Rey Talks to the Boss

Timeline: End of April, 2008

Rey was practically bouncing when she walked into the Blood & Brew. It was a Thursday, so Lyla was going to be working with her that night.

“Hey, Lyla,” Rey said with a grin on her face. She looked around the room and saw Ramiel sitting alone at a table. “Ramiel! Cool! I was hoping you’d be here at some point tonight.”

“And here I am lucky you.” His smile was one that warned her he was in a fiesty mood. “What can I do you for?”

“Oh, those words bring up all kinds of naughty ideas,” Rey replied with a grin. “But the request I have isn’t very naughty at all. I hope you’re not disappointed.”

“Never underestimate my power to turn somethign normal into something naughty.” The smile broadened. “Ask away little one.”

“Well, it does involve a sorority girl, so I don’t have any doubt you’ll find some way to have some fun with this.” She chuckled. “My friend Jennifer is coming for a visit the first week of June. I’m not sure what her financial situation is, but she’s a nursing student so she probably doesn’t have a lot of extra cash. Would it be okay if she and I stayed at your place when she’s here?

“Only if I get to watch some hot girl on girl sex,” he said happily.

Rey laughed. She was pretty sure Ramiel was joking.

Lyla returned from preparing a drink for someone. “Friend of yours from high school?” she asked.

Rey nodded. “She was my best friend. My only friend, really.” She briefly told Lyla about her friendship with Jen, and about their reunion. “I invited her to come visit after exams. She’s got some time between Memorial day and when her summer job starts, so she’s going to come then. If everything goes to plan, she’ll be here from June 2nd to the 7th.”

“I have a camera that will owrk great for recording your more intimate moments with Jen. I want it hot!” Ramiel said.

“I’d be very surprised if you didn’t.” Rey grinned. “But if you want it recorded, it’ll cost you extra.” She paused, and looked at Ramiel closely. “You’re not serious, are you?”

“Who knows?” He took a drink of his ale.

Rey looked at Lyla for help, but she simply laughed. “Of course he’s serious. But he also doesn’t mind being told NO!” She stopped for a moment, then added a conspiratorial, “Just for the record, you might be wisest to say no.”

She drew away and poured a beer for herself, and spoke loudly enough for Ramiel to hear. “Although I have to agree. There are few things that will get a man hotter than too chicks really going at it.”

Several patrons nearby suddenly stopped their conversations to listen.

Rey’s cheeks turned a faint pink. “To be honest, I was going to buy him a DVD the next time I went to Three Kisses in Concord and give it to him when Jen arrived.”

Lyla laughed ant the other patrons returned to their own conversations. “Oh sure, get him all revved up and then unleash him on me.”

“How tricksy my little one has grown to be.” He laughed. “But all serious jokes aside Honore, you always have a room with me.”

“I have some very good teachers.” Rey leaned over and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek. “And I know you’ll always have a room, but I didn’t want to assume you’d share it with someone who’s a friend of mine, but a complete stranger to you.”

“After the show I gave you when we took you home, and you forgot I was there.” Ramiel made a pouty face. “Thanks.”

Rey looked at him confused for a moment. “The show you gave me?” The confusion on her face was replaced with a deliberately innocent one. “Oh, I thought nothing happened at the hotel. Anyway, I misspoke. What I meant was I know there will always be a room for me at your place, but I didn’t want to assume you’d provide a room to a stranger.”

“That is why I wanted to trade the courtesy for the girl sex.” He grinned.

“Well, if you want it that bad, why don’t you come with me to Three Kisses and I’ll buy you the DVD of your choice. That is,” Rey said with a grin and a look at Lyla, “if Lyla doesn’t object.” The instant the words were out of her mouth, the young witch wondered if she were going to regret that offer.

“Your reactions are precious Rey. I may take you up on the offer some day.” He finished up his ale.

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