all he knows and perhaps even helping us. In the end it is their problem and that is something we might consider. Why are we willing to deal with the wound? I know the answer on some selfless, rid-the-world-of-evil, level but we gain nothing and potentially lose everything by dealing with this. I mean are we meant to just travel about looking for troubles to solve? I’m not exactly even clear on why we are here and why Ann Marie dragged us here. It might be time to talk to her some more but I guess that will have to wait until tonight.”

Lyla nodded. “Ann-Marie is looking for other vampires in the area and this is the last big town until Canada. We haven’t found any, though we also haven’t look here.

“As for what Angel might be hiding,” Lyla continued, “I think you’re right; he has nothing to gain by keeping anything back from us. I believe the only thing he’s hiding is a complete inability to deal with this wound. They seem not to have even crossed the fence. That’s curious and I wonder why. But the truth is, I don’t know enough about the Pure to understand them well. I just know that most of them tend to prefer the wilds to anything civilization has to offer.

“I also agree with you about this Wound. We have absolutely no obligation to deal with this, other than the threat to our lives. If not for the Pure, we could and probably would just walk away from this and try to learn more before we dealt with such things. Though I hesitate to leave such a festering sore in the world so near our own territory, I just don’t know how to deal with it.”

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