Eldon Well, December 17, 2007

What a night. It was supposed to have been a quiet one but it ended up getting, well, not. I’d asked Lyla if she could come over to help me put the rope bed together, as I’d finally finished the carvings and everything. She came alright, but not alone. She had Ramiel and Rose in tow. When Ramiel saw the pile of bed parts and the rope, he immediately asked it if was a new toy, and if he could try it first. The conversation rapidly degenerated from there. I’d just gotten things back on track when Rose started up with her wood jokes, once she saw the large pile of logs and split wood by the fireplace and under the window. And at that moment, who should arrive but Grey.

Of course, that set off a whole new round of raunchy comments. When Grey hugged me, Ramiel immediately told us to ignore the fact they were there, and do what we’d normally do if we were alone. We just smiled and I held Grey a little tighter.

When we finally started to take the pieces of the bed upstairs, everything stopped again while they looked at the decorations I’d done. On the bedposts I’d carved scenes of myself as a nymph, playing in the woods with a large wolf. Hide and seek, tag, stuff like that. Pretty tame stuff, artistic nudity (no nipples or pubic hair), unless you knew about the dream they were based on. Lyla certainly did, and from the look she gave me, she definitely approved of them. Ramiel and Rose said they liked them. Grey said they were beautiful, and he lingered over them for a moment before putting them down.

They were all impressed with the rest of the bed too. I’d painted the headboard, runners, and just about everything else with a forest and wolf motif with trees, wolves hunting wild game, and wolf prints interspersed through the decorations. I’d even carved the bottom of the bedposts into wolf feet.

Ramiel seemed to take great delight in helping weaving the rope to make the platform for the mattress. We got the mattress up on it and the bed into place without any trouble. Ramiel asked if he could help test out the bed. Grey had moved to stand behind me, and I leaned back into him. As his hands went around me to hold me, I said “sorry, but we already broke the mattress in”. Lyla and Rose just laughed, but Ramiel just looked at the two of us before that cheshire cat grin appeared. He finally herded Lyla and Rose out of the cabin to leave Grey and I alone.

When they were gone, I just collapsed onto the couch and held out my arms. He didn’t need a second invitation. We sat there for a while, then got some drinks and stuff to nibble on and cuddled under the quilt by the fire. When I started to fall asleep, he carried me upstairs and tucked me into bed. The last thing I heard him say was “wolves and nymphs, hmm?” before he kissed me on the forehead and I fell asleep.

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