Your Horns Are Showing

Timeline: December 31st, 2007

Ramiel had met with Ironclaw and Grey earlier in the day. He had been growing closer to both men. Friendships were being cemented. Grey had asked them both for advice, and it was given. Ramiel had even agreed to help Grey out in his task.

Ramiel had helped Grey set everything up at the hot spring and the house. Then afterword he was going to go by and clean up the hot spring. The only way for him to know if they were done or not was to do some scrying.

Ramiel was standing in front of his mirror in his room.

“Hey!” a female voice said suddenly. “Why are you watching Grey and Rey have sex in the mirror!?!” She lifted up onto the tips of her toes to get a better look for herself. The beautiful girl with long, smooth legs covered only in a towel wrapped around her middle and damp hair hidden beneath a twist of a second towel had just waltzed out of his private bathroom and peered over his shoulder.

He hadn’t known anyone else was in his private chambers and the surprisingly interruption caused him to stumble and mispronounce a few of the arcane words he was using to conjure the image. Well, he thought he had them right… mostly.

“Aaghh…shit” Ramiel fell to the ground holding his head screaming in pain. As Lyla watched she could see droplets of blood fall upon the carpet. “Fuck!!” He yelled.

Lyla stared in surprise for a moment, then quickly knelt beside him. “Ramiel? Ramiel! Are you okay?”

Ramiel rolled over as something burst from his head. Blood sprayed across Lyla as she knelt next to him. After a few minutes the growth stopped. Lyla could see two massive black ribbed horns had burst from his head. They curled backward in a large spiral that stopped at the base of his ears.

Ramiel shook his head and looked at Lyla. “Don’t do that! I was concentrating.” He looked back at the mirror. ” Huh. The spell is still working. That shouldn’t be.” Ramiel got to his feet again and went to study the mirror.

Lyla blinked in astonishment, staring first at him and then the mirror. The mirror was still displaying the image of Grey and Rey having sex. They looked like they were really building to something now. Lyla did a double-take and stared at the mirror as if hypnotized while Rey bit Grey on the neck. “Woo! She’s fiesty!”

Ramiel stared at th mirror. “Damn.” He said as he watched the two getting into it. He closed his eyes and muttered in a broken language. Then he shrugged and went to the bed.

Lyla looked back at Ramiel. “Neat horns! I didn’t know you could do that!” She wiped absently at the blood on her face with the towel until it was clean again.

“Wha..” His hand went to his head. “Oh shit!!! I didn’t do this. You messed up my spell and it went haywire. Fuck I didn’t now this was a side effect.” That is when his attention returned to the screen. It had a visible effect on Ramiel.

Suddenly he stood. “The candles. Come on we need to get to the hot spring.” He grabbed Lyla and took off.

“Whoa whoa, there Hellboy!” she said as she fought his grasp. “Lemme get some clothes on first. More importantly, you put on a hoody or a really, really big hat or something or you’ll scare people. Also, you can not blame me for your own fuckup. You’re a grown magician and can screw up your own spells perfectly well without my help.”

“No arguing on my ability to fuck things up. Nope none. But one of the prime elements in casting is concentration. You my sweet are one of the biggest, nicest, sexiest, distractions in the world. Any man who ignores you is gay. So let’s get going.” He took the towel from her hair and tossed it over his head. Grabbed the robe from the back of his door and handed to her picked her up and took off for the hot spring.

The two were white-clad streaks as they whizzed through the forest, narrowly avoiding trees, pitfalls, and rocks half-buried in the snow. Lyla barely had time to protest before needing to hang on to Ramiel for dear life as he dipped into his powerful magic to speed them to their destination. They were already at the spring before Lyla had a chance to wonder if they were going to freeze to death out there. Yet, there seemed to be an invisible halo of warmth that cradled both of them. She suspected it must be Ramiel’s power — or that he really had become a horned demon.

And since the horns were not going away yet, she wondered if she’d be able to get used to them. She was still looking at his horns while Ramiel checked the candles and realized they had already all burned themselves out.

“Eeesh.” Ramiel went to scratch his head and bumped a horn. He rolled his eyes. “Man. This should be gone by now. Fucked up bad this time I guess. Well no waite. I don’t think it is that. Ariyah said once about our morals conflicting magic, blah balah blah. I think she was just trying to keep me from realizing how good this stuff felt. Christmas was a real eye opener.”

He turned to Lyla. “Speaking of which.” Ramiel removed his clothes and got into the hot spring pulling Lyla in with him. “This looked kinda fun.”

Lyla yelped as she toppled off-balance into the very warm waters. Her robes were soaked instantly, so she pulled them off and tossed them just outside the pool. With the air around the spring so cold, there was a lot of steam here, though not so much she couldn’t appreciate Ramiel’s body. Avoiding the very deep center of the spring, she sank into the water up to her chin to expose as little flesh to the frigid air as possible, then moved up to Ramiel and used her legs to grapple him about the hips.

“Mmmm, I love hot springs,” she said through half-closed eyes. Then she grabbed him by the horns so he couldn’t get away and waged a sensual assault upon his face with her lips.

Ramiel found it a little difficult to maneuver with giant horns. But strangely erotic how she grabbed them and moved him just where she wanted him. “Well when you touch a man’s horns that way you have to fuck him. That is just an unspoken rule you know.”

“Oh really!?” Lyla laughed. She moved her legs to rub him teasingly. “Then take me, my amphibious lover!”

He pulled her close to him and kissed her breasts. His hands massages her lower back and gripped her ass, pulling her onto him.

She arched her back, relishing his touch and with a delicate gasp she accepted him into her body. Using her legs wrapped around his waist as leverage she slowly sank down on him all the way possible, then raised herself up until just the head of his member was inside her, then squeezed him gently with only the muscles around her vagina. Then, to excite him and bring him to peak excitement more quickly than before, she used those magical muscles to squeeze him harder even as her legs clamped hard around him like a vice.

She still had his shiny new black horns in her grasp and she used them to thrust his face against her nipple. She knew his body would be screaming for deeper penetration, knew that he lived to go deep and that the extra stimulation around the head of penis would drive him wild.

“Oh god.” Was all he could manage to say. He wrapped his arms around her and continued to kiss her breasts as he let her work her magic.

She smiled and whispered into his ear, “You can call me Lyla.” Then she let her legs relax and she slid down upon him, moaning as he went in deep. Her legs, toned from many hours hiking and physical activity with her pack, lifted her body again, held, squeezed him, then let herself down on him in an erotic rhythm she repeated again and again.

“Keep… doing…that…I’ll call…you…anything” Ramiel replied between moans of pleasure. It felt so good he had even forgotten the horns until she gave them a good tug. Even then he didn’t seem to care.

Once they had finished their hotspring adventures Ramiel helped Lyla out of the water, cleaned up and even let her wear his shirt. “Gee I’m still horny.” He said with a wicked smile as he felt the horns that had not left.

“Hm,” Lyla considered. “I kind of like them. But you know me; I’m twisted. They are really going to freak people out, though. Are they permanent?”

Ramiel shrugged. “Could be. But if it is just paradox then it should wear off, eventually.”

She poked at them curiously. “Does it feel weird?”

“I don’t know.” He ran the horns across her like a dog nuzzling into warmth. “Do they?”
She laughed. “Kind of. They’re strange because they are smaller like a mountain goat’s,” she said as she ran her fingers down the silky length of the horns, “but they are hard and smooth like a bull.”

Ramiel bleated like a goat and began nibbling at her clothes.

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