You Can’t Go Home Again

Timeline: February 20, 2008

It was a typical Wednesday night at the Blood & Brew. Rey was behind the bar, and feeling a bit distracted. In a couple of days, she would be doing something she dreaded.

Ramiel was back in what was becoming his typical spot, writing in a journal. He waved Rey over with an empty glass in his hand.

“Another of the same?” she asked him.

At that moment, a man dressed in Army Class A dress uniform with a red beret, walked into the bar. His eyes had a hard look to them as he scanned the room. As he spotted Ramiel in the corner, he made his was over to the table. His heavy footsteps seemed to echo over the usual barroom noise.

When got to the table, he pulled out the empty chair across from Ramiel, and sat down. As he sat, he removed the beret, and said, “What’s up Ramiel?”

“Yeah but could you put rum in the coke this time.” He smiled at rey as he handed her the glass and turned his attention to the man before him.

“Not me at the moment. What’s with the outfit?”

“I just got back from a funeral, it was one of my army buddies. He was in Iraq and got himself killed.”

Michael then looked to Rey, and asked, “Could I get the strongest drink you got?”

“Sure thing,” Rey said, and returned in short order with their drinks. She glanced over at Daniel, who sat by himself at a table with a bunch of papers spread out in front of him. “Uh, do you guys have any plans for the weekend?”

Michael responded with, “I think my weekends will be free, if I don’t have any other plans. Why do you ask?”

“Sorry to hear about your friend.” Ramiel said taking a drink. “Well, I do not know yet Rey. You have something planned for us?”

“Well, not planned, really.” It was obvious to both men that Rey was nervous. “I was thinking about going to Baltimore this weekend and was wondering if you guys would come with me.”

Michael looked at Ramiel, and said, “Thanks for you concern.” Then looking at Rey, “I don’t have a problem going to Baltimore. What are you going to do there, Rey?”

“See what parts of my past I can find,” she said softly, “try and learn more about the night my parents died.” Rey looked at them. “Probably deal with the police. I kind of took off in the midst of a murder, suicide, and attempted murder investigation.”

“That might be a bit tricky,” Michael said. “Since you left during the investigation, it might bring a few problems. Did the police suspect you in any of what happened?”

“I don’t think so,” Rey replied, “given I was the attempted murder victim. They interrogated me pretty intensely as soon as I was conscious in the hospital, though, to try and find out what happened. There were claims my father embezzled a bunch of money or something. I couldn’t tell the police anything, because I didn’t remember anything of the attack. I still don’t.” She glanced around the room then continued. “Last thing I remember was the Dark Man showing up, telling my parents it was time to pay their debt, and they objected, saying they still had time.” She paused for a moment. “Then he showed them your picture, Ramiel. Yours and Lyla’s. I don’t remember what he said after that, but he was really angry.”

Rey watched Ramiel’s face, hoping he wouldn’t be angry. She’d never told him, or anyone, about the pictures before.”

Rey had good reason to be concerned. Lately, speaking to Ramiel was like playing with a grenade. You might accidently pull the pin without realizing it.

“Why would you withhold something like that Rey? Why for over a year did you not mention to either of us the Dark Man was looking for us? Was it a side note?” he questioned her without looking at her, he was writing in his journal. He looked up after a moment. “Yes I will go with you. I think Michael will too, as he won’t want to miss out on the fun. Besides a weekend trip together will give you time to answer all my questions. Those before you now and whatever else I might ask along the way.”

“I don’t know what he wanted,” Rey said, trying to stay calm when anger flared in her. “I just told you I didn’t hear what he said. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell anyone.”

“What are the exact things you wish to find out?,” Michael asked. “Just so that we can narrow down the investigation.”

“I want to find whatever papers my parents may have left behind.” She frowned. “It’s been three years. There may not be anything. Find out what, if anything, the police might have. Go back to the house. Maybe seeing it will bring back the memories.”

“Alright,” Michael said, “you can count me in.”

Ramiel laughed. “Okay fine. It is not like I was angry about it. So are you gonna ask Daniel?” He waited for reaction from both of them.

“Yeah,” Rey said, looking over at Daniel, “when he doesn’t look quite so busy.”

Michael shrugged, “It’s not my show, if you want him to come along, I don’t really care.”

“Okay we can ask him later as you said. In the meantime what is your plan of attack? When do we need to be ready to go? How are we getting there? Are you buying the beer?” Ramiel smiled at her.

“I can’t buy beer, Ramiel, I’m not 21 yet,” Rey said with a smile. “As for getting there, if it was just me, I was going to take the bus. I don’t work Friday, and that was when I was planning on leaving. The bus ride is about 12 hours. With you coming, maybe we could rent a car. I could help pay for it, of course, but I don’t have a credit card and they won’t rent to me. It’s an eight hour drive from here to Baltimore.” She worried her lower lip between her teeth for a moment.

“As for the rest, I don’t know. I was going to go by the house and see who lived there now, maybe find a way to get inside. Then probably go to the police station to let them know I’m no longer a missing person, if anyone bothered to report me as one.

“Unless the two of you have any suggestions.”

“Don’t worry about the car, I can handle that,” Michael said. “You guys just need to come up with the gas money. I’m not completely opposed to a little b&e, but let’s just ask the people that may live there.”

“Nice to hear officer,” Ramiel laughed. “Well, if need be I can make sure no one knows we are even there. We have got you covered Rey.”

“There is no need to call me officer from now on.” And before Ramiel could respond, Michael said, “Before you ask, it was a personal decision. And if I want to talk about it, I will tell you about it.”

