The Forty Year Old and a Virgin

Timeline: December 31st, 2007

Grey had been concerned about how to handle Rey. After speaking with Ramiel and Ironclaw on the matter he wasn’t sure he felt any less nervous. But at least they had made some good suggestions.

It had taken Grey most of the afternoon to prepare everything for her. But he was gaining confidence she would be happy with what he had accomplished.

When Rey’s shift ended he was waiting for her outside holding a single red rose.

Rey’d been distracted her entire shift, and the closer to quitting time she got the more nervous she became. When she saw him standing there, it all vanished, replaced with excitement and anticipation. “Hi,” she said softly, almost shyly, but her eyes fairly shone with delight.

Grey went to her and hugged her. As he placed the rose behind her ear she noticed the stem was cur very short and sheer of any thorns. “How was your shift?” he asked.

“Eight hours too long,” she said with a smile. “I started clock watching five minutes after you left. Tips were good, though, for the orders I didn’t mess up because I was thinking about you.” She reached up to touch the flower. “Thank you for the rose.”

He leaned in and smelled it. taking time to kiss her in her neck just behind the ear. “Your welcome her said as he scooped her up in his arms. ” I have a surprise for you.”

After a short while they reached their destination. Rey recognized the hot spring though it did look a little different with all the candles and scattered rose petals. Grey placed her gently to the ground. He had set up a small curtain for Rey to change behind. “You can change here,” he said as he laid out a towel for her to wrap in.

While Rey moved behind the curtain Grey scooped hot water from the spring. He carried the bucket of hot water and sat it next to the other one like it. There was a small wooden stool for her to sit on. Once she was ready Grey directed her to sit. She noticed that he had removed his clothes and changed into a pair of material running shorts. Once Rey was seated Grey said, “If you remove the towel I am ready to bathe you.” Rey could see that he had a tray of various bath amenities.

Rey looked at him, her eyes devouring what she could see of him. The idea of being nude in front of him, such a state of vulnerability, scared her. It was one thing to flash a bit of lace, but to bare it all… No, this is what I want. Dear *god*, this is what I want. All fear gone, she watched his face as she took the towel off and held it out to him.

Greys eyes softened as he looked at her. A great deal of emotion mixed and filled those brown eyes of his. Lust , need and compassion were just a few. He smiled as he took the towel. His hands felt strong and gentle as they brushed over her skin. He caressed her wotht he softest of touches as he cleaned her body washing away the stress of the day.

Next he washed her hair softly massaging as he did so. Once he had finished he picked her up again and carried her into the hot spring. There he began to massage her back and shoulders. “Is this good?”

“Oh yeah.” Her eyes fell half closed in pleasure. “So good. More, please.”

Grey slowly kissed her back as his hands massaged her lower back and hips. “Tell me when you are ready to move on. I have the rest of the surprise at your place.

She let his hands continue their work for another moment or two, each kiss rekindling the passion in her, then turned to face him. Her hands reached out to touch his chest, splaying her fingers across the broad planes before sliding them up over his shoulders. “Take me home.” Her accent was more pronounced as she leaned into him, wanting to feel the length of his strong, hard body against hers. Rey resisted the urge to bite him, instead pressing her lips gently to his neck, just below the curve of his jaw.

The tension was building between them and could be felt as almost a tremble in his arms as he lifted her out of the water. Wrapping her in a towel He scooped her up agian and took off for the cabin.

More candles met her eyes as they entered the cabin. Along with a scattering of flowers, an array of blossoms in all colors scented the cabin. A green satin robe was draped across the couch. Grey again set her down.
The aroma of food also filtered through the air. However, as Rey looked over the goodies she noticed it was all light foods. Just enough to take away the hunger, but not fill the stomach: strawberries, grapes, carots, breads and cheeses.

Grey smiled as he held the robe for her to slip into. “I chose a light meal. So no upset stomachs later.”

The feel of the satin sliding over her bare skin sent shivers of delight down her spine as she turned to face him. “What shall we eat first?” Rey let the robe hang open, framing her body.

“Whatever you like.” He said as a low growl escaped his throat. It was soft and gentle barely audible. He looked on her as though she were the buffet. It took a lot to restrain himself as his eyes followed the line of the satin down her body.

