Everything a Wolf Could Want

Timeline: March 7th, 2008

The nights had been long in passing since Grey left. Over five days ago, Grey had gone into shadow. Rey had asked around but no one seemed to have seen him except for Ironclaw and Ramiel. Ramiel had told her to give him time; it would be fine he said. Unusually caring of Ramiel, she thought.

The days were slowly getting warmer and Rey’s mind kept going over all the things she could be doing with Grey. It was on a particularly warm night, a night when the cool spring air was able to drift through open windows again, that Rey was woke from a restless sleep by a presence in her room.

She tensed and her hands tightened on the red robe she was holding. Rey raised her head to look around in the darkness.

As she looked she could see a distinct shadow sitting in the corner. The outline of a wolf watched her from the darkness. Rey sat up, clutching the robe in front of her like a shield. “Grey?” Her voice was tentative, hoping it wasn’t just another dream.

She could make out movement as the shadow grew, and took on human form. The figure moved to the bed and turned on the lamp next to it. Grey sat down on the edge of the bed. “Yeah. It’s me.” His voice was calm as he looked at her clutching his robe.

Rey realized what she was doing with the robe and set it down in her lap. She had so many questions, so many things she wanted, needed, to say, but she buried them deep. “Hi.” God, that was a stupid thing to say.

He smiled. “Hi.” He repeated. “Mind if I take that?” he asked as he reached for the robe.”

Rey held it out to him. She’d slept with it every night he’d been gone, held it almost every moment she was home and awake. It was stained with her tears, and she couldn’t bring herself to wash it because it would have lost his scent.

“On second thought..” He paused seeing the condition of the robe. His hand moved past the robe and took Rey by the arm. In one motion, he pulled her to him and stood. His arms were warm as they wrapped around her. Grey carried her to the shower and turned the water on. “I owe you an explanation, and an apology. First though, I thought maybe we could redo this scene, and have it end better.” He said stepping into the shower. He guided her legs to wrap around his torso. Standing so the water was hitting his back adn not in her eyes Grey kissed Rey gently.

The tension in Rey’s body fled and she relaxed into him. Her lips parted and she returned his kiss with joy.

He held her close, rejoicing in her scent and the feel of her body. He let the waters wash away the tension and worry he had been carrying for nearly a week.

Once done and dried off he wrapped a towel around his waist. Smiling he asked. “Got any food?”

“Of course.” She finished tying the belt of her robe and led him downstairs. Rey had eaten next to nothing over the past few days, so there was far more in her fridge and pantry than there normally would have been just before a shopping day. “Help yourself,” she said, getting herself a glass of water.

Grey noticed she had lost some weight as he held her. He knew it was his fault for staying gone, too. “I’m not eating unless you do.” He said as he took the food out of the fridge.

Rey nodded as she sipped from her glass.
As he prepped some vegies and chicken he watched Rey closely. “You deserve an explanation.” He said as he set the food down on the counter. Taking a seat next to her he held her hand in his. “I am both sorry and not for my actions. I have been trying to figure out what to do, what to say, how to say it. So all I can be here is honest and hope that you still want me with you.”

He took a moment to collect his thoughts. “You were pushing, I feel for good resons. I know you never intended anything bad. We Uratha feel everything at a more intense level than humans. I am sorry if I seemed to overreact to you. For that and leaving you alone without word for so long, I am sorry. I am not sorry however for acting as I did. You mean too much to me for that.

“You also need to know why I reacted that way.” Again he paused to collect his words. “Her name was Morgan, and I loved her. It was well after my first change when we met and I had been in several sexual relationships since the change.

“She, like you, was curious about Dalu. She wanted to please me and did not like that I was not feeling as much as she did when we were together. We started with small things. I would shift and she would please me without actually going all the way. Eventually we did. It was our two year anniversary and she had planned a very special night. She had a surprise for me, she had said.” His voice choked and he took a moment to recompose himself.

“We made love that night and she asked me to shift into Dalu. She wanted me to experience her as she did me. The thought also turned her on as well. I did and things went well for a while. Then as it got ruff she screamed, and it was to late. I tore her apart.” His head hung low. “I ripped her apart as she writhed and screamed beneath me, calling my name. I bathed inher her blood. The only thing that stopped me from eating her was Ironclaw. He was nearby and heard the screams, and my howl.” Grey looked at Rey with tears in his eyes.

“I found out that her surprise for me was that she was pregnant. It was in the gift.”

“I tore apart my mate and child and it was the most satisfying thing I have ever felt.”

Rey sat there, looking at him without saying a word. Part of her was horrified at what had happened. Another part of her, strangely, understood what had happened, and why. But it was the past. That was something that both Hamilton and Grey had told her. That pain was still with him, and would probably never go away. She knew what she was going to say would have a lasting, powerful effect on him. She knew the risks when she decided she wanted to be with him.