Ramiel raised an eyebrow. “Retract those claws there big guy. Geez what happened to the happy guy that was around?”

In a calm voice, Michael responded with, “That happy guy, is off being happy elsewhere. But I thought we were here to help Rey.”

Ramiel studied Michael. “I think we were here for a drink. From the tone of things, maybe an entire bottle. But Rey did ask for help and now we have accepted. So what harm in there having a little talk between friends? Hmm?”

“Guys, please don’t argue,” Rey said. “This weekend is going to be stressful enough for me as it is.” Exactly how worried she was about what could happen was starting to show.

Seeing Rey getting stressed, Michael said, “Why don’t you take a seat. You look kind of on edge at the moment.”

“Hey.” Ramiel extended a hand to Rey and guided her to sit next to him. he put his arm around her shoulders. ” I promised to protect you. I won’t let anything happen to you. So no worries. Besides with MIchael there we can accomplish a lot.”

“I know you’ll protect me, it’s not that. It’s just…” She shook her head. “Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’m just being foolish.”

“No it is not foolish if it is bothering you.” he said gently.

Michael leaned foward and said, “Yeah, what’s bothering you about this?”

“It’s worrying about things I can’t control. I really try not to, but….” She picked up a napkin and scrunched it in her hand. “My kind of abilities tend to run in families, and I manifested my first when I was very young. Neither of my parents had an ounce of that kind of talent, and as far as I can remember, nobody in their families did either. Was I adopted? I don’t know. What if my parents stole me, or otherwise got me illegally, simply to use in cons? What if my real parents were worse then the ones who raised me?” She shook her head. “See? I told you. Stupid worries.”

“Not to you,” Ramiel said as he took a drink. “Besides they seem like good concerns.”

“Yeah, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it if any of it is true.” She tore a strip out of the napkin. “And it’s been three years. What are the chances I’ll be able to find anything?”

“There is probably a good chance that you could find something,” Michael said. “Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control, you deal with it when you come upon it.”

Daniel yawned a bit and got up from his paper laden booth, walking across to the bar (coffee pot in-hand), looking for someone to fill it up. Seeing the others, he nods and patiently waits for service.

“I’ll be right with you, Daniel,” Rey said, getting up from the table. She stuffed the mangled napkin in her pocket as she returned to the bar. “Same as last time?” She took the coffee pot from him and set it by the sink.

Daniel answered, “Yes please. Leaded of course, thank you Rey.”

“No problem.” She got the coffee maker going to brew a fresh pot. “Are you busy this weekend?” Rey asked. “I’ve got something I need your help with.”

Daniel looked up, “Hmm? I’m a lawyer, I’m always busy. But I’m also always looking for more work. Or is this something more along the lines of…” his eyes shifted, pointing to Ramiel & Michael. Despite Christmas, Daniel still didn’t know where Rey fit in. “Or is is a personal issue?” The line had no touch of innuendo at all, the statement simply conveyed his sincerity toward privacy.

“Hopefully just personal,” Rey replied. “I need to go to Baltimore to deal with some stuff, and your special talents might be helpful.” She explained to him what she needed to do there.

After she explained Daniel answered, “Do you know if your adoption was through legal channels? There has to be a physical record somewhere. Between legal means and my other talents, I believe I can help you. The farther something is back in time the less likely my special talents can help you, unless you actually have something from your birth parents that hold an emotional bond. Do you?”

“I have no idea if I’m adopted or not. That’s why I want to see what papers I can find,” Rey explained. “My abilities could just be a fluke, or something that skipped a generation. I don’t know. And I don’t have anything from before the attack. Well, just my lucky penny. When I left the hospital, all I had was literally the clothes I was wearing.”

“Lucky penny?” Daniel asked.

Rey smiled and chuckled softly. “Yeah, just something from when I was a kid. I don’t remember when or where I got it, though. It’s not really lucky. I mean, I’m the one who’s lucky, but as a kid, trying to hide you’re special, it’s easier to blame it on a penny.”

“I guess so.” Daniel thought a bit. “I’ll need to see it once we get to Baltimore.”

“Okay,” Rey said with a nod, and handed him the refilled coffee pot. “Here ya go.”

Daniel turned to return to his work. As he did, he said, “Thank you for the coffee. Let me know where you will be staying down there and I’ll meet you. I’m going to work until the last minute, drive to town and take a flight down there. Sound good?”

“If that’s what you want to do. We were going to drive down,” Rey said.

“Not that I mind the company so much, but Ramiel, Michael and I have been nicely cordial for a few months now. I don’t want to ruin it by being in cramped quarters with them for six hours or more. No, it is better this way. I am assuming of course they are coming as you were talking to them a minute ago. Right?”

Rey nodded. “They said they were.”

“Very well then. Anyway, I’ll likely get there before you anyway. Just tell me when and where and I’ll book my flight and hotel today.” Daniel began returning to his table. “Oh, and thanks again for the coffee.”

“You’re welcome, Daniel.”


It was just after nine when Rey, Ramiel and Michael arrived at the hotel where they were staying. Rey had made sure when she made the reservation that they were set for a late check-in.

“I am glad to be out of the car. So who am I bunking with? Or did we get a suite?” Ramiel asked with a smile.

“The only thing they had was a two bedroom suite,” Rey said, grimacing a bit at the price they were being charged. “One bedroom has a single queen, the other has two queen sized beds. I’ll take the single, and I guess you guys can split the double room, or one of you can have that room and the other can sleep on the sofa bed.”