Rey felt rush of desire and a surge of deeply feminine power. The look he’d given her drove her wild, but he’d spent so much effort in setting this night up, she wanted to experience it all. “Why don’t we start with some bread and cheese.” She slowly closed her robe and tied the belt loosely around her waist.

He managed to pull his attention to the food. “So how is your night going? Better than the day I hope.” he smiled and fixed a plate for her.

“I can’t begin to describe how much better.” Rey watched him hungrily, though the appetite she really wanted to feed was not the one that centered on her stomach. “How was yours?”

“Better that you are here.” He smiled and nibbled some fruit. ” I have to admit I have been a ball of nerves most of the day.”

“I hope by the end of the evening you’ll think it was all worth it.” Rey set her plate down, her eyes focused on his mouth. “You’ve got some juice on your chin.” She reached out as if to wipe it away, but instead, she cradled his jaw in her hand and leaned in to lick the juice from his skin.

The touch of her tongue against his skin sent shivers down his spin. His eyes fluttered open and shut for a moment. His voice softened as the sensual need flooded it. Without a word he moved to her and kissed her. His hands tracing the lines of her body. He untied the robe. “I will give you a head start.” He whispered. “I noticed the carvings on your bedposts. So I will give you a head start.” He kissed her neck. “Run.”

Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat and raced faster. It was the dead of winter, too cold to be running around naked outside, so she chose the next best thing. Rey took off for the steps to the sleeping loft to moss green sheets and the pine boughs painted on her bed, shedding the robe as she went.

Grey counted to five and took off after her, letting her reach the edge of the bed before grabbing her from behind. One hand grabbed a handful of hair, gently guiding her head to one side. His tongue ran along her neck as he tasted her. “I caught you.” He said softly.

Rey’s immediate reply was a small sound of pleasure. She leaned back into him, panting softly, and quivering from excitement and desire. “Then you can have me.”

Desire passed form his lips to hers with the barest of touches. Strength pulsed through his hands as they turned her with gentle ease to face him. The satin robe danced to the floor like plucked flower petals. Gently fluttering to the ground, unnoticed as bodies tensed to be with each-other.

His body pressed against her guiding her back onto the bed. He crawled over her as she lay beneath him. His eyes filled with hunger, his body swollen with need. Taking in all her that was offered before him he spoke in a low sultry voice. “You are amazing.”

“So are you.” Rey couldn’t keep her hands to herself. She reached up and caressed his chest. “Better than amazing.” One of her hands trailed down to touch him shyly, stroking his length with a gentle touch. “I want you, Grey. Now. I want to feel you inside me, filling me. Make me yours.”

“What if I don’t…” He said softly as he moved onto his side laying next to her. He slid the shorts off and for the first time Rey saw him fully nude. It was plane to see what he was questioning. As her eyes fell upon the full size of him. Not only was he long, but the width of his swollen member put her elephant dildo to shame.

Her eyes widened, but when her eyes met his, there was no fear in them; just love and determination. “You said yourself I like a challenge. Like the books say, length takes care of itself. The rest is a matter of getting used to it.” Rey reached down to take him in her hand to gauge his size. The elephant dildo had been easy to take. The thought of him working his way into her made her squirm in anticipation. “You’re smaller than an infant’s skull. You’ll fit. But you may want to make sure I’m ready. The wetter and more aroused I am, the better it will be.”

His smile widened and he reached beneath the pillow. Retrieving a bottle of KY he handed it to her. “I have this too. But you will tell me if I am hurting you. Right? ” He traced his fingers along the contour of her hips.

Her hips shifted under his touch, inviting more contact. “Of course,” Rey said, “especially if it’s bad hurting.” She set the bottle on the nightstand then held her arms out to him. “So, shall we see if we’re going to need that bottle?”

He smiled and slid low on the bed. Giving her lower lips the gentle caress of his tongue. Bringing new sensations to her with every touch. His hands caressed her thighs. After a few minutes and bringing her to the edge of climax. Rey felt his fingers slide into her.

Rey tensed for a moment and a little whimper of need escaped from her mouth. The intrusion did nothing to ease the ache that was building in her. If anything, it made it worse.

