The Selene Project

Timeline: The morning of Feb. 25th, 2008

Michael was pacing inside his and Ramiel’s sanctum, thinking of what he was going to do to win Selene back. Ramiel had asked him to meet this morning at the sanctom. So that was what Michael was doing, waiting for Ramiel.

“You can stop worrying. I’m here and I have porn and video games. Choose your poison.” Ramiel had two large paper bags in his arms as he entered.

Michael stopped his pacing, “What?! How is porn and video games going to help?” Michael sighed heavily, then asked, “What bright ideas do you have for solving my problem?”

“Well if you have to know porn and video games relax you. Not as much as sex but that is what got you here in the first place. I don’t know why she cares anyway. Uratha let you know up front that being mates is temporary anyway. For as long as they want. It is not like she wants a life partner or a marriage from it. Who cares if you sleep around and have fun?

“But this seems to torment you enough. So the plan is this. We crash here today and have some fun while we plan out your groveling. We will start with the little things that get taken for granted. Lyla is on re-con for that info. Then we will move onto spoiling, pampering, and worshiping.”

“Okay then, let’s see what you brought,” Michael said.

Ramiel emptied the contents of the bags. A vast array of porn, beer, and shooter games. “Choose, then we can get started.”

Michael started to looking through all of what Ramiel brought. “Hhmm… interesting titles. Big Bubble-butt Cheerleaders 7, Bi-Mistake, Pirates, you got quite the collection of porn here Ramiel. How about a good old pirate movie,” Michael said as he handed Ramiel the DVD.

“Um de arrr, maytee.” Ramiel put the movie in and disappeared into the kitchen. Within moments he was back with food and beer. He took his shoes off, and sat on the couch.

“Do you know her favorites?” He asked as the credits ran.

“Selene’s favorites? I can’t say that I do,” Michael said. Michael grabbed a beer, and got comfortable on the couch as well.

“Tell me. Why do you want her back?” He asked as he opened a bottle. “Honest answer.”

“An honest answer? Very well, the honest answer is, love. I truly love Selene. And the reason that I want her back, is so that I can make it up to her, for what happened with Tara.”

“Well there is no way to apologize for what you did. The only thing to do is hope to win her good graces again. Hope that she can move past her hang ups. Once you love them you are fucked. So let the groveling begin. Have you apologized?” Ramiel was sitting indian style in the corner of the couch. watching both the opening sex scene and Michael.

“Okay, so I’m fucked,” Michael stated. “As for apologizing, I can’t remember, I was really exhausted the night she tracked me down, and we had our talk.” Michael then got distracted by one of the sex scences going on in the movie.

“Okay, so I’m fucked,” Michael stated. “As for apologizing, I can’t remember, I was really exhausted the night she tracked me down, and we had our talk.” Michael then got distracted by one of the sex scences going on in the movie.

“Yeah I’m fucked too. Lyla.” His eyes followed the movements on the screen.” First step then is an apology that you mean. She is the focus of your attention and energy for this. You will need to humble and humiliate yourself for it too. Can you sing?” he asked.

“Can I sing? Well, I can’t say that I have ever sang. Why would my singing help?”

“I was thinking you could learn her favorite song and serenade her. Just a thought though.” He looked at Michael and his eyes had filled with lust.

“Okay, once I know her favorite song, I will give it a try,” Michael said. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?” He asked with a smile.

“Like you want to start what happened in Baltimore again,” Michael said

“Moi?” He smiled. “I can’t help it; I like what I see. I enjoy sex of all kinds. Right now I am relaxed, enjoying the show and company. What is wrong with that? By the way the second step is to prove the apology was meant. “

“There is nothing wrong with that,” Michael said. “All I ask is that you don’t just whip it out and start stroking away. At least cover up with a towel, if you do. When I apologize, it will be heart-felt.”

“That is not the point. First the words, then the actions to prove it. First you show your sorrow and humility with an apology. Then you show the truth of your words through gestures and actions. By showing you notice the little things you will show you truly care. Now we have to fake that you noticed the little things because clearly you have not.

“If she didn’t want you back, she would never have offered the chance for you to win her back. And I will not start stroking away if you take care of it for me.”

“So Lyla is finding out the little things for me?” Michael asked. “Wishful thinking there, of taking care of it for you,” Michael said with a smile.

“Hail to the king baby.” He replied.

The boys finished up their breakfast of beer and porn, then fisnished hashing out the details of project Selene — and continued throwing about innuendoes.

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