Pea Green Boat (Unedited)

Timeline: March, 2008

Auburn hues of sunset filed the sky as Ramiel walked to the little cabin. His hands stretched out to the side feeling the energy that swirled around him. The day had been long, work had resumed on his store, and it took a lot to catalog stuff.

Packed away in his bag was a new bottle of aged rum, a few new books, and he carried an appetite. The cabin had been calling to him all day. Quite study in the finer arts of the Supernal was what he needed to take his mind off everything else.

The cabin was not quite when he closed the door behind him. Instead there was music playing. This was not unusual as he shared the space with Michael, who at this moment slept in his recliner.

His bag sat quietly down in his own chair. I suppose it would not be fair of me to let this chance go by without abusing it, he thought as he stood in front of Michael. After all he did toy with me in Baltimore.

Ramiel stood in front of Michael and placing a hand on each arm of the chair he leaned in and gently blew into Michael’s ear.

Michael was in a deep sleep, going from dreams of Selene, to horrors of his past, then back to that moment in Baltimore with Ramiel. Michael was dreaming of the night Lyla had him cornered, but in this dream, Lyla and Selene were both going after Michael. When Michael was brought out of the dream by the warm air caressing his ear.

As he slowly woke up, Michael uttered, “MMM… Lyla, Selene, let’s not get too rough, I’m still sore from last night.”

And as Michael opened his eyes, it took a few moments for him to realize that it was Ramiel he was looking at.

“Aren’t we the naughty boy.” Ramiel said in low sensual voice.

“Look who’s talking, pretty boy,” Michael said. “So… ummm, why are you hovering over me?”

“Why not.” He said with a smile. “If you don’t want me here move me.” He wiggled his hips in a teasing manner.

“I do have a question for you.”

“Yeees.” He said.

“Back in Baltimore, when we were kind of in the heat of the moment. You had this kind of fearful look on your face, before you stopped things so abruptly. I was curious as to the look, and why you stopped?”

Ramiel stood. “Well that is a pretty good way to get me to move touche.” Grabbing his bag he headed for the kitchen.

“I didn’t say that to get you to move,” Michael said as he got up and followed Ramiel. “I asked that question, because what happened seemed out of place for you. What happened that night to make you stop?”

“Why yes Michael I would love a drink. And you of course.” Ramiel took out two glasses and poured. “Rum on the rocks,” he said handing a glass to Michael.

Michael took the glass, and raised it saying, “Cheers.” After taking a drink, Michael continued with, “Quit trying to change the subject, Ramiel.”

“I didn’t want to rape you.” His eyes were on the floor when he said the words. His hands on the bar.

“Oh,” is all Michael said for a moment. Michael stepped up to Ramiel, and put a comforting hand on Ramiel’s shoulder. “I don’t know what to say, but that I respect you more for not wanting to rape me.”

“I would never do that to anyone. No matter what. It’s just, I didn’t want to stop. It was just a joke untIl I saw…. I knew that you would never want to take it further and that it would feel like rape to you. It triggered a long forgotten memory for me. So I got out as soon as I could.” HE downed his rum and poured another.

“To be honest, I’m not completly sure what I was feeling that night. I know at the start, we were trying to get a different response out of Rey, than the one we did. But, I don’t know…” Michael’s voice trailed off as he turned away.

“Yeah, neither do I.” He watched Michael turn away.

Michael looked back over his shoulder as he said, “But that night, I almost went further than I thought I would. At least until you stopped things.” Then Michael picked up his glass and headed back to his chair.

“Tease.” Ramiel said with a smile.

“Yeah, and you like it,” Michael said with a sly smile. “Are you going to hang out in there all night, or are you going to bring the bottle out here and join me?”

One eyebrow raised as Ramiel took the bottle in is hand. Why not? he thought. Without missing a beat he slid into Michael’s lap and topped off his glass.

Michael put one arm around Ramiel’s waist, and in one gulp, finished off his drink, letting the glass fall to the floor beside the chair. He pulled Ramiel’s shirt out of the waist of his pants, sliding his hand across Ramiel’s tight abs.