“I have no problem sharing the double,” Micahel said. “As long as Ramiel stays in his own bed,” he said that last with a smile.

“Spoil my fun huh.” He smiled back. “Not that I need to leave my bed to have fun.” His smile got bigger.

“Would you guys stop it?” Rey was tying hard not to blush. She used to be able to ignore or just let sexual comments go, but since she herself started having sex, it had gotten a lot more difficult. Of course, the fact she could still feel Grey’s touch, even after the eight hour drive, probably had something to do with it. She hoped she’d been quiet while she’d slept in the car. “Let’s just go check in, okay?”

She grabbed her backpack, slung it over her shoulder and headed for the lobby.

Feeling particularly ornery Ramiel couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “Of course, I am hoping Rey will come sleepwalking into our room in some sexy undies and mistake us for Grey. Wahoo!”

“Ramiel!” Rey’s ears were now bright red as she remembered Grey helping her pack that morning.

“Spanking. Did I hear? I think I did. Did you Michael? Rey just said she would give us spankings in nothing but garters and hose. OOh I’ve been bad. And I know Michael is up for it.” He put on his best come hither smile.

“Oh, you haven’t been naughty enough for spankings,” Rey shot back, “and i don’t have garters and hose in Michael’s size.” Her eyes widened and she clamped a hand over her mouth and started walking faster.

Then she suddenly stopped and turned to face Michael. “I’m sorry. That was out of line and rude.”

Ramiel was beaming with pride, in a strange way. “Oh baby what do you have? I am perfectly fine with you naked and bent over me.” He grinned at Michael. “You would look smashing in garters.”

Michael’s look was hard and angry, as he held Rey’s gaze for just a moment. But then he broke into a smile, and said, “I don’t have the legs for it, but I think Ramiel does.”

“So all I have to do is wear garters and hose and I get two new sex toys to play with? If so then count me in.” He moved up to Rey and smacked her on the bum. “You will look so good under me.” He said with a sensual edge to his words.

“That’s enough, Ramiel.” Rey fought back the urge slap Ramiel.

“Yeah, Ramiel,” Michael said with a smile. “I would like to get into the room and relax a bit, before we head out.”

“Seriously?” He pouted. “I do not even get to tease you anymore?” His hands locked behind his back as he walked along beside her. “You are serious. Fine no teasing no nothing. All work an no play.” Then he turned horror struck to face Michael. “Daniel. I am not sharing a bed or room with him.”

“I thought he said he was getting his own room,” Michael said.

“All right. Sorry for the gear shift. But as you can see I need a breather or release. Since we are alone out here, breather it is. Now I am not sure how much this will differ from how you see as Uratha. But if you look at me you will definately see something new.” He concentrated and began to chant then he reached out and touched Ironclaw gently with the tips of his fingers, right between the eyes.

“If you ever stopped teasing me, I’d wonder where the pod person came from, Ramiel,” Rey said, “but slapping me like that was just too far. Just consider snuggling with Daniel your penance.” She paused for a moment, and couldn’t help but smile at the expression on his face. “Oh, come on, Ramiel. Do you think I’d put you and Daniel in the same room unsupervised? I’m not that angry at you. He got his own room and is meeting us here.”

“Why is touching you too far? You know It was not an advance on you. Right? You know I would never..okay.” He said and stepped back to be beside Michael. “Good thing he has his own room.”

“Michael, can you go on in and get started checking us in?” Rey asked. “The reservation’s under my name. I need to talk to Ramiel.”

“Sure.” Michael walked up to front desk, and started on getting the room.

Rey watched him go, then looked up at Ramiel. “I know you would never do anything,” she said softly. “It’s just… I’m tired, and I’m sore. Grey spent the night last night and, well,” her cheeks turned a faint pink, “I didn’t get much sleep. And I’m still stressing over this weekend, and when I’m stressing, physical contact and I don’t always get along too well, regardless of the intention.”

It was difficult to control himself. She had set everything up so nicely. So you are saying he rode you pretty hard. You’re ass is still sore. So many things I could say. Sigh but won’t.

” I came along to help you.Not to make you more stressed. But then that is part of my natural charm.” He said with a smile. “If you want I can give you a nice massage in the room. Take away some of the stress. Help you let goof that physical contact thing. It won’t be good to go out in knots.

Besides I was just trying to take your mind off things.”

He’s just trying to get you naked. But it’s Ramiel. He won’t do anything. “Naw, you’re not stressing me out, but a shoulder rub does sound pretty good.” She smiled. “Let’s catch up with Michael, and then I’ll call Daniel to let him know we’ve arrived. Then, maybe, we can get a bite to eat.”

“Room service works for me.” He extended his arm to her and caught up with Michael at the elevator.

“What room are we in?” Rey asked Michael.

“We are in room 1048,” Michael responeded. The then held out 2 keys, one for each of them.

“Thanks,” Rey said, taking one of the keys. “Were there any problems checking in?”

“I didn’t have a problem, once I told them I was your fiancee,” Michael said with a straight face.

Rey just stared at him for a moment, then laughed. “Geez, what is this. Tease Rey night?”

Michael just had a big smile spread across his face. “The look on your face, was just pricless after I said that. Look relax, don’t get too stressed about what we are here to do. We (pointing to Ramiel and himself) will not let anything bad happen. We are here for you.”

“And I really appreciate it.” Rey stepped into the elevator when the doors opened. She set her backpack down at her feet.

Ramiel was right behind her. As he entered the elevator he scooped up her backpack. “Unless you have a problem I can carry it for you.”

“Just be gentle with it,” Rey said. “Hamilton’s in there.”

