Eldon Well, February 22, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

(late morning)

Grey’s downstairs cooking breakfast. Man, I’m sore, but in such a so very good way. A nice ache that will probably last until Saturday night. He met me outside the Brew after work last night. He didn’t walk me home, but carried me. Picked me up in his arms and once we were out of easy sight of the bar, he slung me over his shoulder and practically sprinted back to the cabin.

He’d set out another spread like before, but much smaller. It soon became clear that a leisurely dinner was not in the cards for last night. I don’t think there’s a single part of me he did not touch in some way. He was so, I don’t know, serious. Methodical. Like he was trying to mark me as his or, cover every inch of me with his scent. And dear god, how he made love to me. He stopped only when I was sore, and even then, he found other ways to pleasure me. I’d doze off, completely spent, only to be awakened by a rising orgasm as he took me from behind as I slept on my belly. He said he wanted to make sure I remembered him, and to give me a reason to want to come back. As if just knowing he’s here, waiting for me, isn’t enough.

I hope they don’t expect me to drive, because I think I’ll probably sleep the entire trip there.

I gave Grey a demonstration of one of my latest accomplishments last night too. I traced the symbols for his name in his tattoo and said them in First Tongue. Grey was surprised, and impressed. He asked me why, and I told him. Being able to understand and speak it will give me an edge. I mean, how many humans learn it? Spirits and other beings will underestimate me, and I could hear things that would be to the packs benefit. The pack can use it in times of stress to let me know what I need to do and not have to worry about giving away their plans.

I want to be as much of an asset to the pack as I possibly can. The best way for me to do that is to learn what I can about their world.

I don’t know if he was excited or worried when he realized I have only one set of plain jane cotton underthings to my name. My choosing what to pack delayed breakfast about an hour. That left me just enough time to clean up so that I didn’t squish when I walked. He walked me to Ramiel’s and gave me a goodbye kiss that left me with my eyes crossed.

And I’m going to have to be a bit more aware of how I dress while we’re in Baltimore. He gave me another love bite, this time on my right breast, and it’s going to bruise just as nicely as the last one he gave me. God, the guys would have a field day if they saw it.

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