Where We Come From

Timeline: March 1st, 2008

Ironclaw looked back at her, nodded his head, and disappeared into the trees.

She stood there for a moment, then picked up the axe by the door. There really wasn’t any need to split wood, she had more than enough, but she tried to do it for at least half an hour each day. It helped with her upper body strength. While she wasn’t about to win any arm wrestling contents, she liked the definition and tone it was giving her.

“I think I am channeling Ramiel because my mind went south. Seeing you bent over wood like that.” Grey’s warm friendly smile welcomed her as she turned.

Rey chuckled and wiped the sweat from her face with the sleeve of her jean jacket. “Got an urge to do some splitting, have we?” She swung the ax, burying it safely into a log before holding out her arms to him.

“Well if you insist who am I to turn down the invite.” His smile said more than words did.

“Want me even if I’m all sweaty and stinky, hm?” She leaned into him for a kiss.

He planted a big one on her. Then wrinkled his nose. “Oh god you smell horrid. Foul thing into the shower.” He laughed as he picked her up and carried her into the house.

“Foul, am I?” Rey said in mock outrage. She pulled herself up in his arms and rubbed her sweaty face and neck over his. “There. Now you have to take a shower too.”

“I think you are manipulating me here. Somehow.” He smiled as he stripped off his clothes. Then turned to her and took hers off as well. The shower was cozy but room enough to move around in. He lathered up his hands and began washing her.

“I haven’t begun to manipulate you.” Her grin was as wicked as it was wide. She reached between their bodies and took his balls in her hand, giving them a firm but gentle squeeze.

“Oh you think so.” He said as he mimicked her by tacking her breasts into his hands.

“Yup.” She took the container of body wash off the wire rack and handed it to him with one hand while she massaged him with the other. “I thought you decided I needed to be washed?”

“Yeah. Stinky, you need a good scrubbing.” He took the soap and washed her from had to foot. “Now what mistress?”

Rey raised an eyebrow. “Mistress?”

He laughed. “You seem to have gone all dominatrix on me. So I thought it was appropriate.”

“Do you like that?” Rey asked, curious.

“I’m no prey.” He said sternly.

Rey’s eyes widened. “Of course not. I would never….”

He ran his hands over her hair. “I know. Sorry. It is a very difficult thing to fight. Even to give you pleasure. Is it something you are interested in?”

“Well, the thought of you tied up and completely at my mercy does have a certain appeal,” Rey admitted, her cheeks a pale pink, “I don’t think I’d make a good dominatrix. I like sharing and playing together much better.”

Grey stepped out of the shower and toweled dry. “Good,” he siad.

“I’m sorry,” Rey whispered, bowing her head and lowering her eyes to the floor. She stepped under the fall of water from the shower head to finish rinsing her hair.

He turned to her in surprise. “No, don’t do that.” He pulled her out of the shower once she was done and took her into his arms. “Don’t be sorry. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.” Grey could see anger in her eyes, but it was all turned inward on herself. “I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to be in complete control once, where I could do anything I wanted to you to bring you pleasure and all you could do was lie there and take it until I set you free and we both share in the result. I never thought about how the idea of being restrained would make you feel. You’d never, ever be meat to me.”

“Would you feel better if I said I would try?” he asked.

She shook her head, but the anger was fading. “No, because I would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable or against your nature. Nor would I ever ask you to do something I wouldn’t do, and the thought of being tied up doesn’t appeal to me.” The faintest hint of a smile graced her face. “It was only an idle thought. All my serious fantasies involve being chased, or fought for or over and me giving you your reward when you win.”

“So now I have to fight someone over you. Hmm don’t ask for much. ” He teased her.”Now that I have ruined the mood what would you like to do?”

“Well, we could play strip poker, but we’re already naked.” She grinned. “If you think I’m smelling sweeter than when you first arrived, how about a massage?”

“I would love one. Thanks.” He happily walked to the bed and sprawled.

Rey laughed, and retrieved a bottle of massage oil from a storage bin labeled “Rey’s Toys” in what looked like Lyla’s handwriting. Still chuckling, she squeezed an amount of the oil into her hands, spread it over them then started on Grey’s shoulders.

“MMmmmm.” His muscles relaxed at her touch. “You are good with your hands. Have I told you that?”

“No, you haven’t.” She smiled, and continued her work. Her fingers moved upwards, kneading the tendons in his neck with long, sure strokes up to the base of his skull, soothing away all the tension.

Once she was satisfied with her work there, she moved back down to his shoulders and arms. She concentrated on each muscle group, seeking out sore spots and tiny knots Grey hadn’t realized he had and soothing them away.

“How long can you keep this up.” He asked with a smile.

“That depends.”

“On?” he mused.

Her hands slid firmly along the muscles of his ass, ending with her thumbs massaging his sacrum. “Whether or not you’ll return the favor.”

