The Night

Timeline: April 2nd, 2008

The day had been full of fun, food, drink, and friends. Ramiel had known peace until she walked into the bar. Casablanca seemed real for the briefest of moments. As he looked at Julia before him wondering how she ended up in that bar, of all the places in the world why that bar.

He had been extremely mean to her, and still she begged for his help. The others had found entertainment in their exchange. Some questioned thinking he could not hear them. Others simply watched as though it were a movie.

It turned out Julia seemed to be at the core of these Beshilu rat things. Now they were coming to Eldon Well. They would infest his home and kill or transform many of the people he saw daily. He wanted to kill her for that, to throw her to them. But he knew that would not stop them.

Now he had her on the floor of his room wondering why he had chosen that. Lying in his bed next to Lyla, he wrestled with the memory of how good she felt, smelled. Damn-it! I still have feelings for that bitch. Will they never go away?

Ramiel propped himself with his arms so he could see that she was still there. She seemed to be asleep. He had placed a mattress on the floor under the window. Lyla stirred next to him and he ran his hand down her side, then leaned over and kissed her gently down her back.

She half awoke and responded in a sleepy fashion as she made a comfortable noise. When he’d made his way all the way to the base of her spine, she was fully awake. She raised a leg and swung it over his head and giggled softly to see the position she had him in.

Ramiel chose to take advantage of what she had done, He pressed his mouth to her lower lips and parted them with his tongue. He moved the rest of his body to a more comfortable position. Lyla emitted a pleased moan and moved her legs wider apart to give him more access.

The sound woke the sleeping woman on the floor nearby and, surprised, she raised her head to see what was going on. She found herself staring directly into Lyla’s eyes. While Ramiel was busy, Lyla gave her a triumphant, almost gloating look as if to show Julia that he was hers.

But Lyla’s eyes rolled up as he found an especially sweet spot and teased it with teeth and tongue. Julia couldn’t help but to stare, unsure what they might do to her if she tried to flee, but feeling distinctly uncomfortable. When Lyla’s eyes settled back upon her, there was something else in them, something other than the disdain Julia knew Lyla felt toward her. With a shock she felt her body respond to that look, tightening with a yearning she was more used to inspiring in others rather than feeling for herself. She didn’t understand it and fear flickered across Julia’s face.

Ramiel unaware of the exchange between the women continued his work diligently. His fingers began to explore within Lyla to bring new sounds from her. She didn’t try to hide or muffle her audible expressions of pleasure. There had never been anything shy or modest about Lyla, and Julia’s presence and discomfort now certainly didn’t bother her.

Julia wanted to cry or scream or turn away but she couldn’t do any of those things. Her body had rebelled against her and she was could not understand what was happening to her. Soon she didn’t care that it was happening. She only understood that her body needed something.

She was on her knees next to the bed before she realized what she was doing, then reached toward Ramiel. Lyla slapped her hand away viciously, and wore a cruel smile. “Never touch him!” she said scathingly. Then with a far softer tone she added, “Not without his permission.”

Her words brought his attention to Julia kneeling there beside the bed with a haunting look of lust and horror mixed together. He paused for a moment. his heart was betraying him; he wanted to hate her, to let her watch and be tortured. Lyla’s words had given permission. He knew that Lyla had something to do with this, some how. Ramiel moved to her and fiercely grabbed her. With Lyla’s juices still on his lips he kissed her. “Make me happy and I might take care of that need of yours.” He pulled her onto the bed in front of Lyla. “Now, make her scream with pleasure.”

Julia blinked and stared at him, then dragged her eyes toward the silver-eyed woman glaring at her. Without thinking, she wiped her mouth as she hesitated. “I… no, I don’t want…”

Lyla reacted by encircling Julia’s neck with her legs and pulling Ramiel’s old girlfriend down to her own hungry, dripping slit. Julia tensed, like she might duck free of Lyla’s legs and flee, but she hesitated. She wondered what Ramiel might do, and felt her body tighten again in hopes he might do something very nice for her if she did what he asked her to do. She found herself swallowing her pride along with Lyla’s own sweet juices. After all, she told herself, she’d done far worse than licking another woman. Years ago, Ramiel had almost died that night because of her own deceptive seduction.

The covers were tossed aside in a pile now and Ramiel got a good view of Julia, still dressed in the clothes she came to town in, vigorously pleasuring Lyla. He could see Julia was sweating with the effort. Lyla was slowly giving way to the passion of the moment, moans coming faster from her. Her own writing movements created the illusion that the elaborate tattoo she now wore was moving, crawling and flowing across her flesh.

Hearing her say no struck something in Ramiel. I can’t force her to do this. She does not want to do this. She may enjoy it, but she doesn’t want it. Fuck! Why do I care?

Ramiel grabbed Julia from behind, and turned her to face him. “Is this what you want?”

Lyla gave a little cry of disappointment as she was denied release.

Julia looked at Ramiel with wide, hungry eyes. They slipped from her face down to his long, hard, erection. She made a sound of surprise then blinked and looked down at herself. At some point she’d unbuttoned the top of her jeans and had shoved her hand inside. She was still playing with herself. She’d never felt such need.

She swallowed hard but the answer was obvious. “Yes.”

Ramiel pulled her pants down and tore her top away. Using a bit of magic Ramiel retrieved a vibrator for Lyla. “Keep yourself busy until I am ready for you.” He smiled only for her.

Returning his attention to Julia he pushed himself inside of her. She helped by thrusting herself onto him. The suddenness was painful to her but that seemed only to excite her. She bucked beneath him, trying to get him to go deeper. Ramiel’s mind registered a quiet buzzing sound in the background.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Lyla running the vibrator over her nipples. Ramiel was slow with Julia, he found himself making love to her, found that he had missed her. His body responded to hers, and pleasured her. He held himself back, careful not to finish himself as he knew Lyla’s temper if she was not taken care of too.

Once he had brought Julia to climax he had them switch places.

The vibrator she had was switched off and tossed aside, forgotten in the throes of passion. Her body gripped him as he pressed himself inside her just as her legs gripped him in rhythm with his thrusts. She was almost immediately panting, screaming in grunting ecstasy. When he came, she didn’t want to stop, even though her own body was echoing the the orgasm Ramiel himself was experiencing.

Ramiel always stayed hard after release. He used that hardness to ride her into ecstasy.

With a few more hard thrusts and her resulting exultation, Lyla finished another wave of even more intense orgasms. She drew him to down to her in a hot, post-sex embrace.

Ramiel moved so that he was holding Julia, while Lyla held onto him. He fell asleep happy, surrounded by women.

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