Timeline: Mid-March, 2008

Ramiel had been searching in the woods for a while before he finally stumbled across Selene. He had a notebook in his hand and a pen. “Hey Selene!” he called out as he made his way down the hill.

She pulled up short and waited for him. “Hi, Ramiel. You’re quite a ways from home.”

“Yeah, well, you move fast.” He said with a smile. “I have been trying to find you, to ask you something.” He paused for a moment. “It is supposed to be surprise, but with things as they are…” Again he paused to gather his thoughts.

“Michael feels really bad, and I know I am partially at fault for the initial circumstances. So I offered to help him out. But here is my delimma. I don’t know where you want it? I hate to ruin the surprise for you, but where do you want your nursery?”

Selene just looked at him for a moment. “You’re kind to want to help out,” she said, “but you can tell Michael to go shove it up his ass.” Her pleasant smile didn’t reach her cold, angry eyes.

“There are a few things that I would like to shove up there. But I don’t think the nursery will fit. Truthfully it is something I wanted to give anyway. You are pack, and mean a lot to Lyla.

“From your statement though I take it he has not done so well in winning you back?” he asked. His expression was gentle, perhaps unseen by Selene. But Ramiel knew she might still be on edge around him after Lyla, so he was being nice.

Her laugh was more like a bark. “That would be putting it kindly. But put your idea about a nursery on hold. I haven’t decided if I’m keeping my child.”

“Oh,” Ramiel said with a saddened tone. “Is it because of what you are, or Michael? I can tell you that it will probably really hurt Michael to find out, as he is very happy to be a father.”

“He made his choice, now I have to make mine.” Selene’s voice had a vicious edge. “If I decide to give the child up, I know exactly where it will be. I will be a part of its life, and it will have two parents that can devote as much time as the child will need. I will not be treated as some afterthought, and neither will my child.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I’m supposed to be patrolling.” Selene spun on her heel to leave.

Ramiel matched her stride to keep near her side. “I can walk and talk.” He watched her body movements. To see how mad she was, then try to process what could have put her this way. Then the terrible thought occurred to him. “He did tell you he was leaving right? I had to track him down myself, left without a word. Or has he just done a poor job of trying to make things up to you? And really why are you so mad over him sleeping with someone else?”

“Yeah, he told me he was leaving, on his way out of town. Gave me some bauble and then said oh, by the way, I’m leaving. Said he’d been planning it for some time, and oh, if I wanted to tag along, I could.” Her voice shook with the hint of rage, and every motion of her body was tightly controlled. “That I could sit there, twiddle my thumbs in Maine when he was busy, and that he would try to make time for me. And why am I so angry he slept with Tara? He promised me, saying he’d be faithful to me, as I did to him. And then he hid from me, rather than being a man and owning up to what he did and try to make things right. He’s destroyed almost any faith I had in him and his promises,” Selene spat.

Ramiel hopped to the side to avoid the spit. Then fell back in step with her. “I see. He probably was not thinking about you being bored and waiting for him. He just knew how much it would mean to have you there. That maybe you would like to have a vacation and do some shopping for the baby while you were there. On him of course. Or he could be like me and simply not think beyond his own needs.” He laughed.

“No that is not it. Really the truth is that you were a surprise to him. He fell in love and then didn’t know what to do or say. He slipped up and panicked ran to the comfort of what he knew, and made things worse. Hmm. Now it seems he is sealing the casket.

“What I can not figure is why a little fucking hurts so much. His love is for only you, and to that he has been faithful. I can tell you he has turned down more attempts by Lyla and myself. It is a little game we play with him. But really, does it matter if you guys share your bodies with another? If so why, when the hardest thing to find is a love of the heart?”

“If you don’t understand the importance of a promise made in earnest, Ramiel, then I can’t explain it to you.” Selene’s pace sped up. “If he wanted me to be with him, he sure as hell didn’t say so.” And with that, she raced off into the forest.

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