Ride Home

Timeline: April 22nd, 2008

The car was quiet for some time after departing for home. Lyla was in the passenger seat while Michael was in the back and Ramiel drove. Michael had said nothing since the shadow realm and it was finally getting to Ramiel.

“Hey Lyla why don’t you crawl into the back seat and give me a show? I mean if all he is going to do is sit there and mope we might as well make some use of him.” Ramiel said with a smile and a wink in her direction.

She looked over at him with a faint smile upon her lips, her head cocked in a nearly lupine question. Then she looked back at Michael. He was certainly closed to them right now. Perhaps she could make this boring drag of a journey home something more interesting. She released her seat restraints and slipped over her seat, showing remarkable flexibility and fluidity. There wasn’t a lot of head room in the Ford Focus hatchback and of the three of them in the car, only she could possibly have been slender enough to make a go of it.

She slipped over the seat and did a careful, slow somersault. It landed her in the backwards in the seat next to Michael, but such was her plan. She moved her rump sideways and into his lap with equal dexterity, and in a moment she had a soft hand touching his cheek. “Poor Michael,” she cooed. “Isn’t there something I can do to make you feel better?”

Michael had a look of annoyance cross his face as Lyla slid into his lap. “Ya there is,” Michael said, ” you could go back into your own seat.”

Michael then looked at Ramiel thru the rearview mirror. “And you don’t encourage this. Maybe I wanted to sit here in quiet solitude, and think on what happened back there on the reservation.”

“And maybe I wanted to watch her fuck you in the back seat. Or would you rather I trade places with her?” Ramiel traced his upper lip with the tip of his tongue.

Lyla said, “Your body wants me.” She moved just a little, knowing the wave of pleasure that would wash over him at the stimulation. “And you’ve brooded all day. Let’s have us a little fun.” She began kissing her way up his neck.

Michael closed his eyes as Lyla’s lips touched his neck. “Maybe I like brooding,” Michael said as his body came to life with his growing excitement.

Michael slid his right hand slowly across Lyla’s abs to her side, as she continued to kiss Michael’s neck.

“You never let me have any fun.” Ramiel smiled and continued driving.

Lyla levered herself up a little to get a better angle, then enveloped his lips in a soft, warm, not-too-wet kiss. Then, pausing just long enough to notice he was not resisting, she slipped out of his lap then popped open the button on his pants and unzipped him. She felt his aroused member and stroked him carefully.

Ramiel noticed he could no longer see Lyla. She managed to open Michael’s underwear and get to her goal inside. There she worked him expertly with lips, tongue, and finally mouth. She brought him to the edge twice until he was having to stifle moans and groans. The third time, she continued until he had an explosive release. She caught everything, and even licked him to tidy up even as he continued to convulse and finish.

Michael had closed his eyes without intending to from the force of the orgasm and now he felt welcoming arms and hands gently pull him to her warm bosom. She just held him there, sharing comfort as his body slowly unwound from days and days of tension and sorrow.

Michael just kept his eyes closed as he wrapped his arms around Lyla, and held her tightly for a moment. Michael loosened his hold, but kept his arms around her. Michael breathed deeply of her scent, and let it out slowly as he tried to bring his mind back online after that tension releasing orgasm.

Michael then looked up into Lyla’s eyes, as he said, “Thanks. I guess I needed that.”

She smiled at him. “We risk our lives so much for each other that things can get too serious,” she said. “Sometimes all it takes is a simple thing to regain perspective.”

“I don’t know if I regained any perspective. But I definately got rid of some of my stress,” Michael said with a slight smile.

Her eyes sparkled. “I wonder what might help with the getting perspective part.”

“A swift kick in the ass.” Ramiel said as he adjusted his pants.

“You just shut up and drive,” Michael said. Then Michael clenched his teeth, then said in a serious tone, “You shouldn’t have held back. And because you did, it almost cost you your life.”

Ramiel focused on the road and was silent for few moments. “Maybe,” was all he said.

“But it didn’t,” Lyla pointed out. “You’re both alive and well. And functional.”

“One of us is functioning anyway. I didn’t even get a show.” Ramiel made a pouty face.

“Yea, that may be, but I wasn’t in control, just along for the ride. And you were going to be next, Lyla,” Michael said as he lightly drew his finger across her abdomen. He paused a moment, then Michael said, “How functional are you talking about Lyla?”

She leaned back in the seat as if luxuriating in the touch. “Me next? Ooo, that sounds exciting! And I meant physically functional.”

“What I meant, Lyla,” Michael said, “was that you were next on the hit list. If you remember after I came back to my senses, I was holding a silver knife.”

As Michael was talking, he continued to lightly run his fingers over Lyla’s skin.
“Yeah, I saw it,” she said without concern. “But Chaska and I have learned some new tricks. Your defenses and armor are no longer a match for us.” Her tone was comfortable and matter-of-fact.

She reached out and touched Ramiel’s shoulder. The car was just that small; anyone could reach any other person in the car without trying hard. “Speaking of bringing down prey, Ramiel, I need to find that irritating man who tried to abuse our Michael and kill you. And I’ve tasted his flesh. Can either of you two use me, then, as a connection for a tracking spell on him? I’d like to bite him to death.”

The casual way she spoke of it seemed immediately surreal, if one looked at the remarks from the perspective of a lay person. Magic, however, was common place to men and women such as these. But talk of cannibalistic murder stated so casually and matter-of-factly was vaguely disturbing despite having lived with a pack of werewolves for the better part of a year. Perhaps it was more so.