The elevator was quick n painless the boys even took a break from teasing her. Once they were settled into the room Ramiel went to Rey. “If we order room service I can get you that massage now. I will even call Daniel and let him know we are here while you get ready. You can go to my bed, yours or the couch if you prefer. Whatever level of massage you would like is offered to you.” He smiled. ” I have everything I need in my bag. I will leave it up to you.”

With that he discussed food with Michael and called Daniel telling him what room they were in and that they would be ordering room service.

Rey went to her room with her backpack and closed the door, leaning on it as she thought. A massage was so tempting, but she had to put a limit somewhere. She let Hamilton out of the backpack, giving him a scritch and changed into the shorts and sports bra she’d brought to sleep in. Quickly changing into them, she opened the bedroom door again.

“Okay, Ramiel. I’m ready.”

Ramiel gave Michael a smile.” Let me know when the food is here.” Then he removed a bottle of oil from his bag and went to her room.

Noticing the shorts and bra combo he held in a laugh. “Well get comfy on the bed and we will start.”

“What’s so funny?” Rey asked as she went to the bed and sat on the edge.

“You and the sports bra.” He said with a smile. Retrieving a towel from the bathroom he handed it to her. It will feel better if you allow me to massage the entire back at least. I will only do as you ask. But I do not need to see you naked for my hands to touch you.”

“Yeah, but bare hands on bare skin in certain places is a bit more intimate than I feel comfortable with,” Rey admitted, “even though I know you won’t try anything.” She turned her back and slipped the bra off. Holding the towel against her front, she lay face down on the bed.

The oil was slick as he warmed it in his hands. Rubbing them gently together. After a few moments he pressed his hands flat and wide across the center of her back. The warmth of the oil was soothing and mixed with the gentle pressure and motion of his hands as he moved upward and outward on her back. Giving every inch the same special attention. There was nothing sexual about it. Though it was very soothing and relaxing. As his hands caressed and kneaded her shoulders and the muscles beneath she could smell vanilla.

He was humming as he worked her tired and tense muscles loose into a relaxed state. (House of the rising sun is what he is humming)

“Interesting choice of song,” Rey said, looking back over her shoulder at him.

Michael shouted from the other room, “I’m going to take a shower. The food should be here in half and hour to an hour.”

“How long would you like for me to continue?” Ramiel asked.

“I’m good now, thanks,” Rey said with a smile. She glanced at her lower back, then back and him. “I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about my tattoo.” The claws of the pawprint emerged from under the waistband of her shorts.

He traced his fingers over the lines briefly. “Nice. Have you seen mine?” he asked with a smile.

“No,” Rey said cautiously. “Is it somewhere naughty?”

“Not really.” He said as he undid his pants. The black briefs and jeans were lowered just enough to reveal a series of arcane marks in a brilliant array of blues. It followed the line of his hip, and was close enough to reveal his natural hair color. It was indeed the platinum white.

“What does it say?”

“You are the first to ask.” He traced the symbols. “My eternal beloved. Lyla.” Simple.” He said as he pulled everything into place.

“Well. Shall we eat and get together with Daniel?”

Michael came out of the other bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist, and using another to dry his hair. “Is the food here yet?”

“In a sec. It’s kind of scary, how sometimes we think alike,” Rey said. “Grey and I got matching tattoos. I designed them.” She reached for her sports bra, pulled it on, then turned to face Ramiel. She undid the button and fly of her shorts and pulled them down enough to show the swath of skin between her belly button and the top of her white cotton panty.

The tattoo was intricate, sweeping across her lower abdomen, with tendrils winding their way temptingly downwards below her panty. Centered in the tattoo were two sets of symbols intertwined.

“Oh if I touched that I would be smacked. So I will simply say that it is very nice. Good job on the design. I will go talk to Michael and you can take a shower too.” He shut the oil and went into the other room. ” Oh goody dinner and a show,” he said looking at Michael.

“Thank you, Ramiel,” she said, then closed the door to her room and availed herself of the shower.

“So are you done with the massage?” Michael asked.

“Unless you want one?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” Michael paused, “are you going to behave?”

” I will do my best.” Ramiel made a sweeping gesture for him to have a seat. The oil already in his hands being warmed.

Michael went and grabbed a straight back chair, he then straddled the chair resting his head on his crossed arms. “Will this work?”

“It’ll do.”

Michael could feel the warmth from Ramiel’s body behind him. His hands were strong but gntle as they massaged his shoulders. Paying careful attention to the muscles around the neck. Slowly he worked loose the knots and tense muscles down his back. Stopping in the small of the back as his fingertips brushed just beneath the edge of the towel.

The oil warmed the skin as it spread across his Michael’s body. The air hitting it was a soothing sensation. The feel of Ramiel’s hands mixed with the oils and motions was very pleasing to all the senses and body.

Rey got an eyeful when she entered the main room.

She stood there, watching for a moment, then she grinned. Moving as quietly as she could, she snuck up behind the two men until she was less than a foot away. “Oh wow. I knew they had adult channels on the tv, but this is way better. Please, don’t stop on my account.” Rey tried so hard to keep a straight face, but dissolved into giggles.

Michael opened one eye, looked at Rey, and slightly shake his head. “Are you enjoying yourself there Rey?” Michael said sly smile. “I didn’t realize that you liked to watch two men together.”

Ramiel leaned in and whispered in mIchael’s ear. “Should we make it interesting for her?”

Michael whispered back, “What do you have in mind?”

“Far enough to make her red. Or wet.” His hands traced Michael’s sides.