Ramiel was surprised by Michael’s’ actions. Taking a long drink from the bottle he screwed the cap back into place and let if fall to floor mirroring the glass. “I don’t know if I am up for games tonight.” His eyes were intense as he looked at Michael.

“Who said anything about games,” Michael said. Then he reached up and cupped Ramiel’s face, leaning in for a chaste kiss to his lips.

Ramiel remained still beneath his touch. He can;t be serious. What is he playing at?

“What’s the matter, Ramiel?” Michael asked. “Isn’t this what you want?”

“I don’t know what I want. But if you keep this up we might find out how far it is going to go.” His lips hovered just above Michael’s for a moment then pressed against them. The tip of his tongue teasing along his bottom lip.

Michael’s tongue was tentitive at first as it brushed the tip of Ramiel’s tongue. Then kiss became more lust filled, as Michael’s tongue slipped into explore more of Ramiel’s mouth. As the kiss progressed, Michael ran his free hand up under Ramiel’s shirt, to run across his chest. Eventually Michael teasingly pinched one of Ramiel’s nipples.

Ramiel drew back so fast that he fell to the floor. He was genuinely laughing. It was a sight that Michael had never seen before, because as he looked at him he could see a childlike innocence. It was something he never thought he could see in Ramiel.

“I’m so glad I could amuse you,” Michael said with a smile. “Are you alright?” Michael said as he started to laugh with Ramiel.

“Tickled.” Ramiel said. “You tickled me.”

“A new weapon for my arsonal then,” Michael said. Michael then pounced down on top of Ramiel, and proceeded to tickle him without mercy.

Ramiel’s body rolled with laughter and struggled beneath the weight of Michael. When he was finally able to breath again he grabbed Michael’s wrists and pulled him down to him. Putting his weight into the roll he switched their positions.

Now he had him pinned to the ground missionary style. “What are we doing here?” Ramiel’s voice was low and sultry, the deep brown of his eyes starred deep into Michael’s.

Michael’s own brown eyes looked back at Ramiel. “I’m not totally sure, but I thought we were having some fun there for a moment.”

“Were you?” Ramiel asked.

“Yes, weren’t you?” Michael asked.

Ramiel’s felt a need begin to surge through his body. Something about it, something strong and growing. He leaned down covering Michael’s body with his own. Slowly he began to kiss along his neck. Freeing Michael from his grip his hands moved beneath the now untucked t-shirt Michael was wearing. Sliding over Michael’s body.

As Ramiel kissed Michael’s neck, Michael felt his own need growing. Michael then reached over Ramiel’e back, and ripped his shirt down the middle. Michael then ran his hands over Ramiel’s exposed back. Michael brought his hands up running his fingers through Ramiel’s long, silky white hair.

A sigh escaped from Ramiel. Lifting himself he tore away Michael’s shirt. Smiling down at him lust filled his body. His jeans become cramped for space. Ramiel leaned back into MIchael, kissing him lustfully. One hand went to Michael’s pants and opened them with flawless perfection. His hand sliped inside, caressing the growing shaft.

Michael moaned as Ramiel grasped his growing member. Running both hands now through Ramiel’s hair, Michael returned the kiss, with just as much lust filled passion.

Whispering in Michael’s ear Ramiel asked,”Would you like me to make you forget women for a night?”

Suddenly Michael’s throat went dry, so he said with raspy voice, “Yes.”

Ramiel slid down Michael’s body. His hands moved ahead of his mouth as it trailed down Michael’s chest. One gently lifted while the other pulled the jeans down. Delicatly he took the hardened member into his hands, one gently rubbing his balls, the other the shaft. Ramiel then laid warm lips upon the head, and slowly slid down the rigid member. Taking him fully into his mouth.

Michael let out a deep moan, as Ramiel’s hot, moist mouth went down on him. Michael had his eyes closed tightly, as he felt the slow up and down motion of Ramiel’s mouth. As the sensations started to get to Michael, he arched his back slightly, as he almost shouted, “Fuck, that feels so good.”

