Portland city of Destruction

After a lot of pointless discussion, the mess with Sterling came to a head. I called Baily and asked him to track down a license plate, that they found, for me. The license plate led us to Sterlings home. We drove by it the night before and then went to our hotel. Ann Marie said that she had her own place to stay and would meet up with us after sunset.

Ramiel and Micheal wanted to scout out some more and I thought that more intel is always a good thing. I stayed in the hotel room so I would be rested up for the coming night.

They said there were dogs and remembering the dogs Hangish kept I readied some suringes with the most potent traquilizer I know.

Somewhere along the way Micheal and Romiel decided the best plan was to serve Sterling a summons to appear before whatever people mages answer too.

They did Sterling went along quietly. They drove off and the werewolves that were left there decided that was the signal to attack and they brought their little dogs too. Lyla tackeled one and I injected it. The other attacked Ramiel and I never did get to use my other syringe.

I helped Lyla cut one werewolf down to size. Then Lyla got hit hard, she kept going and I helped Rameil with the dog that was on him. Then Lyla got hit again and went to her big nasty form. She was battle mad. I had gone back to help her but I slowly tried to ease myself back from the combat.

Then Lyla was hit again and lost her baby. Ramiel went balistic with this guns and emptyied a full clip into the one that had killed their child.

Lyla eyes were full red and their was no sanity in them. She was kill crazy like a ferrit or a wolverine. I was thinking about using the traqualizer on her but it was unncessary. Ramiel took his life in his own hands and clamed her down. I ran over to the werewolf we had dropped and stablized her. I put my coat over her and picked her up and started carrying her away.

As we dropped the last wolf and were leaving. Sterling appeared out of mid-air. The upshot of that was that Sterling challenged Ramiel to a duel and Ramiel lost. I think mainly because he had just come through a battle but Sterling was powerfull he might have lost anyway. Ramiel had made it a condition of the duel that Lyla and I and the werewolf I was holding walk. Lyla of course wouldn’t leave Ramiel so we got back in time to see Ramiel fall and Sterling have his head cut off by Kay.

I was carrying the woman away again, when Micheal showed up. We had to hide from the police but we all ened up back in Eldon well and I guess alls well that ends in Eldon well.

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