“There’s always a first time,” Rey said, trying very, very hard to not to blush, and then there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get that. Just keep doing what you’ll doing. I’ll eat and enjoy the show.” She really hoped she was calling Michael’s bluff.

“Ok, but know that I will only go so far,” Michael whispered back.

“Done.” He whispered.

Ramiel continued to massage Michael until Rey had returned with the food cart. As she was watching Ramiel smiled at her. Had she called their bluff she thought. Michael shifted in the chair as Ramiel’s hands slid around his shoulders. Once Michael was facing him Ramiel slid onto his lap. Wrapping his legs around both michael and the chair. Locking him in. His tongue traced up Michael’s neck with the barest of touches. Enough to send thrilling sensations across his skin raising the hairs on his arms in excitement.

Ramiel cupped one hand on Michael’s cheek, just behind the ear. The other arm wrapped around his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed Michael deeply and gently.

Rey watched for a moment, then lifted the covers on the cart to see what had been ordered. She’d seen men kissing, and more, before, when she lived on the streets. What Michael and Ramiel were doing right now was no big deal.

Michael slide his hand up Ramiel’s side, and up his neck. When Michael reached Ramiel’s neck, he ran his fingers through Ramiel’s hair, and grasping it tightly. He then proceded to kiss Ramiel back just as deeply.

Rey watched them curiously for a moment, wondering if Michael was enjoying himself. She grabbed a couple fries from one of the plates, then took the fully loaded cheeseburger and a bottle of water and went to sit on the couch.

The door opened and Daniel walked in so fast he hadn’t looked up yet. Once he was beside Rey he looked up to see Michael and Ramiel in a rather unusual position.

Daniel muttered, “Mmm, bad timng. I’ll be in the lobby.”

Ramiel was wondering how far was too far. As he could see that Rey was not red. Nor did she act wet. But how to communicate? Military, he thought. Using very slight motions with his fingers Ramiel used Morse code to ask how far is too far.

His body pressed against Michael’s as he began to kiss him more passionately.

With his hand in Ramiel’s hair, Michael tapped back. What did you have in mind? As he continued to kiss Ramiel back with just as much passion.

“No penetration, all else is game.” He tapped with his fingers on Michael’s chest. In a fluid motion he pulled MIchael out of the chair and onto the floor with him.

With Michael on top, he went to his hands and knees. Michael slid his left knee up between Ramiel’s legs into his crotch gently, so that he could feel the slight pressure. As Michael looked into Ramiel’s eyes, Michael grasped Ramiel’s t-shirt, and ripped it down the middle exposing his chest.

Ramiel’s eyes grew wide with excitement. They were flooded with lust. The denim tightened near Michael’s knee.

Michael increased the preasure with his knee, not to be painful, but to arouse. Michael leaned down to kiss Ramiel again, but as his lips got close. He lightly whispered, “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

“I can’t believe you are either.” He leaned into the kiss and pulled the towel off.

Rey took a bite of her burger. “Oh man, this cheeseburger is great. They hit medium rare perfectly.” She continued to watch, again, more curious than aroused or embarrassed. Is Ramiel getting turned on by this? I can’t tell. He probably is. She leaned her head to one side, trying to see if Michael was enjoying himself or not.

Michael, with some reluctance, was starting to enjoy himself. He couldn’t believe that teasing they were trying to do to Rey had gotten this far. But damnit, his pride wouldn’t let him loose this battle of wills.

Michael could feel Ramiel’s excitement, with the preasure of his knee. With the towel removed from his waist, Michael’s excitement went into overdrive. From Rey’s advantage point, she could see that Michael was well endowed. Michael’s nine inch circumsized cock, was as stiff as a bar of steal, as he hovered over Ramiel.

“Good to see you’re both enjoying this,” Rey said. She dipped a fry in ketchup and bit it in half. Taking a sip of her drink, she put her feet up on the coffee table. “At what point do you start getting naked too, Ramiel?” The whole situation was starting to feel absurd, like she’d become the director of a porno.

Ramiel was in pain. He was bound in his pants and needed to get out. He looked down the line of their bodies at Michael and saw how far it had gotten. Looking over at Rey he could tell she was not going to react.

With some adjusting and a lot of reluctance Ramiel pulled himself out from under Michael. “Sorry.” He said as he handed the towel to him. “But I think that is about as far as I go here.” He stood and it was plain to see it pained him. Ramiel released the buttons on his jeans for breathing room. Rey could see the large ridge to match the size of Michael

“Guess you win Honoré.” He said as he went into his room.

Michael just colapsed on the floor, with the towel draped over his waist. Breathing a slight sigh of relief, collecting his thoughts, as he tried to will his excitement down.

“Why don’t you guys take care of yourselves. If you need to, Michael, you can use my bathroom. I’ll just stay out here and finish eating.” Rey took another sip of her drink, relieved in a way that it was over.

Ramiel came out of the room rather quickly sliding a jacket on. After he walked behind the couch, he leaned over and kissed Rey on the cheek. “You’ve impressed me little one. Now,” He looked at Michael on the floor. His eyes still filled with lust., ” I think I will take you up on that offer. I will be back when I have taken care of myself.” He stole a fry and went out the door.

“Be careful,” Rey called out after him. She stared at the door, then looked over at Michael. “I really didn’t think you guys would have taken things so far.”

“You’re not the only one,” Michael stated as he got up off the floor, wrapping the towel around his waist. “I am going to go take a cold shower, and come back out and eat.”


