Youth in Eldon Well

Well the last week has been really bad. It all started the night that Ramiel and Ironclaw then Micheal got regressed to a second childhood. Around 19ish, then they got drunk and stupider. Its scary to see young mages and a werewolfs drunk but drunk and stupid is worse. Micheal has some affinity for time and tried to find out what was going on but then it happened to him and he soon became a young drunk mage with a gun. I called Aria too she if she had any suggestions and she sent her sister Tara over. There is something that reminds me of the feeling I get around the werewolves. A sense of a powerful supernatural being.

She went off to corral the miscreanst while Ann Marie and I were trying to figure out what was going on and how to stop it. A note appeared more or less from thin air. I had heard someone in the house earlier but couldn’t find them. I don’t know if they were invisble or slipping into and out of the spirit realm or what was happening. The note said come into the woods and I will explain or your friend dies. Now I don’t have enough friends that I can spare any and I wasn’t sure which friend it was anyway.

Ann and I went into the woods, and met a chesire cat like thing on the way back home we met Seline, Micheal, Ramiel and Lyla. M and R were still drunk as skunks. We were distracted by something in the woods, a large flock of bird took off for no reason. We went to investigate and saw a human like figure holding a gun. I don’t remember why everyone started attacking it but it everyone except me did.

I tried to hold the lantern steady to keep it lit up so the others could see to hit it. Micheal was trying to shoot it and Seliene tried to throw tree branches at it, not really sure what Ramiel were doing but he was waving his hands around and I think ripped a bush out of the ground at one point. We drove it off at the end the cat thing turned into a man and taunted us and then left.

We found out later that it was all a distraction. The cherry bombs at the school. R,M and I getting young and stupid. All of it was a distraction to get Ariah alone. Mrs. Honeywell was severly injured. (ooc 2 agg and 3 lethal) She is an old woman and any injuries can cause sever damage.

From what Daniel was able to reconstruct. Two mages appeared from no where, Mrs. Honeywell tried to stop them, the casually swatted her into the wall and table and then disappered again takeing a preganent Ariah with them.

She reappeared again a couple days later sanse baby, Lyla said that she had lost it and was sort of traumatized, to not bring it up.

In the mean time Ramiel went AWOL and was returned about 4 days later hevily beat up, malnurished but alive.

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