January 10, 2008


The sun had recently set and I had emerged from my haven of soil to begin setting up my living room. I had to at least look like I lived here. Before I could really begin, I heard a knock on the door. So, I’m thinking, “Okay, which mortal knows my secret now?” It turned out to be Lyla, Ramiel and some indian guy called Chaska. He was plesent enough, though eerily familiar.

Apparently they needed my help against the very Dark Man my brother had told me about a few nights before. He had taken a teen and Ramiel had been hired to find them. I thought, “they saved my unlife, perhaps this is an opportunity to balance the scales.” So, I agreed and got ready for a fight.

The ride there was long and there was little conversation. Chaska likely didn’t know what I could do, actually none of them knew what I could do, just what I was. He didn’t seem to know that. All of them were confident, but there was a tension in the air. They had confronted this one long ago and nearly died doing it, or so Johnny had told me. I think they might have believed they could fail. I prayed to the Morrigan to watch this battle and honor us in blood.

We found the house outside of town. No sooner had we pulled up and left Lyla and Chaska out to scout the area when three cars came down the road. One blocked us off and the other two sped down toward the barn.

Four people got out of the car, three women and a man. Without hesitation, Ramiel drew his pistol on the woman. They knew each other. He name was Lily, I caught that much. They had all drawn weapons and this Lily, who called herself a goddess, Ishtar herself actually, grew some form of armor from her skin. I looked and she was no kindred, but some cultist mage or some such. There was an exchange of fire and I felt the beesting of a bullet hit. These people has saved my life. It is possible that this Lily and I would have on some level understood one another, but they shot first. And more importantly had attacked my new friends.

I charged in. Out of the corner of my eye, I espyed wolf shapes fighting men and metal near the barn. Oh great, they’ve got hellhounds. But no, it seemed like man-wolf shapes fighting for us. I couldn’t really pay attention to them as I had my own problems to deal with. Ramiel had left the car and dashed to the barn. Lily has shot electricity. Yes, electricity, from her hands at both Ramiel and Michael. Dumb, I thought, shooting electricty at a big metal box, but what do I know about these things. In any case they were fine, mostly. Michael put a few rounds into her before she took off after Ramiel. By this time the humans had began shooting at Michael en mass. All except the woman with the shot gun. I’m sorry to admit, I killed her. I thought they were more dangerous that they looked.

By the time I had rendered the other two wounded, but alive, Michael had taken off for the barn where a big fight was building up. He’s a good shot, that one. Then suddenly the sounds stopped and the fight was over. One by one my friends returned to the SUV, wounded, but alive. Ramiel was highly wounded. I felt for him. He looked at my two prisoners and said, “Drink them dry!” I said, without hesitation, “No. I won’t”. I was really surprised about his fierceness, but it may just have been the moment, he likely isn’t like that normally. I hope at least.

I tended to the fallen cultist’s wounds and sent them on there way with a kindly warning to go back to their families and never do this again. They left.

They had brought back the boy and all seemed well. There was some confused conversation and Chaska was incessingly taunting Ramiel about something. Turns out Ramiel is the father of Lyla’s new baby. In other words, she is pregnant. I hear this is Ramiel’s second child. Hmm. I suppose congratulations are in order. I’d like to meet his eldest child, for I do love children. Innocence, once lost, is never recovered. But in the eyes of a child, one can grasp that again.

A few miles south of town, I got out and said I’d walk the rest of the way. I went and hunted. Tonight I plan to thank the Morrigan for the victory.

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