With careful, deliberate actions, she set her glass down on the counter and moved to stand in front of him. “I do not think you overreacted. I followed you to the Old Tree to find you had slipped into Shadow. If Ironclaw and Ramiel hadn’t told me they’d seen you, I’d have been a complete wreck. As it was, I thought I’d lost you, pushed you away.

“Yes, what you did was horrific. But I understand it, the way you felt.” She laid a finger over his lips when she thought he was about to interrupt. “I know how good it feels, inflicting pain. I’ve beaten people unconscious, and if I have a weapon in my hands…” She paused, not wanting to continue on that train of thought.

“I cannot and will not pretend to know what you go through, the intensity of it. My curiosity aside, I know we should not go down that path.” Rey wrapped her arms around Grey and pressed her soft body against him, but still looked at his face. “What happened is in the past, and we can’t change that. All we can do is work towards our future. You can start,” she said with a slight grin, “by feeding me supper.” Her face softened with the love she felt for him. “And if you want to make a child with me, take the patch off my rear before dessert.”

Grey held her in silence for a long moment. The kind that took an eternity to pass. “I wasn’t going to come back, I didn’t want to even risk being near you. I saw the intensity in your eyes when you asked to see me in Dalu, and my body tightened with the desire to share that with you. It is something that I would very much want. But I am far to scared to risk you. That is why I would stay away.

“I stayed in Shadow for much of the time, save a few hours I spent with the boys. I could barely focus to think about you. I talked to the guys, and with pointing out the obvious, I knew I had to come back. I need you in my life.

“What you just said to me proves it. You are unlike anyone I have ever been with. You are so patient and understanding with me. I know I don’t deserve you, but I want you, and I need you. With you there is nothing I can not overcome, even maybe one day Dalu. I know it excites you, and admittedly me. I have gained a lot of control since then. Plus precautions can be taken.

“Dinner I will be happy to feed you. As for the other, you have a lot of life to experience before that happens. You honor me though, to say you would have our child.” He kissed her, running his hands over her back. “For now let’s enjoy each other, before taking that step.”

“Okay,” was the only think she could think of to say under the weight of what he’d told her. She looked over at the stove and counter, then back at Grey. “I don’t feel like washing dishes. Why don’t we just use each other as plates?”

“Guess it is cold chicken then,” he said with a smile. He picked her up and hugged her tightly. Then he laid her out on the bar and started to portion food onto her.

“There’s some barbecue sauce in the fridge,” Rey said. “And I think there are some dipping sauces too. Honey mustard should be there. Some teriyaki and plum sauce too, though you probably ought to warm that up a bit first. And there should be an almost full bottle of ranch dressing on the fridge door.” She couldn’t help but grin at that. “And not the store bought stuff either. I made it from scratch.”

His eyes lit up and he went for the ranch. Sitting back down he poured it over her breasts. “You know you have me addicted to this stuff.” He dipped some of the veggies in the ranch, gliding it over her body and happily ate. He would take a piece for himself then feed Rey what she wanted.

“Do you want me to stop making it?” she asked with a smile. She idly swirled a finger around aureole of her right breast, imagining it was his tongue. Her nipples hardened immediately and she held her finger out to him to lick clean.

He took her finger into his mouth. The warmth of his lips wrapping around it as he gently sucked the dressing away. “And miss out on this?” He leaned over and teasingly licked her nipple. He bit softly on the erect tissue.

Rey made a little noise of pleasure and she felt a familiar tightening sensation on her groin. “Mmmm. Good. Because I’ve got ideas for all kinds of variations. Bacon ranch, roasted garlic ranch, peppercorn ranch…” She stretched, arching her back slightly, and put her hands behind her head, turning her torso slightly more towards him. “Caramelized onion ranch. Lots and lots of ideas.”

Grey laughed and scooped her up in his arms. “I have decided that food can wait,” he said as he carried her over to the floor in front of the fireplace. “Let’s heat things up,” he said as he started a fire.

“What do you have in mind?” Rey asked as she reached out and gave the towel around his waist a playful tug.

“Taking a cue from Barry White. I’m gonna lay you down and make love by the fire.” He smiled as the fire took off. “I think that is the song anyway.”

“I have no problem with that,” Rey said with a soft laugh. “Unfortunately, my CD collection right now consists of the CD’s Lyla gave me at Christmas, some stuff I got for free off the internet, and the Iroquois sacred music set I bought a couple weeks ago.”

His eyebrows raised. “Sacred music. Really?”

“Yeah. It came with a book that talks about the music, how it fit into the lives of the Iroquois in the past, and what’s being done with it today.” She felt a bit embarrassed, like a kid with her hand being caught in the cookie jar. “I thought it would be a good thing to learn about your people’s past.”

Once the fore was crackling nicely he joined her on the floor. Tracing the contour of her breast gave him insurmountable joy. “I will be happy to help you with that.”

“With my breast?” Rey asked with a mischievous grin, “or with learning about your people?”

“One now one later, your choice.” he said.

