February 26th, 2008

Things didn’t go so well yesterday. I am beginning to get a feel for this town, slowly but surely. No one is as they seem. Lets start with my own personal issues. First, my lover is a very busy man, though he makes time to see me and pay attention to my needs. That’s okay as I am a Childe of the Morrigan. I have things to do, I don’t need to get completely consumed in my passion for Ironclaw. Though it is fun! I spend my time searching the woodlands and getting to know the valleys and dales that surround the town. I have also been planning to get my coven together, have met with my brother several times, and have been painting and composing. I even broke out my violin once. That being said, I wish i could understand Ironclaw more. He hasn’t really introduced me to his pack, group, tribe? I’m not sure what they call it. Though to his credit, he hasn’t asked too much about things I can’t talk about. That’s good, but I guess I do wish to know more about him, his parents, his group, et al. I suppose in that way I am curious. I find the werewolves, now that I have met them, to be fascinating.

Second also happens to be about Ironclaw. We had an altercation with a spirit or group of spirits that changed him to a man 2/3s of his age. The horny bastard got drunk with Ramiel and Michael and something happened that I really don’t care to know. Though I do. One of the Honeywells, Tara, said she’d take care of it. He innuendo was quite clear. I make it abundantly clear my opinion of her ‘solution’, and she promised me certain guarantees; promises that obviously were not kept, at least in spirit. Now Tara is a powerful being, perhaps as much as Ironclaw himself. I dont’ know what she is or does, but she just annoys me with her seeming arrogance. Then again, I can be that way sometimes too. In any case, something happened and later I learned about it. I didn’t yell, I just began to leave. He turned into a wolf an followed me after I spoke my mind and frustration. He just kept on following. You see, my man can’t apologize in a normal way for something that he did under a magic spell, but I sense he knew I was a bit hurt (I guess the feeling is hurt, perhaps betrayed?) and by following me like he did it was his way of apologizing. I know he knows that sometimes I must sometimes use the promise of romance to hunt prey, but I wont go further than feeding whiel I am with him. In fact, other than him and animals, I have for the most part avoided feeding off humans too much, at least until my herd..um, coven is assembled. He didn’t allow me to feed off him for several weeks as he thought I was treating him as prey. I carefully explained that is also had deeper meaning for me, and hopefully he will let me do so soon. All indications are that he will.

Thirdly we had a fight with one of the spirits. I nailed the flying human-thing with my talons. It bled nicely. Perhaps this was a harpy want-to-be. Anyway between all of us we drove it off. It was a group effort, though I did seem to hurt it a lot. I myself was hurt a bit, but what is pain and wounds to my kind?

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