“Oh I think I can handle running my hands over you.” He moved himself into position and massaged her with the same care she was giving him.

“Okay, pretend you hear extremely contended purrs. Or growls,” Rey said. “Your choice.” She loved to watch his face, especially his eyes, when they did things like this. Gave each other pleasure, whether sexual or otherwise.

“Ironclaw dropped by earlier.” She regretted the words as soon as they came out of her mouth, because it would lead to a subject that Grey probably didn’t want to talk about. “A “I care about you and want to make sure you’re safe” kind of visit.”

“That is unusual. What was he checking on?” He was confused as he asked.

“He wanted to make sure I knew not to encourage you to shift forms while we’re having sex, or to encourage sex while you’re in Dalu form.” She shrugged. “I don’t think he knew Rose and Lyla had already had that talk with me.”

“I see.” Grey tensed at the mention of Dalu. “What did they say to you?” He asked hesitantly.

“That there was a chance you might shift to Dalu and to be prepared for it to happen. To not pursue a relationship with you if I couldn’t handle it if you did shift while we were having sex, because if I freaked out, it would scar you emotionally. That in Dalu form everything is so much more intense; sensations, emotions, everything. That Uratha after their First Change could become so overwhelmed that they kill their mates during sex, but Rose was confident that your control was far better than that of a cub. And even then, there was a chance I could get hurt, because Uratha are so much stronger in their Dalu form.” Rey smiled. “I thought you were worth that risk.”

“No,” he said. His body had reacted to what she said as well. He tensed and his excitement faded. He got up from the bed an put on a robe. “They are truthful. We sense more in that form. But get whatever ideas you might have out of your head. I know you have talked about it before, but please don’t.”

“I talk about a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean I’ll do them,” Rey said with a shake of her head. “I didn’t mean I’d risk my life by encouraging you to shift or having sex while you were in Dalu form. What I meant was I am willing accept that a change could happen.” She paused for a moment and then continued. “Ironclaw said this morning he wanted to make sure I knew how dangerous it could be, that it should have been our Lupa’s job to tell me about this, or Rose’s, but they don’t know your history.”

“No they don’t know my history. Nor will they.” He put his hands on her shoulders. “I would rather you didn’t know my history either. But knowing Ironclaw he told you, because he felt he needed to because I wouldn’t. You might be willing to risk it, but as much as I want to I won’t.”

Rey was surprised to feel a twinge of disappointment. “I understand.” He wants this, Rey. At the very least you should try. “Will you let me see you, all of you, in your Dalu form? Please? I promise I won’t touch you or do anything to start anything.”

Grey moved away from her and headed for the door. He turned in the doorway to face her, wolven eyes filled with unshed tears. “You just don’t get it. It’s not about you. If I do that I will kill you and enjoy it!” His words were a mix of anger and regret. He vanished trhough the door.

“Grey, wait.” She scrambled off the bed to follow him.

Rey could see the robe he was wearing halfway down the stairs. Following the path her front door was open. As she stood in teh doorway she could hear the anguished howl of a timberwolf echo in the distance.

Hamilton, find Grey. Find him and lead me to him. Rey pulled on the nearest clothes, grabbed a flashlight, and walked out into the night. I have to find him.

The night wind chilled her to the bone as Rey walked out intot he woods following her little cat. The trail ended at the old tree locus. However Grey was not inside.

I believe Miss, that he has gone into shadow. her familiar spoke to her in a quiet fashion.

The sound of snapping branches made Rey turn to see what was behind her. Hamilton arched his back and fluffed out his tail.

“You won’t find him here.” Rey’s pulse eased as the shadow came into view. Ironclaw stood between her and the exit. His voice was low and stern.

“I know.” Rey’s voice was soft, and heavy with disappointment and anger at herself for what she had done. “I won’t follow him.” She sank to the ground, utterly miserable.

Iron-claw sighed. His large arms crossed over his chest. He watched her and debated what he wanted to say. “I guess you finally learned this lesson. I suggest you go home.”

Rey nodded without a word. She loved Grey so much, and all she’s managed to do was screw things up. She’d never wanted to hurt him, but her and her stupid need to learn, to help him, that’s all she’d done today.

She scooped Hamilton up into her arms and headed back out into the night. Lead me home, Hamilton.

As Rey walked through the woods with her tiny friend in he arms she could hear the rustling of padded feet following her. As se stopped to look in hope that it might be Grey she saw the familiar outline of Ironclaw. He followed her in silence back to the cabin.

She mounted the steps to the porch and walked into the cabin, leaving the door open behind her. Setting Hamilton down, Rey picked up Grey’s robe and walked over to the couch by the fireplace. Clutching the garment to her chest, she curled up around it on the couch and succumbed to the tears she’d been holding back on the trek home.

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