Dream a Little Dream

Timeline: March 9th, 2008

All the preparations were set. All Rey needed to do was drift off and find Grey’s dreams. He had been reluctant, but eventually agreed to her request. Her excitement was hard to contain.

Rey lay upon her bed and drifted into a meditative state. Not long after that Ramiel crept slowly into her room and sat in the corner, watching her. Across town Ironclaw was observing Grey. After Rey had told him she could be injured, but not badly, Grey had become extremely worried about what might happen. In this, he turned to his friends. Ramiel and Ironclaw couldn’t understand why he would agree to this. Nonetheless they agreed to help. Grey simply told them, “If I don’t let her experience this, I will lose her.”

The dreamscape was vast. Darkness and light mingled in perfect harmony, swirling together as fluid moving in a lava lamp. So many windows of light flittered about her open dreams beckoning for her to come to them. It was very tempting to reach out and drift into those open dreams. Grey, she thought. Focus on Grey. The dreams were many and changing; some dark, some light, but one stood out to her. One light stood out from the rest. It was the beautiful shade of his fur. Grey.

The forest was dark as she stood in it searching for what might be out there. She felt a presence move nearby. A deer ran past her in terror. Rey sighed relieved at what had startled her. As the sigh faded her body was slammed to the ground from the force of impact. A snarling and snapping timber wolf had her pinned to the ground.

“Grey Spirit Walker,” Rey said in First Tongue as they had arranged. “It’s me, Dream Weaver.” She lay there, passive, knowing that struggling would just make things worse.

The wolf, noticing the prey had gone still, sniffed it. After a long moment, the predator backed off. He shifted into the form of a man. Grey stood before Rey and he was much younger than the Grey she knew. “Dream Weaver you say.” He smiled and walked to her. Gripping her hair in his hand he pulled it to take her scent. It was rough and painfull. “You smell like a meal to me Dream Weaver, what will you offer me instead?”

“What a mate offers,” Rey replied, still calm. It was a dream and people rarely exist as they are awake in them. She wondered how young this Grey was. Was it before or after the events with Morgan, or did this dream self not know anything about it?

“We will see.” His hands gripped her shoulders and turned her around against a giant tree. It did not take very long before she felt him push inside her. Once he had satisfied the need, he pulled away from her. “That will do.” He started walking away. “Keep up if you don’t want something else to get you.”

Rey was sore; the lack of foreplay made it difficult, on the verge of painful. Fighting back the urge to ask him what the hell was wrong with him, she reminded herself that this was just a dream. She was seeing his very base nature, his primal instincts at work. What was it Rose and Lyla told her? Eat, sleep and fuck? She followed, not wanting to be left behind in this dangerous dream landscape.

There was a rustling in the woods. The buck froze in its path, then darted away as it sensed Grey. “Keep up,” he said as he shifted into wolfe form and took off into the darkness leaving Rey alone. As she called for Grey the dreamscape shifted. Rey was brushing her hair in her room. But looking around she did not recognize the room, but knew it was hers. An even younger Grey wrapped his arms around her, carried her to the bed and began making love to her.

Rey couldn’t help but respond, though she wondered…. “Say my name,” she whispered through their kisses. “I want to hear you say my name as you love me.”

“You’re my love,” he spoke breathlessly as he he thrust into her. “You are my mate.” His actions repeated. Gaining with each movement as her body writhed beneath his. Their moans echoing each others.

As her body was nearing the climax she felt a sharp pain as his already filling member grew another couple inches. His body grew in size and weight. As she looked, his features took on a more feral appearance. Eyes bled to those of a wolf, small fangs grew, ears slightly pointed, claws.

Grey had shifted to his Dalu form and never slowed the rhythm even as fresh blood spilled from wounds. He inhaled and let out a very low gutteral growl. His head threw back in pleasure as the rhythm became faster and rougher.

Pain was slowly beginning to edge out pleasure, and Rey tried to concentrate on the pleasure. I will not scream. I must not scream.

The scent of blood, the feel of pleasure. In Dalu, all was enhanced and his body was responding. The pressure was building in her as claws began to rip into her flesh. The simple things that Grey did with her, biting, gripping her firmly, dragging his nails across her skin. All of it showed her how much he enjoyed being with her. In this form however, the simple things became lethal. Like before when the biting became too much Rey yelled stop. But the man above her did not. The scent of fresh blood in the air mixed with sex drove him further. The taste of blood on his lips made him frenzy.