Ramiel had been quiet for a long time, focusing on the road and not the party n the back. Hearing Lyla speak as she was had an effect on him, perhaps not a good one. Though truthfully the entire situation made him angry, the very reason he had tried to avoid the topic.

“No.” He told her as his shoulders stiffined. His grip on hte wheel tightened and the car picke dup speed. He suddenly wanted out of the car and the trip was far from over. “Just leave it in the past and if we run into him again we ki..” he paused for a moment, “deal with it then.”

“I think both of us could use you Lyla,” Michael said with a sly smile. “But I’m not the one who could track this guy.”

Then Michael’s voice picked up a slight, hard edge to it, as he said, “But when we ever come across this guy again. I will definitely help hold him down for you, as you take bites out of him.”
“But why?” Lyla asked of Ramiel. “You have good tracking powers.”

“I suppose because I said so is not a good enough reason for you on this?” The statement was half question, and one he knew the answer to.

“I know I would like a better answer than that,” Michael said. Then he asked, “What’s got you upset about this?”
“Maybe it’s not him that has me upset.” Ramiel noted that the next rest area was still half an hour away as they passed the sign.

“Whoever this guy was, whatever he was doing there, I don’t care about right now. All he did was play with us. So why go looking for trouble when we have so much to choose from.”

“I took a chunk out of him,” Lyla said in a low voice. “I can kill him or take him out of the picture for a long, long time. All we have to do is find out what his Ban is.”

“You say that like it is easy to do. How do you find a ban then Lyla? And what makes you so sure that it is a ban we are looking for huh? It was man standing there.” Ramiel was keeping his voice down but was feeling rather irritated at the moment.

“Ok, I have a question for those of us that are spiritully challanged,” Michael said. “What is a ban? And how do you plan on finding it?”

“A ban is something that only works for spirits, if I remember what Rey said. It is their weakness. But you need to know about the spirit to figure out what it is. Since we don’t even know if that guy was a spirit it is pretty pointless to go looking for a long shot.” Ramiel looked only briefly at Michael in the rearview mirror, then turned his attention to the van driving next to them.

There were two children in the back seat starring at them. Ramiel only looked their direction and they quickly moved from the windows.

“Who’s ‘we’, Ramiel?” Lyla said, offended. “I told you I tasted the thing’s flesh. That wasn’t a man at all. It was a spirit. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s not a long shot to ask around among the spirits to find out more about this guy and the choir he’s associated with. Every spirit has spirits that are enemies to it, and that means we have someone to help us if we look.

“Look, I’m not going to let this happen to another friend if I can help it,” she said, knowing her words would cut through the malaise enough to sting. But she couldn’t let that hopeless, blasé attitude Ramiel was sometimes prone to slip into rule both of them. Not when she had a solid chance of doing something about the problem.

“Do as you please, you always do.” As he muttered the words the old gypsy’s voice sang in his ears. For a moment fear flashed through his eyes. “If you’re going traipsing around the spirit world take someone else with you. One of your pack. If it is spirit then they can help you track it better than I can. I need a piece of it to have a chance. But I am going to guess he will be difficult to track since he was wearing white.” Ramiel spoke as though he were making perfect sense to them, Surely he was not the only one suspicious about the white coat, the mocking white they seemed to be running into lately.

She ignored his barb. “Are you saying you won’t help?”

“Help track. I just told I can’t without some kind of connection to him, and it won’t cross into shadow without spirit arcana and I don’t study that. Maybe Ariyah could help you but again, we have nothing of his, you are the one with blood scent or whatever the fuck it is called.” His temper was hastening.

“I can get you to Shadow,” Lyla pointed out. “Once we have a clue.”

She paused. “Ramiel? It occurs to me you might not know our home like I do. Do you know what mountain range is immediately to the north and east of us?”


“They are called the White Mountains. And they really manifest in the spirit world,” Lyla explained. “And chief among them, the greatest mountain in the northeast is called Mount Washington. It’s known by many to be the fiercest mountain in the world and the weather it has shows it. You cannot even imagine how bad it can be up there. This White Mountain has an analog in Shadow and with good reason. The native Indians knew what it was and as far as I can tell, it’s true. They called it Agiocochook, home of the Great Spirit. It rises a mile from your house.”

She leaned forward and put a gentle hand on Ramiel’s shoulder. “The White Mountains, my love. There are no coincidences. This means something.”

“Don’t count me out,” Michael said. “I’m more than willing to help you track this guy down, and deal with him. I just don’t have any magical abilities to help track him, is all.”

“Now you are starting!” Ramiel said through gritting teeth. Of anyone in the world Lyla and Michael were the two who could actually read his moods most of the time, other than the typical evil, and brooding settings, Ramiel seemed to be developing his irrational side.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I want a piece of this guy after what happened.” Michael then looked at Lyla, saying, “I am more then willing to help you find this guy, Lyla. Just let me know what you would like me to do to help.”

“Thanks, Michael.” Lyla’s hand was still offering comfort to Ramiel’s shoulder and she turned her attention back to him. “I know you’ll help anyway we can. You’re just angry right now.

“So let’s get to some planning,” she said to the both of them. “Right now we can’t track him directly unless we run across his trail again or find something else connected to him. But I think there may be some spirits we can talk to that could point us in the right direction.”

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