April Fools

Well Lyla timed it right and came back on April Fools after a day of shinanigans. It was the perfect capper to the day when John first saw her he did an almost perfect Hollywood double take and almost ran into the wall.

The next night they all met at the blood and brew for a counsil of war. Not long after the council started a Stranger walked in, well a stranger to most, she called out Ramiels name and colapsee. John rushed over to help and things went downhill from there. Rameil looked like he wanted to rip her apart and was only stopping himself because he didn’t want to get blood all over the bar. Lyla didn’t look any happier to see here. Something about a human sacrifice and a cult. John got a drink into her and her coloring improved a little.

She told a story of human scarifice and a cult of Medusa’s that ate rats but the rats were to much for them. They killed her pack and have been hounding her ever since Philidelphia.

John tried three times to read Julia’s mind, it seemed sort of slipprey for some reason. When he did get in he saw that everything she said she believed to be the absolute truth.

So he spoke up for her and defended her from the hostile crowd. It was nice to know that his word was good with his friends when he said that she believed everything she said was the truth they believed him and started planning for the invasion of the rat creatures.

After the meeting broke up, they took Julia home and John offered her his room and said he would sleep on the couch. Ramiel said that she would sleep hin his room where he could watch her all night, not really sure which way he meant that John decided to let sleeping dogs lie as long as Julia seemed ok with the arrangement.

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