A Joke Too Far

Timeline: May 4th, 2008

Ramiel had seen his friend die before him. It had happened so fast he wasn’t even sure it had happened. He thought that he had been able to free Michael form the undead hell hound before that much damage had been done.

John had wanted to kill him thinking that he had been turned. “It happens in the movies.” HE said as warning to Ramiel when he refused to let John finish the job.

There had to be another reason, he kept telling himself. He decayed so fast, surely, please let there be another reason. He hefted his friend over his shoulder hoping that John was wrong and Michael was not going to take a chunk out of him.

Then it happened. He bit. Damn it all to Hell. Was all he could think as he dropped Michael, then seeing that color had returned to him he knew. Michael had done something to himslef and the playful little bite was ….what?

Michael had fallen unconscious again and Ramiel again hefted him onto his shoulder and took him back to the room. There he let him lay on the bed while he recovered.

Eventually he woke up again and Ramiel just stared at him.

Groggily Michael said with a weak smile, “Did anyone get the name of that dog that mauled me?”

Then turning his head to the side to look around the room, Michael noticed Ramiel staring at him.

“Ok,” Michael said, “why are you staring at me?”

“Maybe I am trying to decide if I need to kill you myself,” he said with a wicked smile.

“And why would you need to kill me?” Michael asked.

“If I told you that you were an idiot would you believe me? Because you are,” he said.

“Aww, what’s wrong now?” Michael said. “I remember correctly, someone said that I needed to get out of the moody funk I was in. If you didn’t like the way I am working on it, then just say so.”

“Your timing sucks.” He was sitting with his elbows propped on his knees and fingers interlocked. “You were attacked by a zombie dog, then died at far too fast a decomposition rate, then you bite me. Again, your timing sicks. John wanted to cut your heart out just to be on the safe side.”

Michael shruged his shoulders, then said, “It was a reflexive spell I did before I passed out, just in case there were more dogs showing up. I never done it before, so I didn’t know what I would look like, after it went off. Are you saying you didn’t want me to bite you,” Michael said with a smile.

“Stop teasing. Next time no field testing. I thought you were dead. John thought you were a zombie and biting me didn’t argue that point. I nearly killed you then. If your complexion hadn’t returned I would have.” He saw the smile on Michael’s face and shook his head, “Forget it.”

“Fine, fine, I won’t do it again, at least without good reason. And I’ll warn you first before hand.”

Then Michael looked at the hand that had the ring on it, and noticed it was missing. Looking to Ramiel, he asked as he showed him his hand, “Do you have it?”

He removed the ring form his pocket and tossed it to him. “There.”

Michael went to sit up, but the pain he felt told him otherwise. Not one to show pain, Michael clenched his teeth as he tried to roll onto his side, so that he could look at Ramiel better.

“So, what’s wrong?” was all Michael asked.

Ramiel stood and silently went to Michael’s side helping him to ease into a comfortable sitting position.

“You put me in a bad mood,” he said.

“Look, I’m sorry I freaked you out with what I did,” Michael said. “So which thing did I do to put you in a bad mood?”

“Not freaked out, entirely.” He said as he returned to his chair. Keeping more distance between them than he had in along time.”I thought I had not gotten to you in time. I thought for a moment that you were really dead, and that maybe John was right. He wanted to cut your heart out, your head off, anything that might keep you form rising as a zombie. The only thing that kept them from that was me.”

“So I am upset that you nearly got yourself killed over a joke.”

Michael tried to get out of the bed, and failed. Looking over at Ramiel instead, Michael said, “I’m sorry. I meant for what I did to be a joke, and not a joke at the sametime.”

“What I mean is,” Michael started saying, after looking at a confused Ramiel. “What I was trying to do was, symbolically kill off what was making me all moody, and come out of it anew ready to start fresh. And in my own way, make it a joke, even if it was a bad one. And that bite… well let’s just say that was meant to be playful, not harmful.”

“Your timing sucks,” he said watching Michael squirming in the failing attempt to leave the bed. Ramiel sighed and moved over to be next to him.

“Well, it seems that my timing has been sucking in a lot of things lately”, Michael said kind of solemnly, as he looked off across the room. “So what are we going to do now?”

“Don’t start that again.” He would have hit him had Michael not been so wounded.”First, we let John see that you are normal and just a jack hole for playing a bad joke so he will heal you. Then, well then maybe we all die in a junkyard, sound fun?”

“I’m not starting anything again, that was me letting the last of everything go. Okay, so lets get the Doc in here, so he can do some healing, before we go get ourselves killed,” Michael said that last with a smile.

“Ok.” with that Ramiel went and retrieved John.

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