Shady Places

June 13th, 2008

Odin and Blood Fang got the message all right. The old pack, the ones who’d found them, had made it pretty clear that it was time for them to strike out on their own. They were full — new werewolves didn’t have a place with the older, experienced wolves and they were expected to strike out on their own, figure out their own way.

So they did.

But the two new werewolves weren’t totally green. They’d been in the game for about three years now and knew a little bit about what was going on. They knew the rules and they’d known this was coming for a long time. Now that things in this city had settled a little bit, it was time to move out on their own. The training wheels were off, so to speak. And they needn’t be alone.

In fact, Odin and Blood Fang had received word down the grapevine that there was a new wolf in the part of town they were headed. All they had to do was catch themselves a third member and maybe they could think about being a pack. Maybe. If they could find a totem — but that was something for the future. For now, Odin and Blood Fang had one clue; an address.

205 Long Street was in a pretty seedy part of town. There were porn video stores, hookers to be had, and night clubs littering the darkened streets. It turned out that 205 Long Street had to be either a porn video store named The G Spot, or a club called the Night Life. Blacked out windows and a security door manned by a bouncer gave away that the Night Life was a strip joint.

Fang was a “hands-on” kind of guy. Or rather, a “hands-on someone else” kind of guy, so it was clear what his preference was. Odin figured one place was as good as the other to try looking for their quarry. Either way, Odin figured it wouldn’t be easy because while in their human forms, they didn’t have access to the enhanced senses that could pick out another werewolf out of a crowd. And it just wouldn’t do to go furry on a bunch of ‘nats like that.

Nats. That was the term the old pack had given for common people, short for “naturals”. Made it easy to talk about them and everyone knew what was meant, so the term kind of stuck among the other Uratha, the other werewolves, around here.

Odin paid to get in. Lately he did a lot of the paying as Blood Fang was, as he put it, between jobs at the moment.

Fang said he was a bounty hunter and as far as that went, he did look the part. Fang was a big guy, all muscles and no fat. He was a smidge over six foot, shaved head (although he kept it shaved only as consistently as he kept his face shaved, which was not very). He wore jeans, tee shirt, and beat up old black leather jacket.

Odin by contrast was very tall, strong-looking and had long, blonde hair. His face, too, was rough-shaven, lending him a toughened look. Yet for all that, he looked to be a bit better off than Fang. His clothes were newer and his hair cared for to at least some extent.

It was Odin who handed the bouncer the twenty to let the both of them into the club.

Blood Fang couldn’t help but grin as he looked around, seeing bodacious waitresses serving unanimously male patrons. Two stages were set up around a very long bar and there were already a couple acts at work. One was an attractive platinum blonde. She was easy on the eyes with a sweet body and sleek outfit, but as pieces were removed it was clear she really wasn’t the most gifted of dancers. The brunette was attractive and an athletic dancer.

But soon time was up and they’d stripped down to their bikini’s. All clubs had the same requirements so it was easy to know what you were getting — if there was a bar there, then it would be a topless bar. If there wasn’t a bar there, then it was likely 18 or 21 or older and full nude. Blood Fang and Odin had been able to order drinks, so the expected rule was topless.

Both drew the strippers to their table with the traditional methods of eye-contact and a show of cash. It was Blood Fang, however, who showed the most enthusiasm for the paid-for female attention. To his great pleasure, the platinum blonde had a lot more moves on his lap than she’d shown on stage. To Odin’s mild amusement, Fang seemed to thoroughly enjoy his play time, even to the extent of inhaling — even sniffing his practically naked girls.

The lap-dancers moved on to share their attention with other, cash-wielding men and shortly Odin and Blood Fang were treated to the next two acts. One was a chocolate skinned, black-haired beauty with heavy makeup and the other a very sexy auburn caucasian who had gone light on the makeup in favor of allowing her natural charms shine through. Both were captivating on stage. While the colored beauty held a great deal of exotic charm, the auburn-haired dancer showed slightly superior skill.

