January 14, 2008

I had a facinating evening last night. After spending a few days getting all moved in and set up, I thought I’d take a ook around. Johnny has been a real help. I do regret not telling him earlier, as he has been so kind and understanding. The Masquerade is paramount in general, but so far everyone who knows is supernatural in some way or I suspect they are.

In any case, I decided that the signs were right to explore the woods some more. I had done a little scouting when I first arrived, but this time I needed to find a place to do my ritual sacrifice to the Morrigan. I had promised the Honeywells that I’d be mindful of the townsfolk (not that I wouldn’t, I’ve been at this for nearly fifty years), so I went out as a wolf.

It was nearly one a.m. when I encountered him. He was a great gray wolf. A powerful beast which looked upon me with curiousity. After a time of exchanging signals he tipped his hand, indicating that he was a supernatural creature. We played at games for a bit until I decided to tip my hand. I returned to my human form and unsurprisingly he returned to his. A real, live werewolf! In fact, this was a majestic man. Oh, not beautiful or handsome in an artistic sense, but rugged, powerful and confident, like men should be.

We talked a little while, exchanging innuendo and becoming a mystery to each other. As long as I didn’t mess with his territory, or mark it as my own (as if I would!), I could hunt there. I look forward to encountering this one again. Perhaps this werewolf could make a good ally?

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