Two and a half hours had passed when the door creaked open. Ramiel staggered in looking a little drunk and a lot satisfied. He managed to get as far as the couch and slumped down.

Michael hear the outer door open as he was lying awake in bed. He got up and went to see if it was Ramiel coming back.

“Glad you could make it back,” Michael said.

“Yeah me too. Help me to bed will ya.” Ramiel staggered over to him.”I need sleep.”

“Sure, hold on,” Michael said as he grabbed Ramiel. Michael helped Ramiel to his bed, and even helped him get undressed. As Michael was helping Ramiel, he asked, “How much did you have to drink? I swear I could smell it as soon as you walked in.”

He laughed. “Enough. If I smell so bad maybe I should shower. Whadya say hmmm.” Ramiel put his hands on Michaels shoulders as he tried to step out of his pants.

Michael laughed a little, “I don’t think so. I believe we had enough fun for one day.”

“Then stinky it is.” Ramiel flopped back into bed and pulled the covers over him. “Thanks,” he said as Michael crawled back into his own bed.


Morning came a little to early for some and not fast enough for others. They had met for breakfast and kept Daniel waiting ten minutes past schedule.

“Sorry we’re late,” Rey said.

The group split up. Believing Daniel would have the best luck without them slowing him down in the legal world. Ramiel, Michael, and Rey made their way back up to the room and decided to try their luck on the internet first.

Ramiel had his arms full with two sacks of food. “Jesus I’m starving.” He said as he shut the door behind them. HE moved quickly shutting the blinds and removing his sunglasses. “You get to work on that laptop see what you can find.”

“Do you think we can find out if a missing person report was filed on me?” Rey asked.

“One way or the other.” Ramiel sat at the bar and cracked a raw egg into a glass, added salt and pepper, hot sauce and a little Worcestershire sauce.

“I meant online,” Rey said. “I’d prefer to have to avoid going into the police station.”

“Sure there is a way,” Michael said. “My laptop is over there next to the table. Why don’t you get it turned on. I must make use of the restroom.” Michael then proceded into hotel bathroom.

Rey opened up the laptop and turned it on. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw Selene’s picture was the wallpaper.

“What, he got porn on there?” Ramiel threw his head back and downed the prairie oyster.

“Oodles and oodles of it. Almost the entire hard drive full,” Rey said with a grin.

“Geez, pervert.” Ramiel sat the glass down and moved over to Rey. He sat on the couch and leaned close to her. “Hey, I am sorry about last night,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Rey said. “You were being you, and I was on edge.” She smiled. “The entire pack has taken to teasing me, so I’m getting better at dealing with it.”

“Yeah well…” He trailed off. “So how is it going with you and Grey? Other than bite marks?”

“They’re going well,” Rey said with a smile. “I’m happy, and I’m pretty sure he’s happy too.” Her smiled turned a little cheeky. “And the bite marks aren’t a problem.”

“Good then. By the way last night never happened okay.” He smiled and sprawled out on the couch.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. We ordered room service and then I went to bed.”

“That’s good to hear,” Michael said as the entered the room again. “So did you get my laptop up and going?”

“Yup,” Rey said.

“Great then we can get a move on this missing persons report. Huh?” Ramiel asked as he covered his eyes.

“Okay, let me get on the web, and check a couple of sites that I know of.” Michael then proceded to get online, and work his magic. As he was typing, Michael asked, “Rey, what year did you go missing?”

“What a year or two ago now?” Ramiel asked ad he turned on his side.

“Three years,” Rey said softly.

“Okay, thanks.” Michael then started to key in the information into the search engine. “What other information are we needing to look up that Daniel isn’t?”

“Maybe what happened to the house.” Rey gave him the address.

“Well so far, I have found out that the high school you went to has a missing persons report out for you.” Michael continued his typing. “It appears that you had a pretty close friend in school. I found a web site made by a, Jennifer Parker, who is searching for her friend. And it looks like she updates it on a regular basis. Is any of this any help Rey?”

“Someone made a website about me? Can I see it?” Rey moved to stand behind Michael and tried to remember anything she could about school and Jennifer Parker.

“Oh god,” Rey said, her eyes becoming wet with tears. “Even after everything I said to her, she still cares.” She looked at Ramiel and Michael. “She was my best friend at high school. I’d tried so hard to keep our friendship a secret from my parents, but they found out about her. So I hurt her to drive her away. Said cruel, unforgivable things. If she wasn’t my friend anymore, then she’d be safe.”

Michael handed Rey a klenex, then said with a kind voice, “Well it looks like she still cares about you. Enough to at least keep up this web site. Would you like to see her again? I’m sure I can find her current address.”

“Please.” Rey wiped her eyes and blew her nose.

“Okay, if this is what you want.” The clicking of keys, could be heard as Michael continued his searching for information for Rey. It took about five minutes, but Michael was able to find what he was looking for.

“Well this is interesting. Well it appers that Jennifer is still living here in Baltimore. It looks like she going to school at Johns Hopkins University.” Michael paused as he continued typing. “Hmmm, from what I found here, it seems that Jennifer is going to school to become a nurse.”

Michael continued to type, then asked, “Would you like me to find out what dorm she is living in?”

“If you can,” Rey said with a nod. “If not, maybe we can find an email address for her.”

“Give me a couple of minutes,” Michael said. Michael kept up his search, then smiled as he said, “Hhmmm…This looks to be fun. I found out where she lives, plus her email address. Hey Ramiel, how would you like to go find this person at the Chi Eta Phi Sorority house.”

