Eldon Well, December 18, 2007

A night filled of dreams about a wolf, a nymph, and lots and lots of assorted naughtiness. I swear, my dreams are going to turn me into a nympho when Grey and I finally have sex. Bleh. That sounds so course. The term “make love” sounds so much better, but I don’t know if that’s what it will be.

Okay, time to drag my mind away from that and onto safer topics.

So much to do, so little time to do it. Lots of hours at the bar, which is good. I need the money. Luckily, during the early parts of my shift, it’s often not that busy so I can do stuff on the side. I don’t need a dedicated workspace to exercise my special talents. Not my magical ones, of course, but simple crafts. I don’t know if the others celebrates Christmas – it’s part of the life they had to leave behind, but I don’t care. This is the first time since I was a child that I’ve wanted to celebrate.

I’m not going to do a tree – maybe next year – but I’m going to do pine boughs on the mantle. Same with stockings for everyone – next year. Everyone’s gifts will be in little drawstring bags and I’ll hang those from the mantlepiece. I did order a mistletoe ball from the florist in town. I haven’t decided where to hang it, or even if I should. It was an impulse purchase. Maybe at the bottom of the stairs.

And the gifts. Nothing extravagant. I don’t know if they’d even want expensive store bought gifts, not that I could afford them. Instead, I made them all something. With my studying the Dream Travel ritual with the lust spirit, and the shop Ramiel wants to open, I’m getting to be a lot more aware about dreams. I going to make each of them up a dream bag, these ones being a combination of aromatic herbs and other stuff to help you have sweet dreams, and keep nightmares away. I’m also going to make each of them an evil eye talisman. All of these things I’m taking my time over, using the knowledge Hamilton taught me to make them as effective as I could without actually making them magical. Then it comes down to a matter of belief. I believe they will work, and if they believe, truly believe, then they’ll work for them too. But even if they don’t believe, I feel better knowing they have them.

Grey’s gifts, however, are a bit more extensive. He’s getting the dream bag and the evil eye talisman as well, but I made something special for him. I got a rabbit’s foot. A real rabbit’s foot, not one of those plastic and fun fur fake things. I cleaned it well, and I’ve slept with it every night for the past week. I’m going to put it on a leather thong, along with some beads, and two small talismans I carved of a bear and a wolf (timber wolf, of course). I really hope he likes it. I can’t share my luck with him, but I can make a luck charm for him. I put a couple drops of my blood on the base of the foot before I bound it up with leather so I could hang it on the thong. It won’t infuse any magic into it, but it will let a part of me always be with him.

For Ramiel and Lyla, as a joint gift, I got a book of naughty limericks and poetry in addition to the usual. I also did up dream bags and evil eye talismans for Michael, John and Daniel.

And, I bought myself some stuff. They were marked down to such a low price I couldn’t resist when I saw it online. Red silk sheets, and a “naughty elf” set of lingerie. Bra, thong, neglige and short robe, all of red lace and satin. I think Grey would love them, and they’re much naughtier than anything I’ve bought before, but I do’t know when he’ll ever see them, but I’ll wear them for myself.

I’ve been baking, and will be doing more for the party. A lot of it will be stuff that can be eaten cold or room temperature, or can be reheated quickly. I’ll be making the stew I served Grey that first night, and a huge batch of Rey’s Magic Mushrooms to go with the roast. Lots of work, but it’ll be worth it if it makes everyone happy.

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