“Well, I do have this stuff all over me,” she replied. She scooped some dressing off her breasts and drew a wavy line with it downwards, stopping just short of her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

He traced the line she drew with his tongue.

On impulse, she got some more dressing on a finger and smeared it on her wet lower lips, then held her breath in anticipation.

He was all to eager too fulfill her desire and where her hand trailed he followed.

By the time he was finished making sure he’d gotten every last drop, Rey was quivering with desire. Her mouth was dry and her breathing shallow. He’d eaten her out before, but never with such dedication and enthusiasm. “On your back,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

He did as she asked without question.

Rey moved between his powerful thighs and leaned forward, rubbing her breasts over his huge erection, smearing the last of the ranch dressing over him. She looked up at him along the length of his body, her mouth so close to his head that her hot breath caressed him. “Did I ever tell you I love ranch dressing too?”

With that, she devoted herself to cleaning him off with the same care he had her. Taking her time, she explored every fold and vein with her tongue, ensuring not a speck remained.

His breathing became rapid. “Make sure you get it all.”

“I think I have.” She teased the ridges of his head with her tongue, watching his face with eyes burning with love and lust. “But let’s be on the safe side.” Rey put her mouth on the tip of him, then slowly parted her lips as she took him in her mouth.

She stopped when the bulbous head was in her mouth and sucked on it, lathing and teasing it with her tongue, all the while keeping her eyes locked on his.

He stayed focused on her not wanting to miss a moment of what she was doing.

Rey continued as she had started, taking him bit by bit. Her eyelids fluttered and she let out a little moan when he reached the back of her throat. She tilted her head slightly and, with a slow, deliberate movement, grasped the base of his shaft and slipped him into her throat and swallowed him deep.

So many things went through his mind, non of it audible. His eyes fluttered with sensations too great to conatin. Too pleasurable to make sense. A low moan came from deep within him.

Rey withdrew slowly, until her lips reached his head, then slid him deep into her throat again, her hands embracing his shaft where her mouth could not. She repeated it over and over again at the same excruciatingly slow speed. If he moved his hips, she’d stop and press him back down onto the floor with her hands before starting again.

When his breathing was ragged and she could feel the tension in his body from the strain of staying still, she let him slip completely out of her mouth. “Do you think I got it all?” she asked, her voice rough and heavy. Her own body ached for him for him to fill her, so much it almost hurt.

He moved his head rapidly up and down. Unable to speak. He extended his hands to her without moving his body. He used them to guide her up onto him so he could kiss her. “Yeah.”

“Good.” She gave his lower lip a firm, but playful nip as she slipped out of his embrace and onto all fours over him. Taking his hands in hers, she went up onto her knees and brushed against him once, then a second time. She stopped partway through a third, pushing down just enough so that his penis started to part her flesh. Fighting against the need to just impale herself on him, she stayed there for a moment before speaking. “How much do you want this, Grey. Want me to ride and writhe above you?”

His heart paused as the rush of excitment filled his body.Unsure if he could speak he let out a long pleasured sigh.”I want you Rey. I want to see you ride me. I want to see you cum.”

Before the last word finished leaving his lips, she lowered herself onto him. She moved even more slowly than when she’d taken him into her mouth. Her eyes fell half closed and little tremors of pleasure shook her. Rey’s gasp turned into a low moan. She shuddered, and Grey felt something flutter inside her.

“Touch me,” she demanded, releasing his hands. She moved slowly, seeking the perfect angle and rhythm to create the most pleasure for both of them.

His hands traced up her back to caress every inch of her skin. To feel her hips sway in perfect motion.

She’d found the angle and rhythm, but soon it wasn’t enough. Rey increased the pace. Her body moved in sinuous waves, whimpers of need and pleasure emerging louder and louder from her mouth. She moaned his name as the motion of her hips became frantic. “Oh god. I’m… so close…. So close….”

Her motion and the sound of her voice made him fall into the same rythm she did. As her body began to spasm with orgasm his body rose to meet her need to fill her with the warmth of his own climax. Rey shuddered and shook as she screamed his name. She fell forward, hands on either side of his shoulders. Capturing his mouth, she tried to kiss him but she couldn’t. A second wave of pleasure crashed through her and she rode it, and Grey, until there was nothing left.

Grey grabbed her and rolled over onto his side, spooning her and wrapping his body around hers. “I take it I am forgiven.” He asked as he kissed her neck.

“Yeah,” she said, her throat sore. “Just don’t do it again.” Rey sighed, contentment and satisfaction practically oozing from her pores. “But if make up sex is going to be like this every time, you can be naughty and then apologize as often as you want.” She chuckled then winced. “Though maybe not quite so much screaming next time. If I’m not careful, I’m gonna lose my voice.”

“I have a new goal then.” Grey whispered as he fell asleep holding her.

Rey lay there in the shelter of his arms, watching the flames in the fireplace. She’d almost lost him, but he came back to her. She shifted slightly, and Grey’s hand moved to cup her breast possessively. Rey smiled and soon, she too slept.

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