Ramiel had been laying still on the couch his breathing in slow rhythm. His slumber however was quickly ended with the word SORORITY. He sat up fast enough to make his head spin. “Wh…girls.” He looked around in anticipation. “Hmm. Maybe a nap first then girls.” He reconsidered as a wave of nausea came over him.

“Maybe you ought to stay here,” Rey said. “Sleep off that hangover.”

The couch calmed the world form spinning as he layed back down. “Guess I did have my fair share of Sorority girls last night.” He said with a smile. “If you want to go on without me I am fine with it.”

Moving slowly he turned on his side to face Rey. “Go on and find out what you can. I will be here when you get back.”

“Okay.” Rey soothed Ramiel’s hair back out of his face. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while we’re gone.”

He grinned up at her. “Well that leaves it open now doesn’t it.” His laughter made his head surge with pain. “The liqour will fade eventually, just not so sure about the other stuff I took.”

Rey frowned. “What other stuff. Oh Ramiel, what did you do?”

His eyes darkened and he turned from her.”Had a good time. Forgot did whatever it took. I’m not really sure what it was other than good.” He laid his head down on one of the pillows.

“When we’re done here and we’re home again,” Rey said softly and kissed him on the cheek, “you should come to the cabin for dinner, and we can talk.”

He laughed and winced at teh same time.”If you wish. And if it does not upset Grey. I don’t need Hung Like Bull after me.”

Rey’s cheeks turned a faint pink. “It shouldn’t bother him,” she said. “Now get some rest.”

“Yeah.” He closed his eyes and passed out.


After a short drive across town, Rey was standing outside Jennifer’s dorm door.

Rey fought back a sudden attack of nerves. She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Moments later the front door was opened by a young, well-endowed, brunette. ” Hello.” She said looking from Rey to Michael. Her eyebrow raised as she looked at the tall attractive yet intimidating man behind Rey. “Is there somtting I can help you with?”

“Yes, there is,” Rey said with a smile. “Is Jennifer Parker here? I’m a friend of hers from high school, and thought I’d drop by to say hello.”

“Okay. Yeah Parker is out back, in the study atrium.” She opened the door
and let them pass.

The house was neat and tidy, nothing too ornate. All teh gorls were fully clothes as they moved about. Micheal thought Ramiel would have been disappointed anyway.

The back room was an open design with a push out glass wall, a partial green house with a few scatterd lounging chairs and couches set up for study areas. It was one such area that a young blonde rested with a pile of books.The sound of aproaching feet made her look up and her face paled. Her eyes grew wide and she jumped up and ran to Rey throwing her arms around her in tears. “Rey-rey. Oh God, I thought — I mean your parents, and oh God.”

Rey hugged her tight. “I’m sorry, Fer.”

Wiping away tears she led Rey and Michael over the couch. She tidied up her notebooks and books. “”I had to keep hoping. I just knew something was wrong after the things you said to me. It was unlike you. I mean I always knew things were bad at home for you. I just had no idea.” She inhaled. “Okay I still don’t. I am so glad that you are alive.”

“So am I.” Rey smiled, but then a sad frown covered her face. “My parents found out about you.” Rey said softly. “If you weren’t my friend anymore, you’d have been safe from them.” She reached out and took Jennifer’s hand. “I’d rather have had you hate me then let them hurt you.”

“I was really hurt at first. But then when I calmed down I figured it was a distress call. By the time I was able to do anything it was too late and you were gone. The best I coudl do was keep up my web site and hope you would see it one day and come back. You know like that little girl who saw her own kidnapper. Only she had been brainwashed to think she was someone else.”

“Oh, my manners are terrible. Hi I am Jennifer.” She said as she extended her hand to Michael.

Michael shook Jennifer’s hand, then said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Michael.”

“Not only have you returned but married? ” She asked with a smile.

“Married?” Rey shook her head. “Michael is just a friend. My boyfriend is back home.” She smiled as she thought of Grey. “Michael and a couple other friends came with me to Baltimore to help me and for moral support.” Rey paused for a moment, then continued. “What you said about seeing your website and remembering? It’s kind of like that, only I didn’t see your website until this morning. You see, I… The doctors at the hospital, after the attack, said I was suffering from amnesia brought on by post traumatic stress.

“I came back here, hoping to find some answers. See if I could start to get my memory back. I didn’t even remember you until I saw the website.”

Jennifer looked sad. “I understand. Well I can’t tell you much about what happened. But I can take you on a trip down memory lane.” Jennifer hurriedly packed her books up. “You guys have a car?” She asked.

“Yup, we’re parked out front,” Michael replied. “Where are we heading to?”

“The High school, and all the old hangouts. Maybe it will spark something.” Jen put her things away and met them a t the car.

The next few hours passed as Jennifer took them to al the places she used to go with Rey. As well as trip through the highschool. Memories though clouded did surface for Rey. Simple things like meeting Jennifer at school. Or sneaking out at night to get away from her parents. bad memories also surfaced.

It was a stressful time for Rey as well as emotionally draining. AS they toured the town there were others form her class who remembered her. All were glad to see she was alive, and of course had questions. Jennifer did her best to head off the questions and keep things moving.

After three hours had passed Jennifer reluctantly had to return to the dorm. However she exchanged contact information with Rey, and even updated her web site with Rey at her side.

By the time they returned to the hotel both were tired and hungry and ready to sit down and rest.

Ramiel was still passed out on the couch.

Rey scooped Hamilton up and hugged him close as she curled up in one of the over-sized chairs. “Should we wake him up?” She scratched her familiar in his favorite spot so he’d purr; that sound and sensation she’d always found so comforting.

