Timeline: December 25th, 2007

John stretched as he carried his bag into Ramiel’s big house. Tomorrow was going to be a looooong day, he thought, and it would be stupid stuff. People cutting themselves carving a turkey or zapping themselves with Christmas lights, children swallowing toys, all part of the job I guess.

“Ramiel, Lyla, Chaska, anyone…. anyone, anyone, Beuhler?” Well I guess, no one is home but me, I could walk around naked and no one would care… okay granted I could walk around naked and no on would care anyway… might look at me strange but no one would care. I’m rambling to myself. Thats sad… okay miles to go before I sleep

With that, John took one of the last presents out of his bag, went down into the Cavern and set Chaska’s present where he thought he would find it. There was note on top that said “There are about 140 lbs of meat in the freezer with the packs name on it, hope you enjoy — John.”

He went back upstairs and lit a fire, and a small candle and then took out his battered guitar, He started playing and singing all of his old Christmas favorites and remembering the years past. Its how he celebrated Christmas every year. He had been hoping that this year would be different but it was Rey’s party and he had been wrong to butt in he could see that now. Tears started to fall as he remembered the years, all the people that were gone, lost in his memories his hands started playing the first one he had ever played on the guitar, “Silent Night”. He remembered the first time he had played it for anyone and how history repeated itself. It was when the church organ went out and his family had been asked to play. So many gone, so many years, the ghost of his past arose before his eyes. Some of them smiling some of them frowning, all of them loving.

“I know, I know, Pa. Count my blessings.” He went into the show tune from ‘White Christmas’. John wiped the tears away with the back of his hand, he could almost hear Ann Marie again telling him to snap out of it and that he was too moody. Mostly he was a happy person he thought but sometimes at the Holidays…

Before he went to bed, he put the finishing touches on his Christmas tree. I guess that the nice thing about tall ceiling, big christmas trees. It must be 12 feet high. John got the presents for Ramiel’s and Lyla and put them under the tree. There now it’s right.

His melancholic mood evaporating, he went upstairs to bed. The last thought going through his mind was “and to all a good night.”

“Never knew you had such a pretty voice Doc.” The voice came from the door behind him. John Turned to see Ramiel leaning against the door frame. His shirt soaked with blood.

A slender and attractive female shape emerged from somewhere in the dark hallway behind Ramiel. She came up behind and John could hear the soft creak of her leather body suit as she brought a hand around her lover from behind. She caressed his cheek and kissed his neck, then said in a voice that dripped with feral beauty, “Aww, my poor, beautiful man has a boo-boo doc. Can you help him?” He recognized it with a slight shock — it was Lyla and as he rose he could see she was dressed in some kind of whacked-out black leather combat suit all strapped together with black metal buckles.

“Well, well, the lost are found, looks like you have a good reason for missing Rey’s party. Did you cut your self shaving again or … okay I have run out of witty repartee. I’ll go get my bag, is all that blood yours? Nice outfit Lyla.”

“Thanks,” said Lyla.

“Well you know how I like to shave my stomach. Yeah it’s all mine.” Ramiel said looking at Lyla. Truth be told it was not all his. Someone had been inconsiderate and had sprayed all over him when he slit her throat.

John looked him over and then said, “Well, here’s the deal, I can patch you up or fix you. Which do you prefer?”

“Tempting thougth as it is I’ll keep my nuts Doc. Just patch me up for now.” Ramiel was solemn.

“Not the type of fixing I meant but I will keep it in mind the next time I put you under. What I meant was, do you want me to clean and tape you up. Maybe give you something to help you sleep then send you to Ariya in the morning or do you want me to go ahead and stitch you up and let nature take its course with a little help?”

Lyla stifled laughter at the prospect of Ramiel’s testicles going AWOL unexpectedly. But she calmed and nuzzled his neck. “For the record, I find scars very sexy.”

“Yeah well you’re not the only one I have to please. Stitch me up and clean me.” Ramiel went over to a chair and sat.

“Ramiel your gettnig blood all over everything, why don’t we use the room we set up for this and then Lyla can tuck you in.” From the look of Ramiel he was a little shocky.”Its a wonder you are still on your feet, come on, once more into the breech and then you can take a nap.”

Lyla went to Ramiel and slipped under his arm, then helped him to his feet. “Come on, love. You’ve had a rough night. We both have. I’ll help you to the infirmary room.” She led Ramiel out of his bedroom, down the hall and had him on cushioned table John had installed while John fetched his med kit.

“You know the only reason I get injured is so you can see me naked doc,” he said with half a grin.

“I know, I was thinking just tonight that maybe we should have a Clothing Optional Friday rule just to keep you from getting hurt so much.” Once they got to the room John said, “Say good-night Ramiel, I am going to put you under.”

“Hey doc. My nuts better be there when I wake.” His eyes were cold. “Night hot pants. Better protect your play toy now.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Lyla took his hand. “I’ll be right here, handsome.”

An hour and a half later Ramiel was cleaned up, sewn up and bandaged up. When he was about done he looked at Lyla and said with a grin, “Well you know Ramiel better then I do, should we wrap his dick in gauze or put a bow on it as a Christmas present. He should be fine, Lyla.” John said in a more serious tone, “He’s a stubborn mule and he’s lost a lot of blood but he should be fine tomorrow. I boosted his immune system and sped up his healing, by morning he should be feeling lots better, in a couple days he should be completely healed.”

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