Ramiel continued the motions applying more suction as he neared the head, Making sure to give special care to the small crease along the line of the head. As he moved he felt the stirring of something new inside. Ramiel had never felt this before though it was familiar.

Pausing for a moment Ramiel stood and slipped his own jeans off. Michael got a clear view of him for the first time. He was perfect. The line of his body, muscle tone, everything both beautiful and handsome at the same time. HIs own member was swollen with need, and Micheal could see he was the same nine inches he was. Ramiel was built for sex, both in body and beauty. It was if eh were created to please. Even his very touch was filled with lust.

Kneeling Ramiel removed Michael jeans the rest of the away and returned to the previous position. With a motion of his hand Ramiel retrieved a bottle, and put a little on his fingers. Before returning his attention to Michaels shaft, he said,” Tell me if this is too much.”

As Rameil’s mouth worked it’s magic, he slipped one single finger inside MIchael. SLowly and carefully.

Michael twitched at the unfamilar feeling of the invading finger. At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but then the sensations started to feel good. With the combined feelings of Ramiel’s mouth and finger action, Michael started moaning in greater pleasure.

Ramiel continued his movements, taking care not to hurt Michael. Without bringing him to climax, Ramiel sifted positions. True missionary style Ramiel kissed Michael deeply and passionately. Using his free hand to put on a condom and lubricant.

“Do you want me?” He asked in breathy and sensual voice. It rolled across the skin of Michaels ear.

Michael ran his right hand up to cup Ramiel’s cheek, and looked at him with lust in his eyes. “Yes, I want you,” Michael replied with a breathy voice. “Just be gentle with me, it’s my first time.”

Ramiel used his fingers to out extra lube on Micaheal. Then he began kissing him, and slowly very slowly, slid himself into him. Using very short movements he worked himself in and out until the pain gave way to pleasure.

Michael clung tightly to Ramiel from the initial pain of being penitrated for the first time. Michael kiss the side of Ramiel’s face, then whispered, “How do you like being the one to pop my cherry?”

He smiled. “You are delicious. And this way, you’ll remember me forever.” His hips thrust as he said the last to bring a moan from Michael.

After a few moments, Michael started to move with the rhythm of Ramiel’s motions. Michael was thursting back as Ramiel thrust foward. As they both found each others rhythm, they both started to move faster. Michael moaned out, “I didn’t think thissss could feeeel soooo goooooddd.”

“Wait until your turn.” Ramiel increased the speed of his thrusts as Michael began to throughly enjoy himself. He continued to until he climaxed. At that point he switched positions with MIchael. Ramiel spread some lube on himself while MIchael slid on the condom. Then he guided MIcheal into him. “Now fuck me!”

Michael thrust hard and deep into Ramiel, then started moving into a nice rhythm. Michael’s desire got away from his as his thrusts became harder and faster.

Ramiel’s voice was filled with a hunger that seemed unquenchable. He moved his body in motion with MIchael, his moans growing deeper and pleading for more with each movement. All the while MIchael was growing weaker.

Michael started feeling tired, as time was going on. And with one final hard thrust, Michael climaxed falling on top of Ramiel panting.

Something in Ramiel sill hungered, and continued to feed. As Micheal lay there he felt his life being drained away, while Ramiel continued to moan with delight.

“Ramiel,” Michael gasped, “what are you doing to me?”

Michael made a weak attempt to push himself away from Ramiel, but just ended up falling back down.

With a look of shock and fear in Michael’s eyes, he weakly said, “You’re killing me… Ramiel.”

Ramiel opened his eyes with a scream. Looking around it was dark in his room. He was covered in sweat and scared as hell. He moved quickly down the hall to check on MIchael. HIs room was empty. “That’s right he left for training.” He returned to his room, slowly. He had been feeling ill the last couple of days, and now this damn dream. What did it mean he wondered.

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