Blood Fang held himself in barely controlled enthusiasm to spend more of Odin’s money as they finished their routines and moved to the audience for the expected lap-dance time. Here, the exotic woman with the heavy makeup showed less experience and finished in a businesslike fashion, apparently aiming to visit as many men as possible in the time she had allotted rather than worrying about a quality experience. The auburn-haired woman, however, seemed to care less about how many laps she visited. And in fact, Blood Fang found himself nearly ready to embrace a new religion. She excited him so much he nearly embarrassed himself very obviously.

Undaunted, he kept shoving more cash into the woman’s skimpy remaining panty in hopes she’d stay longer. It seemed to work and she even let him explore with his hands a bit more than he’d been permitted with other dancers. Fang inhaled her scent and then, with a shock, realized this woman was in fact the young werewolf they sought!

She moved on to Odin, and having a similar (if less enlightening) experience, asked if she’d be willing to put on a private show. Odin sweetened the offer with a promise of five hundred dollars. The dancer accepted and gave them a password to allow them in the back area, where a bouncer would show them a room for “private parties”.

Later both men arrived in the room and were shortly joined by the woman, whom they discovered went by the name, Shayd. Shayd had dressed in a new outfit, especially for their private dance. She turned on a small boombox and went straight to work.

Although they were really there for business — specifically the hope of acquiring a new pack mate — the Odin and his lecherous companion could not resist letting her go through her entire routine, including a special lapdance, before telling her the reason they were there.

When they revealed they were werewolves and knew that she was, as well, Shayd was shocked, and obviously upset. She tried to escape and ran through the dressing room in an attempt to lose her pursuers but Odin and Blood Fang were nothing if not persistent.

They chased her out into the back alley where they finally caught her. Seeing she was trapped and held by two men — Uratha in fact — Shayd ceased her attempts for escape, realizing it was futile. Unless they let go of her and she could flee at full speed, she had no chance of slipping from both of the men’s powerful grips.

Sullen and scared, Shayd demanded to know what they wanted, which was then made clear enough. They wanted to form a pack and offered her protection. Shayd, of course, didn’t feel like she needed protection from anyone but them at the moment, but gradually they coaxed out from her that she was being stalked by someone, someone who was making her very nervous.

That someone happened to also be stalking all of them at that moment. Another rough-looking man revealed himself, demanding they release Shayd to his custody. That didn’t go over well and there was a short fight which ensued, after which the stranger fled in a large beast-form. However, Blood Fang could not resist a chase and set out after him after transforming into his own beast-wolf form. Odin, not wishing to lose track of his buddy, was forced to release Shayd and pursue. His last view of Shayd was of her walking briskly away.

The chase led back down the alley behind the Night Life club to a 10′ high wooden fence. Blood Fang had cornered his opponent for a moment, allowing Odin to catch up, then fled over the wall after receiving a nasty wound across his back.

Fang and Odin wouldn’t be shaken so easily, however. While they could not close the distance on their retreating quarry, they also were not letting him pull very far ahead. It was then a brown and white furry streak came racing and sliding around the corner at the end of the alley. The huge monster slammed into the side of the alley, rebounded back and then collided with the fleeing werewolf, knocking him flat. Odin and Fang wasted no time in pummeling and tearing at the fallen wolf until he was thoroughly beaten and unconscious.

Blood Fang, determined to let this guy know he was beaten and unwelcome, then pissed all over him.

Fang and Odin turned their attention to the furred monster that had stopped their enemy from escaping and saw her shift back into her human form. It was Shayd. She had somehow moved so fast, she’d circled the entire block and came back to this point before the others had moved out of range. What’s more, to Blood Fang and Odin’s surprise, her clothes were not destroyed by the act of shapeshifting and in fact reappeared wholly intact. The irony of a stripper retaining her clothes was not lost on the two men.

With a smile, and knowing that Odin and Fang would have to travel through the city pretending to be feral-looking german shephards, Shayd thanked them for handling the guy and invited them to her apartment to find something to where. Her apartment, as it turned out, was a sparely-furnished place in a slum-lord’s tenement.


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