“Maybe we won’t need that bottle.” He said as he lifted himself to her.

“Oh god, Grey, please.” She lifted her legs and rested her heels in the small of his back. Rey reached out and firmly grabbed him by the hair to kiss him. “Please.” The feel of him brushing her, parting her, made her moan and tilt her hips to try and get him deeper. “Please.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as she licked then nipped the side of his neck.

Grey desire overrode him. His hands slipped under the pillow again and he sheathed the condom in place. He gently rocked the head back and forth until her body welcomed him. Slowly ,he slid into her. A low guttural moan came form him as his eyes fluttered.

Rey stiffened, then gasped and moaned in need. She shuddered and writhed beneath him, every movement stimulating that magic spot inside her.

But it wasn’t enough. Somewhere in her soul, a spark of aggression flared. She wanted all of him. Now. With a growl of her own, she tightened her legs around him to pull herself closer to him, changing the angle of penetration so he went deeper and bit him again.

Her sudden actions triggered his beast and it rolled through him. He thrust hard and fast into her, putting his weight behind it. His own teeth sank into her neck.

“Grey!” Her voice was pleasure tinged with pain. A little voice in the back of her head told her that she was going to hurt tomorrow, but she told it to shut the fuck up. She grabbed him fiercely by the hair, pulling him away from her neck so she could devour his mouth, but as soon as her lips touched his and her tongue thrust inside she threw her head back and screamed his name as her first orgasm hit.

Grey tooka dvantage of the opportunity and thrust harder and faster, shoving himself into her fully. He cried out above her and sunk teeth into the delicate flesh of her breast. His moans held the edge of feral to them.

“Grey, stop. Stop!” She grabbed him by the hair once more and pulled his head up and back so she could look him in the eye. “No more biting. That hurt!”

His body froze as his wolf eyes met hers.

He had hurt her. “I’m sorry.” His voice was quiet. His body responded as such; an instant shut off switch for him. Grey slid off the bed and picked her up, carrying her to the bathroom. He started the shower for her and placed a towel within reach.

Quietly, he went into the other room again. Rey could hear him shuffling sheets around. That is when she realized there was blood. Grey was cleaning everythig up.

Rey turned the shower off, stopping only to do a quick wipe between her legs before leaving the bathroom. She made a beeline for Grey, slipping around in front of him. Pressing her body the length of his, she kissed him deeply and passionately. “I loved what you were doing to me. The bite on my neck, the strength of each thrust. *Everything*. I didn’t want you to stop completely, but to stop biting my breast.”

He smiled as he looked down at her the natural brown of his eyes had returned. Grey kissed her gently. “Sorry, reflex action I guess.” He glanced downward. It was evident why he had stopped. He had cleaned himself up and though flacid his size was still impressive. Rey could tell that even though he grew with excitement, he was still large without being hard.

“I have not been entirely honest with you Rey. But when you said stop I reacted. I wanted to make this perfect for you. Well as close to it as possible. I thought I had hurt you and my body reacted to that.” His hand traced the teeth marks on her breast. The pressure had not broken skin, but she would have a nice bite-shaped bruise for a few days.

Her nipple hardened almost instantly and she smiled. “It was perfect.” She reached up to stroke where she had bitten him, but there was no mark left behind. “You know how you like being bitten? Well, I like it too. And I know you would never deliberately hurt me, but there was an edge to your moans, and then what Rose had told me what happened to Uratha who lost control with their human lovers. For a moment, I thought you’d bite harder than you’d intended. And she said that you might shift to Dalu form, which doesn’t bother me at all.” The thought of having sex while he was in that form sent a thrill down her spine. “But your body is larger in that form, and I was worried,” she reached out to stroke him, and flushed slightly, “well, that you would end up being too big.

“But this was just our first time. It’ll take me a while to get to know what each of your moans and groans mean.” Her grin was mischievous, and more than just a little bit naughty. “So, are you up to round two?”

Grey tensed when she mentioned the loss of control, but then eased as she spoke of going into Dalu. His eyes grew large with excitement as well as other parts. He moved into her and kissed her deeply.

“I think I can be persuaded.” He said.