In a quiet voice, Michael said, “Yeah, I think we should, it has been awhile, plus he should get something to eat. I’ll wake him, but what I am about to do stays here. No one is to know about this.”

Michael then quietly approached Ramiel, kneeling down beside the couch. Michael then softly blew warm air across Ramiel’s cheek and ear. Reaching up and softly stroking Ramiel’s hair, Michael softly spoke, “Ramiel. Ramiel, it’s time to wake up. I brought back a hot, young, virginal sorority girl just for you.”

Ramiel reached out wrapping his hand behind Michael’s neck and kissed him deeply. “No such thing as virginal sorority girl.” He siad with a smile.

“Feeling better?” Rey asked with a smile. She tried to look happy, but knew the strain of the past three hours showed on her face,

Michael sat on the floor beside the couch. “Well get your ass up, we were getting hungry, and were thinking of getting some food. Did Daniel stop by with any information?”

“Yeah he had some papers for her to sign so he could look into the adoption trial. He couldn’t find any birth records. Apparently your family moved here after you were born, but rather young. So has power of attorney paper for you to sign so he can investigate things further. “Ramiel’s muscles flexed as he stretched. ” Are you alright?”

“I will be,” Rey said softly, rubbing her cheek against Hamilton’s head. “Just relived four years of high school in the past three hours.”

Michael looked over at Rey, “You have a really good friend there Rey. Jennifer really cared about what happened to you.”

Rey nodded. “I just wish I hadn’t forgotten her. Or that I’d remembered her sooner.”

“So you had some luck then. Glad to hear it. So what is next on the agenda?” Ramiel asked as he sat up.

Rey nodded. “I just wish I hadn’t forgotten her. Or that I’d remembered her sooner.”

Michael streched, then said, “I thought we should get some food, then regroup to figure what to do next.”

“Yeah,” Rey said. “I don’t think I’m quite ready to face the world again.”

“Well.” Ramiel spoke as he stood. “I have no problems with heading home too, if you have had enough for this trip. Daniel left these papers for you to sign.” He said as he handed the POA papers to Rey. “So we can give these to him, get some food and meet up with him back in Eldon Well. He told me the house was vacant for a while after the incident. A number fo families moved in after but none stayed long. Guess a murder suicide gave them bad vibes.”

He took a chair near her. Pulling out papers from the folder left by Daniel. “The house was eventually bought and leveled. Then a new house raised in it’s place. The new owners have money enough to afford being superstitious.”

Ramiel ran his hand soothingly across her back. “I’m not Grey but if you need a hug I’m here.”

Her reply was to slide her arms around him and allow herself to be pulled close.
“The reason I bring this up about the house, is that if there was a chance of a haunting it would have been tied to the house. Most likely. So that route of investigation is gone. So is the chance that Daniel could glean anything off the house.

“That being said there are still other ways to look into it. But they are courses that can be pursued back home.”

“Also Daniel will be calling us once he get’s the info. He had an urgent call from home he had to take. He said we could leave the papers for him at the desk. From what he says there is a good posibility the evidence from your parents deaths may still exist. If so he might be able to get something off that.”

“Okay,” Rey said. She pulled back from Ramiel and sat at the table so she could look at the papers. Reading over the power of attorney papers, she saw he’d limited his scope of powers to the investigation into the death of her parents and the attack on herself, and investigating her past, up to and including discovering her true birth parents, should the people she knew as her parents weren’t them. She signed it and set it aside.
On a piece of hotel stationary, Rey wrote a note to Daniel, asking him – if he hadn’t already – to check out to see if her parents had left a will of some kind and gave him the name of a lawyer to contact. During her time with Jennifer, she’d remembered a particularly unpleasant meeting with the lawyer, a man her parents sometimes worked with on their various schemes.

Rey also added that he might check out New Orleans as a possible place to find birth records, given her accent. She might have been born there, or at the very least lived there long enough to learn to speak. Finally, she added the name of her high school to the list. When her parents registered her for school, they would have had to provide a birth certificate. Even if it might be fake, it could at least be a place to start.

That done, she looked over at Ramiel and Michael. “I’m done with the papers. I want to get a copy of them, though, for my records for the changes I made.” She slid the papers back into the manila envelope. “After we eat, but before we leave, we probably ought to stop by the police station to let them know they can take me off the missing persons list.”


The visit to the police station left Rey exhausted. It had been hours of questions and paperwork. At first they didn’t believe she had simply ran in fear. They even questioned Ramiel and Michael in case they might be involved in her dissapearence. Though once they pulled up Officer Temple in the system it was a short round of questions.

It was late afternoon around supper time as the trio got in the car. Ramiel whispered something in Michael’s ear as they drove off. He nodded and made the detour. The boys took Rey to her parents grave, just in case there was anyhting she wanted to say.

She stood there and stared at the headstones in silence. Her emotions were in turmoil. She hated them for what they’d done to her, all the hurt they’d caused. At last she found her voice. “I hope you got what you deserved.” Her words were filled with a decade’s worth of loathing and pain.

Rey turned on her heel and practically ran back to the car, flinging herself into the back seat and pulled Hamilton close before she dissolved into tears.

The drive home was long and full of Ramiel and Michael teasing each other. Rey had her fill as well. They also talked about what they had uncovered and what was still open as far as questions. Daniel stayed behind for another day to meet with the lawyer. He said he would meet them back in Eldon Well.

The hour was late as the boys dropped rey off at her cabin. Grey was waiting on the porch. Laughter could be heard as the boys walked down the path.

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