“I love you Grey,” she could hear herself saying.

Pain ravaged her body as fangs sank into her her neck. She could feel the blood soak her body. Still he tore at her all the while continuing his endless rhythm. His howls echoed in the room. He made howls Rey recognized as triumph.

Her chest was torn open with claws, arms and legs shredded, her head nearly torn off. But for Rey it was about the time she felt claws digging for her heart that the pain became too much. She felt every movement, everything was real to her. She saw the man she loved enjoy her death. Heard him rejoice in her death and his victory.

Ramiel watched as Reys body jerked as though she were being torn apart. He moved to her bedside to make sure she was ok. Surprisingly, the only thing that appeared were large bruises across her body. When she stopped moving he made sure she was still breathing and then did the only thing he could, wait.

A few hours had passed when Rey woke in her room. Ramiel was sitiing on the edge of her bed with a damp towel and water.

“You’re okay,” he said gently as he offered the water.

“Yeah,” Rey said. “Going to be sore for a while, though.” She winced as she sat up, and accepted the water from Ramiel. “I don’t think I want to experience that dream again any time soon.” She took a sip of water.

“Do you need anything else?” He asked as he placed the damp rag back into the bowl of water.

Rey nodded. “Two things. There’s an ugly green and purple bottle in the cabinet in the storage room downstairs. It’s got comfrey and aloe lotion in it. Could you bring it up to me, and then could you find Grey and let him know I’m okay?”

Ramiel did as she asked. He took a little longer to open a scrying window to deliver a note to Iron Claw as arranged. Returning to the bedroom Ramiel handed a towel and the bottle to Rey. “I can help you with that if you like.” He said as he sat back down on the bed. “I have let Grey know you are okay. I can also call John, or have him here first thing in the morning if you don’t want Grey to see those.” He motioned to the bruises that had already turned a shade of purple.

“Grey won’t be too happy if he sees them,” Rey agreed. “If he remembers the dream, it will just make things worse. But Hamilton can heal the bruises. I really don’t want to explain to John about what happened.” She handed the bottle to Ramiel. “Thank you,” she said softly. “For being here, and for offering to help.”

He took the bottle and began to rub the ointment over the bruises. “John would most definitely be asking questions. As for being here, Grey asked me to be. And I am glad to be.”

“Well, regardless of the reason you’re here, I still want to say thank you.” Rey squeezed some lotion into her hand and started to rub it on her arms. “He was really worried, wasn’t he.”

“He was. So was I actually. I was concerned for both of you. I know it is a private matter, but I couldn’t help it when Grey asked.” He made sure he covered all the bruises with the lotion without it being sexual.

Hamilton, please come heal these bruises. I don’t want Grey to see them.

Rey leaned forward and gave Ramiel a gentle, sisterly kiss on the cheek. “No need to apologize, Ramiel. I’d have felt the same way, if the situation were reversed.” She smiled. “You know I love you, right? Like a brother.”

He smiled widely.”You better with as much as I am holding back while running my hands over this delicious body of yours.”

“You know, the day you stop talking to me like that is the day I wonder where the pod person came from.” She smiled. “And it’s a good thing Grey knows and trusts you, otherwise comments like that will not get you invited for Christmas dinner.”

“Do you not trust me little one?” His eyes held the sincerity f his words.

“Ramiel, if I did not trust you, you wouldn’t be here, now, rubbing lotion on me. I would not have asked you to go with me to Baltimore. Nor would I be trying to gather the courage to tell you what Daniel learned about my past.”

Hamilton came and began licking the bruises. “What are you having trouble telling me?” Ramiel moved a little so hamilton could reach all the bruises. “All of it,” Rey admitted. “I haven’t told anyone yet. Not even Grey.”

“You can tell me when you are ready. No hurry.” He smiled. “Hey, you mind if I crash here tonight? I will take the couch.”

“There’s spare blankets and pillows in the store room downstairs.” She smiled. “The quilt over the back of the couch shouldn’t have too much cat hair on it. There’s even one of those Aero bed things if you’d rather have that.”