“Good.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed the tip of his nose. “Go wait for me over by the couch.” Rey turned and headed for the bathroom, swaying her hips in a confident manner.

She joined him at the couch with a bottle of lube he hadn’t seen before, and a couple of towels. Rey spread one of the towels on the cushions. “Please, have a seat.”

Grey did so with a smile and an inquisitive look.

“Now, Lyla and Rose would thoroughly disapprove of what I’m about to do.” Rey’s tone was conversational, but the look in her eyes was decidedly wicked. “They’d say it was too soon, but I think you’ve earned it. Besides, it’s something I’ve dreamed about doing.” She casually folded one of the towels up and placed it on the floor between his feet, and then knelt down on it.

With a casual flick (that she’d practiced for weeks), Rey flipped the top of the lube bottle open. “Raspberry,” she said, her voice now husky with anticipation. “One of my favorite flavors.”

“I’ll remember that.” Grey said with a smile.”

She poured a small amount into her hand then set the bottle aside. After rubbing her hands together, she spread the lube all over him with deliberate care. “Don’t want to make any part feel unappreciated.”

All he could do was smiel as he watched her massage the liquid onto him.

“Now, let’s see if I did this right. The instructions say if I do this….” She blew gently on him and warmth spread out from where her breath touched him. It continued to spread until everywhere the lube was tingled with delicious warmth. “How does that feel?”

“Mmmm.” His eyes were half open in pleasure. His body responded to her touch by becoming hard and reasy for her.

Rey chuckled. Without warning, she leaned in and licked him, running her tongue from the base of his shaft up to the head. “Mm, I do so love raspberry.”

A small half moan half sigh poured from Grey as he sank lower on the couch.

She licked him again, this time taking him into her mouth and sucked gently before letting him slip from between her lips.

Grey watched her with hungry eyes. Eyes taht were full of many naughty thoughts.

“What are you thinking?” she asked. Her eyes never left his as her tongue retraced its path ever so slowly.

“About you in an array of positions. The sound of you screaming in pleasure while your pussy squeezes around my hard cock as it pounds inside you.” He said with a sultry smile and a low growl.

“What language,” Rey said, pretending to be scandalized, but not bothering to hide her smile. She licked him again and then took him in her mouth. Deeper he slid, as she tried to swallow him down deep into her throat. She couldn’t do it for long, and when she started to gag she pulled back. “Almost.” Rey sighed. “Next time I’ll try it when you’re not quite so happy.”

“I’ll let you try anytime you want.” The pleasure he felt could not be hidden.

Rey climbed into Grey’s lap and straddled him. “Is this one of the positions you were thinking of?”

His hands found her hips and he guided her onto his shaft. Her wet lips taking him deep with ease. The tight pressure around him brought a guttural moan form him. “This is more what I had in mind.”

“I see.” Rey’s eyes fell closed with pleasure. The feel of him inside her, without a condom, was incredible. She levered herself up, adjusted where her knees were and settled back down again with a slow but forceful movement. A higher pitched version of Grey’s moan escaped her lips. “Much better. Now,” she said, trying to look at him with slightly unfocused eyes. “What next. Kisses. Yes, I want kisses.” She lowered her head to brush her lips against his.

His hand slid through her hair to the back of her head. gently he pulled her to him. His lips caressed hers. Lightly his tongue traced the curve of her bottom lip, begging entry. His free hand found its way to her clit and gently rubbed in small circles.

She moaned quietly. Her lips parted and her hips shifted, starting to move up and down in time to his caresses. She tangled both hands in his hair and held on tight.

Grey explored her mouth with his tongue and slowly moved her to the floor. “Ok. Let’s try this.” he positioned her onto all fours and slowly fit himself into her from behind. Slowly he found the perfect rhythm with her moans to bring her to climax again. He continued with increasing thrusts until they had both had release.

When she could finally breathe normally again, she hugged Grey close and rested her head on his shoulder. “We’re still both coherent, but do you think we followed Ironclaw’s advice well enough?”

Grey laughed and held her close to him. Taking in deep breaths of the scent of her hair, he said, “I love you Rey.”

She leaned back slightly so she could look at him. Her joy lit up her face, and everything she felt for him filled her gaze. “I love you too.”

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