January 8, 2008

I have just moved my things to a small apartment in Eldon Well. It is a nice location, more central to my followers than Concorde and a good place to establish myself for a few years and I’ll be close enough to fly to the aid of my friends in Albany or even those struggling in Boston and surrounding domains.

My lady Pricilla warned me about Concorde. Now I understand. A breach of the Masquerade has occured and several locals have turned a kindred and were trying to turn myself into a blood bank for a hyper-addictive vitae-based drug. Sickening. I have also found out about the two kindred. I won’t go into the details of how, but in short they are likely controlled by a Mage. I have informed my lady about this and await instructions. My instinct is to ask my new friends to help track down the mage and free the kindred. I must act on this soon, probably within the month.

Who are these friends? I was found and saved by a group of people including my little brother Johnny. I am appreciative of them and after my brother asked me to move in to his town, I agreed. Hence, I’m here. The risks to the greater Masquerade are minimal as all those who rescued me have deep supernatural secrets as well.

Johnny is a telepath of some kind. I guess we have good genes. Michael is some kind of sorceror, but I’m not sure how. Daniel seems to have been a former ghoul. If this is true, that would be bad and I would be forced to cow him to my power. If not, then I won’t worry. Lyla and Ramiel I had met a few years ago. Lyla more intimately, as I was drawn to the taste of her blood. In any case, my kindness to her has paid off well. I only hope they will understand what I am and respect it. I certainly will respect them.

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