Leaning in, Ramiel kissed her forhead. Then he stretched as he headed for the door. Turning he said, “Get some rest now. Grey will be by in the morning I am sure. He is a man after all, so right now he is probably asleep. Tomorrow I will be surprised if he remembers anything at all. You get to decide how much you tell him. Sleep well little one.” With that he closed the door behind him.

Early morning came to find Grey in bed next to Rey. It wasn’t unusual for him to be in and out during the night. sThis night was no different. He must have woke up and gone hunting then returned here for the next nap. Uratha keep very strange schedules, if they can even be called that.

Rey watched him sleep for a while and wondered if he did remember anything of last night’s dreams. Her own sleep had been restless afterward. She still hurt, as there were some bruises Hamilton had not been able to heal because he couldn’t reach them.

She leaned in and brushed his lips with hers for a gentle kiss.

“Morning. Go back to sleep, love.” She gave him another quick kiss. “I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready to get up.”

“Kay.” He passed out and snuggled into his pillow.

Downstairs, Rey found Ramiel in the kitchen mixing pancakes. He was inteh middle of preperations, eggs out, bacon and of course the pancakes. “You caught me. I was going to make some breakfast for you guys and then go. But you are already down here. How do you feel?”

“Pretty good. Grey’s still asleep, though. He’s really tired.” Rey ran her fingers through her hair, soothing out her bed-head. “Did you and Grey talk when he arrived?”

Seeing the concern in her eyes, Ramiel decided now was not the time to tease. “Yup.” He began frying the bacon.”He was a little worried when he saw I was still here. But then I reminded him it was three in the morning, and some of us need regular sleep. He got the note I sent and so he went hunting. So the answer to your question is no, he doesn’t seem to remember his dreams and no I did not tell him what happened.” He smiled and flipped the bacon.

“I didn’t think you would,” she said softly, satisfied that Grey was okay. She went to the fridge to get herself a glass of juice. “Don’t cook too much. Grey won’t be awake for at least another hour or two.”

“I think you might be underestimating the power of food.” He smiled as Grey padded down the stairs sniffing the air.

“Do I smell bacon?” He asked in a tired voice. Rey just shook her head and chuckled. “Yes, you smell bacon. And there’s going to be eggs and pancakes, care of Ramiel.” She snagged a piece of bacon from the plate and held it up, offering to feed it to him.

Ramiel laughed and turned his attention back to the food giving them some privacy.

Grey happily took the bacon and licked her fingers clean before giving her a morning kiss and hug. She returned the affection. “Good hunting this morning?”

“Yeah. How about you? Are you having a good morning?” He asked as he looked deep into her eyes.

“Yup.” Rey held his gaze, knowing that he’d see she was telling the truth. “A bit sore, but nothing that a couple of ibuprofen can’t handle.”

“You are okay then? I can’t remember anything from my dreams but I know I had them. Whatever happened, I woke up fealing great, and starving. That is why I had to go hunting. Track and kill,” he said with a smile.

“I’m not surprised.” For the briefest of moments, there was a hint of sadness in Rey’s smile. “Go fill your plate. There’s some juice in the fridge, if you want some.”

Grey did so happily. Ramiel gave Rey a hug and took off. “Thanks for letting me crash here.” With a smile he was gone.Rey saw there was a plate fixed for her as well, he had even cleaned up as he went along. “Wahv u mehn?” a very full mouth asked.

She looked at him, puzzled for a moment. “Pardon me? Oh, what did I mean?” Rey reached for her plate. “You dreamed about hunting deer.”

“Oh.” He took a drink of juice. “Is that all I dreamt of? Were you able to find it? I guess did it work, did you get what you were after? No injuries?” He asked looking at her trying to see if she had been hurt.

“Yes, I was able to find your dreams,” Rey answered, smiling at the memory of looking for it. “The dreams of everyone around here were like little points of light. Yours was the same, gorgeous color of your fur.” She picked up a piece of bacon and ate it. “And no, that wasn’t the only thing you dreamed about. Your dream self helped me find what I was looking for. And you won’t see any bruises. Hamilton healed all the ones he could.”

He stopped eating and went to her. He turned her around making sure she was okay. “What happened that you needed healed?”

