St Pats day Celebration

John had been working with Lyla and the J.C.’s then Mrs. Honeywell jumped on the band wagon and things really took off and heated up. He had been trying to plan big but, in the aftermath he realized he just didn’t know what big was.

It struck him when he walked down a closed off main street and looked at all the banners and flags the closed bussiness’s and he saw more people he didn’t know just how closed off Eldonwell was at times. They had planned a sort of potluck and box social, a dance, an exhibition of Scottish Dancing, it was like an Irish Ren-faire meets colonial new England. He liked it. There were booths set up and games of chance for prized, bobing for apples, coloring contests games for kids games for adults. More than half of which he knew nothing about until he stumbled across them in the course of the day but most importantly there was Alice. She was amazing, she knew everyone and seemed to be less shy or at least less reserved than she was in the Library.

They held hands and she took his arm, smiling at the women she meet. If he didn’t know better he would almost swear she was preening at being on his arm but it must be his imagination or wishful thinking. To John’s eyes she was the most beatutiful creature there. John didn’t have time to join in most of the events or he had to judge them, still it was fun and too late he thought of an idea that would have been perfect for the day. A treasure hunt for new people, a contest to see who could get the most names of the people that had recently moved here, maybe next year.

At the Kaber toss, John came in second to Chaska who just couldn’t seem to be beaten at the physical events. Even Mrs. Honeywell had tried the toss in the womens division and that old woman did better than some of the young bucks to the amusement of all.

John had gone around all day trying to introduce himself to new people and when saw more in the bar as he joined the drinking contest, he introduced himself to them when the contest was over. Then Alice dragged him off the dance where he had a wonderful time. After the dance was over and they had cleaned up a little, John walked Alice home and she fumbled with her keys and asked him if he would like to come in for some coffee. John was so tempted, he sensed more than coffee was in the offing but he knew it wouldn’t be right. At least not now especially on the first date, if he walked through that door right now he thought I won’t be the same man I am now. I want it ohhh how I want it he thought to himself but if I don’t wait then all the waiting I have done up until now will be wasted. I took all the jokes in Nam and all the teasing Ramiel has given me recently maybe I should maybe if I do I will know from inside my own head not someone elses. After a long struggle with himself, John tried to tell Alice what he was feeling and make an excussed. He could tell that she was hurt and disappointed but when she grabbed him and kissed him. His head was spinning around so much that he didn’t know if he was coming or going and he walked home in a daze to find out that they had house guests.

John woke up late the next morning still wondering if he had done the right thing sure he had and equally sure that he hadn’t. Later that day Lyla disappeared and everyone went bezerk trying to find her. The next day she left a message for Ramiel

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