I smell a rat.

It was a dark and story my night… ok it wasn’t but I wanted to start the post that way anyway.

I have been busy, getting the special place ready, Alice has been helping me a great deal. I feel like I have always known her she is closer to me than some of the people I live with.

An old flame of Ramiels made and appearance at the blood and brew. Apparently, some sort of spirit were-rat creature. Is chasing her and heading this way. Its what dark-moon? and wang are looking for… have been following.

I am going to get beds for everyone so they don’t have to sleep in Michals or on the floor of Ramiels room. I have touched Julia’s mind and its quite slippery but she is telling the truth as far as she knows it herself.

We have gotten the town to prepare, for disaster, and emergency evacuation.

I have had my weapons silverized.

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