“I told you,” Rey said gently. “Bruises. Just bruises. I had Hamilton heal them because I didn’t want to have to explain to everyone what happened.” She opened the robe she wore over the shorts and sports bra she’d slept in. “See? I’m fine.” Rey knew that probably wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but hoped he wouldn’t press the issue.

Seemingly satisfied with that he sat bak down. “What happened?”

Rey sat down, but left her robe open. “You have to remember, it was just a dream. You didn’t know it was me. I was just playing a role in it.” She lifted her fork, but put it down again. “I had hoped to find a dream you’d had about me, but instead, I’d found an old dream. About Morgan.”

“I knew I should not have agreed to it. Are you sure you are okay? I mean if you were injured there is only one dream you could have ventured into, and it was a nightmare. I am so sorry you saw that — no!” His eyes grew wide in terror. “Oh, god you…….you lived it!”

Rey slipped out of her seat and walked over to Grey. “Yeah, I did.” She put her arms around him loosely. “No nookie for a couple of days until those bruises heal. But otherwise I’m just fine. You can search every inch of my body if you want to, if you want to be sure.”

Grey looked horrified. He pushed his plate away and went to the restroom. Sounds of food hitting water echoed through the room.

Rey returned to her seat and stared at her food. Hearing the sounds from the bathroom made her realize that there was something wrong. She should be feeling horrified at what happened, but she felt okay. No, not okay. Numb. Her stomach roiled.

She picked up her plate and carried it to the sink. Scraping the remains of her breakfast into the trash, she turned the water on to rinse the plate. The warm liquid ran over her hand. Blood soaked her body, and claws tore town her arm, shredding her flesh.

Rey’s plate fell to the floor, slipping out of her nerveless fingers, smashing into countless pieces. She collapsed in a heap on the floor, shaking uncontrollably.

Seeing her on the floor Grey spoke quietly. “This was a mistake.” He moved to her and slowly touched her shoulder.

Rey started and looked at him, the memory of the pain in her eyes. But she knew which Grey she was looking at. “Hold me. Please hold me,” she pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper.

“How can you stand to look at me let alone want me to touch you?” his voice edged with anger.

Rey just stared at him, and then her own anger flared to life. “You didn’t know it was me, Grey. You didn’t recognize me when I arrived in your dreams. When I appeared in your nightmare, I found myself wearing Morgan’s face. Hell, I thought I was Morgan.”

“It doesn’t matter if it was you or her. I didn’t change. Me the one who did the ripping, the one who enjoyed it. You saw and lived through it.Jesus that she had livd what would she have thought, probably feel just as sick and scared as you do right now. Did you feel what it was like to have your lover tear you apart knowing that he was killing not only you, but your baby?” He was not yelling but his voice was tense.

“Yes, I did. Every moment, from when you took me into your arms and we started to make love, to when you shifted to Dalu, to the very end of it all.” Her own voice had calmed. “But I went into your dreams, knowing that it could happen. Prepared for it to happen. And Grey, you’ve got it wrong. I’m not scared. Not of you. I knew what happened, and now I know why.”

“What difference does it make WHY?” his voice was starting to raise.

“Because until now, I was too stubborn to believe that we couldn’t find some way to make it safer for me to make love with you while you are in Dalu form. Knowing why it happened has convinced me to finally let it go.” Rey shook her head, and her eyes dropped to the floor to look at the smashed plate. “I won’t push anymore. I’m sorry.”

“Not as sorry as I am.” The food was an eyesore as he stood up. “I’m gonna have to apologize to Ramiel.Such a waste.” He muttered as he threw out the food.

Turning to Rey, he helped her up from the floor. Kissing her gently on the forehead he winced. Memories were filling his mind again, but this time he saw Rey’s shredded body beneath him. It was her blood that soaked his body. “I am going to need some time here. So I am just going to go now, okay.” It wasn’t a question and his voice felt hollow as he uttered the words. It was too much for him to think of, he regretted giving her what she so desperately wanted. He let it go too far and now he just needed space.

“Okay.” Rey’s voice was gentle. “I’ll see you when you get back.” She didn’t ask when he’d be back, or demand he stay in touch. Just trusted that he would return to her when he was ready, and that she’d wait for him, no matter how long it took.

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